It seems like a lot of slip sliding is happening here in the US.  It will be up to the local people to report bridge collapses because I don't think we'll even hear about these unless it's in our own backyard. 

Recall too that President Obama deliberately brought up the Minnesota bridge collapse, and the Zetas (and only the Zetas!) told us why.

Here's the newest infrastructure collapse with a life lost in the LIRR tunnel collapse that happened last night.  Things are really picking up.

Son dies in LIRR tunnel collapse despite father's efforts to save him

Father frantically tried to revive son with CPR

Friday, November 18 2011, 2:58 AM

 Sandhogs work in the Long Island Rail Road tunnels beneaath Grand Central Terminal last January.
Bryan Smith for New York Daily News - FILE PHOTO

Sandhogs work in the LIRR tunnels beneath Grand Central Terminal in January.

A young sandhog was killed Thursday night in the collapse of a railroad tunnel deep under Park Ave., despite his father’s heroic efforts to save him, a source told The Daily News.

The unidentified victim was working on an LIRR tunnel when a portion caved around 7:30 p.m., according to the source, an LIRR employee who spoke on the condition he would not be named.

The young worker’s father, who was working alongside him, frantically tried to revive his son with CPR as workers rushed him through a network of tunnels to a waiting ambulance at E. 48th St. and Park Ave., the source said.

He was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he died, according to the source.

The FDNY could not confirm the collapse and LIRR officials could not be reached immediately for comment.The East Side Access project will connect the LIRR's Main and Port Washington lines in Queens to a new LIRR terminal beneath Grand Central Terminal.

Sandhogs are excavating tunnels about 120 feet beneath Manhattan streets. Work is expected to be completed early next year.

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1 in 9 highway bridges in the U.S. are classified as "structurally deficient," requiring significant maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement.

What made Obama chose the 2007 collapse of the Minneapolis bridge on I-35 as his example of infrastructure needing to be repaired? This was of course a dramatic incident, with the bridge flinging to one side and folding in waves against that side. Clearly there was tension, the Mississippi pulling apart at that point. This is also an incident that got a lot of attention on the Internet for a ZetaTalk prediction come true. We had predicted Mississippi bridges ripping during the New Madrid, and this was the first example of this prediction culminating. Curious minds, entering the date and place into search engines, would arrive at the ZetaTalk predictions. Is this Obama's way of leaking the truth? Yes, and just the start of such maneuvers. 


Today I posted that a bridge on I-80 at the Tannersville exit in the Poconos collapsed.  This is an area that has been pulling apart with many gas explosions just recently.

Back in Feb.2011, Parts of Ludford Bridge in Ludlow have fallen in to the River Teme.  As we will be starting to see bridges collapse I thought it best to start a blog with this heading.  I'm sure I will be adding to this as time evolves.  

I've added the proper ZT message regarding the safety of our bridges.  Not only in the US, but worldwide, with severe twisting , crunching, and shaking that the earth is now subjected to on a daily basis  due to a daily worldwide wobble and caused by the ever approaching Planet X, we'll see more bridges crumble and fall. 

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Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on March 11, 2016 at 5:29am

Historic Wagon Wheel bridge near Boone, Iowa collapses

Wagon Wheel Bridge collapses

- See more at:

A section of the west side of the Wagon Wheel Bridge is now sitting in the Des Moines River.

The collapse happened at approximately 1:40 p.m. Thursday.

James Holmberg was fishing about 60 feet upstream from the bridge when it collapsed. He told the Boone News-Republican he heard the cables start to shake, then saw part of the bridge fall down. He then called his girlfriend and alerted authorities of the matter.

The bridge was damaged in late February when ice jams floating down the Des Moines River caused the bridge to take on an “S”-shaped curve.

David Van Pelt, Boone County Secondary Road Supervisor, said the county was hoping the bridge would make it until they could have someone come and tear it down. Now that the section is in the Des Moines River, Van Pelt said it creates a bigger challenge in the demolition process.

“We really didn’t think it was that weak,” Van Pelt said of the bridge.

Thursday afternoon, Van Pelt estimated the river was 10-12 feet deep, which is a bit higher than normal for this time of year. He said if the river were lower, it would be easier to go down and take the collapsed portion of the bridge out of the water.

- See more at:

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on March 7, 2016 at 8:00pm

Nchanga bridge collapse, cuts Chingola East

Posted By: Adminon: 07/03/2016

Nchanga Bridge near Protea hotel along Kabundi road in Chingola has collapsed due to the heavy down pour of the rains.

Chingola Municipal Council Public Relations Manager George Sichimba confirmed the development to The Independent Observer in an interview.

Mr Sichimba said the bridge was washed away because of the cracks which couldn’t survive the heavy rains of Thursday night.

