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"Reporting this week (Thursday 26 April) in the journal Nature, an international team of scientists led by British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has established that warm ocean currents are the dominant cause of recent ice loss from Antarctica. New techniques have been used to differentiate, for the first time, between the two known causes of melting ice shelves — warm ocean currents attacking the underside, and warm air melting from above. This finding brings scientists a step closer to providing reliable projections of future sea-level rise."



In the Swedish version of this article they say it's because of warmer deepwater!

Moderation Addition .........

Of the 54 ice shelves mapped, 20 are being melted by warm ocean currents, most of which are in West Antarctica.”

Note the daily wobble pushes the N Pole away when the Sun is over the Pacific (W Antarctica) thus causing the warmer water in the Pacific to slosh toward Antarctica, the land moving north, the water staying in place, thus the slosh.

In most places in Antarctica, we can’t explain the ice-shelf thinning through melting of snow at the surface, so it has to be driven by warm ocean currents melting them from below.

Global Warming theory does not explain what is happening.

We think that it’s linked to changes in wind patterns. Studies have shown that Antarctic winds have changed because of changes in climate, and that this has affected the strength and direction of ocean currents. As a result warm water is funnelled beneath the floating ice.

The changed jet stream and increasing blending of the seasons is due to the wobble. The blanket of atmosphere, like the blanket of oceans, tends to stay in place while the Earth itself moves back and forth. This pushes Antarctica UNDER the warmer air, on a daily basis. As in this example from February of this year, when temperature extremes were noted in the continental US and Alaska, supported by weather map examples.If the wobble did this to India, pushing it under warm air, it likewise does this to Antarctica.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/4/2012: The N Pole is pushed away when it comes over the horizon, when the noon Sun is centered over the Pacific. This regularly puts Alaska under colder air, with less sunlight, and thus the historically low temps there this January, 2012 as the wobble has gotten stronger. But by the time the Sun is positioned over India, the N Pole has swung during the Figure 8 so the globe tilts, and this tilt is visible in the weather maps from Asia. The tilt has forced the globe under the hot air closer to the Equator, warming the land along a discernable tilt demarcation line.


Added by Moderation, is a question on the 4/28 Q&A chat with the Zetas. Applies here. It is NOT just Antarctica!


The Arctic ice is vulnerable because it does not sit on land, and thus washed from below can melt faster than glaciers on land. The Earth wobble pushes water from both the Pacific and Atlantic into the Arctic, speeding this process. The wobble does more than melt ice, it also stirs the atmosphere, so that, as we have long predicted, the seasons worldwide will begin to blend. Cold weather may range further south than formerly, but likewise warm weather will range further north. The melting of the Arctic has occurred quite outside of Global Warming predictions.


What does this mean for scientists and government authorities cautioned to maintain the cover-up over the presence of Planet X? With real data firmly in hand to prove that the Arctic is warming more rapidly than expected, scientists can at least move forward with more realistic forecasts and government agencies can schedule relocation of communities more aggressively. Of course, behind closed doors, the why of the rapid melting is being discussed, in hushed tones. The attendees at the Montreal conference will take the opportunity to discuss what comes NEXT, given the ZetaTalk track record on predictions, which the vast majority follow closely.


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Comment by Alison on April 29, 2012 at 4:15am

As our swiftly tilting planet continues to whip to and fro more and more severely, so shall the polar ice melt under another country's summer and the blooms of summer wither under another country's winter, weather patterns will become more and more blended into a mix of seasons helter skelter, unpredictable, and ever more clearly showing that it is the wobble induced by the presence of Planet X that is to blame.

Comment by Planet Twelve on April 26, 2012 at 2:57pm

Thanks @Selim

Hamish Pritchard, a glaciologist consulted for your posted piece, could not help himself. Speculating, erroneously,  or spewing forth the Establishment Coverup line Pritchard meekly postulates: "The wind change is likely caused by a combination of factors, including natural weather variation, the ozone hole and man-made greenhouse gases, Pritchard said."

