I was wondering if the Zetas could give a percentage of the social media presence that is paid disinfo or debunkers in regard to Nibiru? I feel like I have seen both. I see a lot of false captures keep reappearing. Also, I believe the true extent Nibiru is being discussed on social media is not admitted. Can the Zetas discuss how much this chatter has grown over the last few years?

This is a constantly morphing animal, and thus percentages would be incorrect as soon as Nancy typed our answer. Thus we will discuss the issue in broad terms. Disinformation has several goals:

One is to ridicule the truth, and this technique was used extensively when the ZetaTalk saga first started in 1995. The proof Nancy offered was the evidence of geological change in the past, every 3,600 years, and even this was challenged with alternative dates for incidences and alternative explanations for the geological changes. The evidence that Nibiru had returned, tracked in along our RA and Dec map until visible in the skies in 2003, was extensively ridiculed by establishment astronomers on sci.astro, and even NASA publicly instructed the public not to listen to Nancy Lieder. 

A second goal of disinformation is to flood the field with false information. This is the current mode, as Nibiru has become so visible that the Internet is flooded with videos and claims. Almost all such Internet offerings are deliberately false, pointing to the night sky or lens flares. A dramatic Moon Swirl has even appeared in the major media, but claims this was merely a reflection were presented simultaneously by establishment lackies. This will continue, even after the announcement admitting that Nibiru exists and is nearby. Always, the Element of Doubt will be presented for the faint of heart to cling to. 

A third goal of disinformation is to promote alternatives. Nancy Lieder and ZetaTalk may be considered the premiere source of accurate information on Earth changes and the path of Nibiru, but false prophets are constantly being promoted. This was the case in the past, with Mark Hazelwood being promoted on Coast to Coast for his 2003 book, when his description of the coming Pole Shift was entirely plagiarized from ZetaTalk. One by one these false prophets become discredited and disappear, primarily because after they plagiarize ZetaTalk, they cannot maintain the pace. They cannot prophesy.  

A fourth goal of disinformation is to ignore the truth, to ignore the Earth changes, and use the media for distraction. This trend has been in place from the start, with earthquake frequency and magnitude dumbed down steadily until it is now almost 2 magnitudes points below the actual magnitude , the extent of crop shortages and starvation in the world ignored while the price of food almost doubles, and the incidence of fireballs screaming toward Earth now limited only to the local press. Airplanes dropping from the skies due to EMP will continue to be excused, though the establishment is now taking steps to close the skies. Ignoring the truth will continue apace, right up until the hour of the Pole Shift.  

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for November 7, 2015

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