Would the Zetas be willing to comment on how much this has changed since 1998? And especially, what about the members of this chat site? Would it be fair to presume that simply by our membership here and our continual seeking for more knowledge that, by now, most of us have become contactees?

Have the number of contactees increased since 1998, when we last gave a count of 12,000? The numbers are now approaching a billion, to include almost every reincarnating soul sparked on Earth, and a number of humans who have not yet sparked a soul. We are not including in this count any Star Children, as they are technically not termed contactees but rather peers. How and why did this rapid increase occur? We have stated in the past that the Earth was abuzz with attention, due to her Transformation, with several visitors (incarnated or not) in attendance for every reincarnating or potentially sparking soul on Earth. This was in preparation for this time, which those with experience in Transformations knew was coming. 

Why the massive uptick in contactee status? A combination of geological changes, erratic weather, and mass UFO sightings carried in the media as well as recorded for the Internet. The ground is trembling, rattling windows, and lately moaning and signing. Sinkholes and crevasses open up, weather extremes from drought to deluge with all the worry that crop shortages are bringing around the world coming into homes everywhere in the form of food shortages and high prices. Then there is the economy, technically a depression but termed a recession, so that every household is touched by the lack of jobs and homelessness in friends and neighbors. The Call is nothing more than a longing for answers, and is answered promptly! 

Where does this put the establishment in their war against the alien presence, their attempts to dissuade the public from alien contact with scare tactics? The establishment has leaned on Hollywood to produce an endless stream of movies about aliens mass landing to colonize or infect or consume mankind. Contactees in the past were hounded, harassed, and those writing a book or producing a video on a positive note threatened. Lost is the Key, by Leah Haley who was threatened by the US military, and Whitley Strieber's reports of threats to rip his baby son's head off are known examples. The establishment has lost the battle, but is not yet aware of the extent of this loss. Slow learners, and insulated in their smoke filled rooms, the Transformation roars past them and into the future.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for February 4, 2012

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