He described the situation as a disaster because it caused inconveniences to the people going into town from both ends from Kabundi and town centre.

Mr Sichimba however said that the council had moved in quickly to repair the collapsed bridge.

“A bridge collapsed due to cracks that had developed and water was sinking when we had a heavy down pour. We have moved in as the council to make sure the bridge is repaired.

“I cannot quantify the expense because it was an emergency situation which required an urgent response because the bridge is a vital link to Chingola East which houses Kabundi East, Kapisha, Soweto, Riverside, part of Kabundi North and Chingola Central and Kabundi South,” he said.

He has appealed to motorist and the residents to be patient as the bridge was being worked on.

Mr Sichimba said motorists could opt use alternative routes to avoid delays at the single lane Nchanga stream where repairs were being done.

Comment by KM on March 4, 2016 at 3:03am

Bridge collapses during heavy flooding in Lubango, Angola – 24 dead and 30 missing

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A bridge collapsed due to heavy floods in Angola on March 1, 2016, killing at least 23 people and injuring another dozens.

Most of the victims are children. Have a prayer for them.

angola floods march 2016, angola floods march 2016 pictures, angola floods march 2016 video, angola flooding march 2016

The deadly floods engulfed Tchioco and Canguinda neighborhoods, outskirts of Lubango city, southern Huila Province on March 1, 2016.

A bridge crossing the river Caculuvale collapsed as a result of the rapid flow of water caused by heavy rain.

angola floods march 2016, angola floods march 2016 pictures, angola floods march 2016 video, angola flooding march 2016

Children and adults walking on it have been flushed away. The age of the victims ranges from 12 to 30 years.

Bodies were found buried along the banks over more than 500 meters. 30 people are still considered missing.

23 of the victims have already been buried on March 2, 2016 accompanied by a crowd of over 20’000 people in pain

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on March 2, 2016 at 9:29pm

2nd huge void found in riverbed - £3m repair budget may now not be enough

FLASHBACK: Investigations in Tadcaster in January

A SECOND massive hole has been discovered in the river bed at Tadcaster, which threatened to cause another pier of the bridge to collapse.

More than 50 tonnes of special underwater concrete has now been poured into the scour hole, to protect the pier and allow bridge reconstruction work to be carried out.

Scour holes develop when rapidly-swirling water removes the material below the water, typically around fixed structures such as bridge supports.

A first scour hole which had already been found under one of the piers that collapsed during December's floods, has now been found to have been 2.5 metres deep, and has been filled with one-tonne bags of stones to provide protection should river levels rise again.

Officials initially feared the hole could have been up to six metre...

A cofferdam, or temporary enclosure, is also to be created upstream and downstream of the bridge to ensure the pier foundations can be rebuilt in dry conditions. If water goes over the top of the dam in extreme conditions, it will be pumped out.

The developments have been revealed by North Yorkshire County Council, which says it is pressing ahead with the 'complex, painstaking' reconstruction of the partially collapsed road bridge over the River Wharfe.

A spokeswoman said the Government had pledged £3 million to re-build the bridge and the council was hoping this sum would enable improvements such as widening its pavements.

"However, until the foundations have been rebuilt, it will not be possible to confirm whether this can be done within the £3 million budget," she warned.

She said the second scour hole, which 'posed a serious threat to the stability of the fourth pier,' was found by divers working for the council last Wednesday after stones and rubble infill from the bridge were cleared from the river.

"On Monday, the divers poured 22 cubic metres, over 50 tonnes, of special underwater concrete into the scour hole, which will protect the pier in order for reconstruction work to be carried out."

Cllr Don Mackenzie, executive member for highways, said river levels were expected to rise over the next day or two because of heavy rain, which would create pressure against the bridge, and so the stabilisation work had been very timely.

“Our contractors are working very hard to gather the geotechnical information necessary so we can begin to design

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on February 29, 2016 at 5:19pm

4 miners killed, 5 missing in tunnel collapse

February 29, 2016 10:46 pm

ZAMBOANGA CITY: Rescuers on Monday were searching for a group of miners after a tunnel collapsed in Monkayo town, Compostela Valley.

Four people were believed killed in the tragedy that occurred in the gold-rush mountain village called Depot early on Sunday. Conflicting reports said as many as five people were trapped inside the tunnel.

It was not immediately known why the tunnel collapsed, but there was heavy rain in the area when the incident happened. Also, illegal gold mining activities continue unabated in the impoverished village of Monkayo.

The province has been the site of deadly mining tragedies in the past years and despite the dangers and hazards posed by illegal mining, the government failed miserably to control the nefarious activities.

