The Newsletter for Sunday December 2, 2018, brought up a question again for me since I had read it before on ZT; "Where the Annunaki did not have the technology to effect this stamped triangle in the rock just to the west of Gibraltar, the Service-to-Self aliens who were influencing the Annunaki and assisting them in building the pyramids and seamless walls out of huge rock did this for them." Since the Annunki where 3rd Density, that would mean the STS alians came from a higher Density or where they the Omnipotent Krill? Also in other posts (in ZT), STS entity's where mentioned as being in higher Densities, would elaborating on this cross the Engagements Line? I bring up the Krill, since they apparently where not hindered by the quarantine that was imposed. 

The rules governing contact with humans are such that both Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self aliens can respond to The Call from humans, and in essence consult with them, give counsel. No physical interaction or manipulation of the human is allowed. Visitations with both groups are allowed to occur on space ships or in private settings, so temporarily transporting the human is allowed. Of course, due to the Element of Doubt rule in place since the days of Roswell, both groups are required to record the contact only in the subconscious of the human. Prior to Roswell, mankind had conscious contact with aliens. 

Beyond these basic rules, the Council of Worlds allows certain manipulation of things by those in the Service-to-Other, who are granted permission to perform UFO displays, conduct protection and healings for certain key members of the human race, develop a new hybrid Zeta/human race, and ensure a spiritual balance on Earth, which is a schoolhouse for young souls. In all these instances permission from the Council of Worlds is required. Those in the Service-to-Self are never granted these rights. 

How is it then that the Annunaki had conscious assistance from the Service-to-Self Fat Snakes, who lifted great stones for them during construction of the Great Pyramids and the heads on Easter Island? We have stated that this was an alliance, which is a different arrangement than a request for consultation during The Call. The Fat Snakes were thus working for themselves on Earth, and using the Annunaki as their lackeys in the same manner they used the Trolls they brought to Earth. Could 4th density Service-to-Self aliens have such an alliance with mankind? 

Though an alliance of sorts was arranged with MJ12, this was tightly controlled by the Council of Worlds. First, any arrangement done by MJ12 did not reflect mankind at large, but only a small group of military intel individuals. Second, the Element of Doubt rule imposed at that time by the Council restricted any maneuvers the Service-to-Self aliens wanted to perform to the point where their efforts on Earth would have been futile. Third, the Council imposed new rules to allow mankind a balanced spiritual schoolhouse, as the balance had been disrupted by the presence of the Annunaki and their Service-to-Self allies.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 31, 2018

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