Well, you could call it "natural" weather variation because that wandering brother to the Earth, Planet X, is natural i.e. he belongs here. His infrequent (by Man's measure) Passages into this vicinity part of the natural order. The other two proffered options are discredited Lies.

There is little doubt the above is symptoms of that presence in the neighborhood, that giant magnetic bullying Planet X. Jerking us around! As is his nature.

Thanks @Nidhogg! Yes @Evelyn, got to love ANOTHER Zetas Right Again! Especially when NASA's equipment is used to highlight it!!

Comment by Evelyn on April 26, 2012 at 2:20pm

This is truly great news, now it seems the scientists are supporting what the Zetas have said is happening (above).  Way to go British Antarctica Survey BAS.  

The Zetas did say back in 1995 in the MELTING POLES blog


"On July, 1995, ZetaTalk stated that a Hearlding signs would be the oceans of the world heating from the bottom up, from the core of the Earth, in response to the approaching of the Planet X, and repeated this warning on Oct 15, 2002. By Mar 27, 2002, polar research scientists had conceeded that warming from beneath the ice caps was the primary cause of disintegration. On Sep 14, 2006, NASA satellites had recorded drastic and startling changes in the ice.

EOZT (there is much more in this blog, click link below)


I wonder if they (BAS) realise how important their work was to give even more credibility to the scientific community, that the Zetas are Right Again!

Thanks to @ Nidhogg and @Selim KARABIYIK for your articles and work.

Comment by Selim KARABIYIK on April 26, 2012 at 1:32pm

Antarctic melting from below

Washington -- Antarctica's massive ice shelves are shrinking because they are being melted from below by warm water, a study finds, suggesting that future sea levels could rise faster than many scientists have predicted.

The western chunk of Antarctica is losing 23 feet of its floating ice sheet each year. Until now, scientists weren't exactly sure how it was happening and whether or how man-made global warming might be a factor. The answer, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature, is that climate change plays an indirect role, but one that has larger repercussions than if Antarctic ice were merely melting from warmer air.

Hamish Pritchard, a glaciologist at the British Antarctic Survey, said research using an ice-gazing NASA satellite showed that warmer air alone couldn't explain what was happening to Antarctica. A more detailed examination found a chain of events that explained the shrinking ice shelves.

Twenty ice shelves showed signs that they were melting from warm water below. Changes in wind currents pushed that relatively warmer water closer to and beneath the floating ice shelves. The wind change is likely caused by a combination of factors, including natural weather variation, the ozone hole and man-made greenhouse gases, Pritchard said.

As the floating ice shelves melt and thin, that in turn triggers snow and ice on land glaciers to slide down to the floating shelves and eventually into the sea, causing sea level rise, Pritchard said. Thicker floating ice shelves usually keep much of the land snow and ice from shedding to sea, but that's not happening now.

That whole process causes larger and faster sea level rise than simply warmer air melting snow on land-locked glaciers, Pritchard said.

"It means the ice sheets are highly sensitive to relatively subtle changes in climate through the effects of the wind," he said.

What's happening in Antarctica "may have already triggered a period of unstable glacier retreat," the study concludes.

If the entire Western Antarctic Ice Sheet were to melt — something that would take decades — scientists have estimated it would lift global sea levels by about 16 feet.


Comment by Nidhögg on April 26, 2012 at 1:06pm

Excerpts from the Swedish articel:

"The ice is heavaly reduced at exactly those places where warm seawater from deepoceans pours in through channels to more shallow waters close to land."

"Isarna var nämligen kraftigt förtunnade just på de platser där det strömmar in varmt havsvatten från djuphaven, genom en slags kanaler i den grundare havsbottnen nära land."

"The seawater that pours in under the ice where it’s most reduced has been dramatically warmer during the last ten years."

"Havsvattnet som strömmar in under isarna där det idag smälter som snabbast har blivit dramatiskt varmare under de senaste tio åren."

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