In May 2009, at least five dozen people had died and scores injured after mining tunnels collapsed due to landslides triggered by heavy rains in Pantukan town. This was followed by several more landslide incidents on the same year that buried miners in tunnels in the towns of Maco and Monkayo.

Two years later, more than two dozen miners were also buried alive in landslides that hit the village of Panganason also in Pantukan town where small-scale miners erected tunnels in mountain slopes.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on February 28, 2016 at 6:57pm

A Palestinian worker is lowered on a rope into a smuggling tunnel that was flooded by Egypt

A Palestinian newspaper is reporting on Sunday that at least five members of Hamas’ military wing were injured when a tunnel they were in collapsed underneath the Gaza Strip, Israel Radio said.

The radio network cited a report on the website of Al Quds which said that a Hamas-built tunnel collapsed in the Zeitoun quarter of southeastern Gaza City. There has yet to be official confirmation of the report.

The newspaper reported that Hamas authorities in Gaza are searching for the people trapped in the tunnel collapse.

If the report is accurate, it would mark the fifth time in recent weeks that a tunnel built by Islamist forces in the Gaza Strip crumbled.
Earlier this month, a Hamas operative was killed in a tunnel collapse in southern Gaza's Khan Younis region, according to Palestinian sources.
A Gaza health ministry spokesman confirmed the reports, saying Marwan Marouf, 27, a fighter in Hamas' Izzadin al-Kassam Brigades, was killed in the tunnel collapse.
Days before, Hamas officials confirmed the death of at least two of its operatives in a tunnel collapse.
In the week prior to that incident, seven Hamas men were killed when a tunnel collapsed close to Gaza's eastern border with Israel.
The Hamas leader said that the gadgets found by the Izzadin al-Kassam brigades were planted there in an effort to discover more tunnels.

Comment by M. Difato on February 24, 2016 at 6:46pm

Bridge Collapse in Alexandria Leaves 3 Dead
Three people were killed after a bridge collapsed in the Borg al-Arab area in Egypt’s coastal city of Alexandria during the early hours of Tuesday, privately-owned Youm7 reported.

Several people were injured from the accident but their health conditions were described yesterday by the Alexandria Health Ministry spokesman Magdi Hegazi as “stable.”

Rescue workers recovered the bodies and the injured from the stream of irrigation water that the crossing traverses.

Egypt has for a long time suffered from poor infrastructure, often causing fatal accidents.
In December 2015, the Transportation Ministry said that maintenance of 119 main bridges from a total of 400 needing “immediate and rapid” reparations had been completed.

One of the main reasons for the weakening and eventual collapse of bridges has been signaled to be over-loaded trucks, The Cairo post quoted a spokesman from the General Authority for Roads and Bridges as saying last August.

According to the spokesman, there has been a spike in violations of the weight limits set for truck loads since the 25 January uprising in 2011. He added that “40 percent of the bridges” were constructed half a century ago, further illustrating the pressing need to repair them.

The shortfall in regular maintenance of bridges is a further reason for the frequent incidents of collapsing bridges in Egypt. The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) claimed in May last year that that at least half of Egypt’s bridges “are in severe degradation and vulnerable to collapse at any time due to lack of regular maintenance and overloading,” state-owned Al-Ahram reported.

At the request of the Egyptian government, the General Authority for Roads, Bridges and Land Transport issued a project report in July 2015 saying that Egypt aims to improve bridge maintenance by “establishing continuous maintenance cycles, improving technological capacity necessary for the maintenance, especially inspection and repair skills” and “building and operating bridge maintenance system (BMS) which enables the execution of the designed maintenance.”


Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on February 23, 2016 at 8:04pm

Partial collapse of N.J.'s oldest bridge forces emergency repairs (PHOTOS)

PRINCETON - Tuesday, February 23, 2016 Concrete barriers placed on one side of Stony Brook Bridge on Rt. 206 after a parapet collapsed on the southbound side of the historic stone bridge just past Quaker Road, near the Hun School and Jasna Polana Country Club.

February 23, 2016 at 11:48 AM, updated February 23, 2016 at 12:31 PM

PRINCETON – A portion of the state's oldest bridge on Route 206 over Stony Brook was re-opened Tuesday after emergency crews worked overnight to repair a portion of the span that collapsed, sending centuries old stone into the water below, transportation officials said.

A portion of the stone railing on the historic bridge, near Quaker Bridge Road in Princeton, collapsed on the southbound side, prompting the state Department of Transportation to close the bridge overnight for emergency repairs.

A concrete divider was installed on shoulder of the south lane, and both lanes of the bridge were open for rush-hour traffic Tuesday morning. A concrete barrier was planned for the northbound lane sometime Tuesday, officials.

But transportation officials were still evaluating whether to ban trucks from the span, said Steve Schapiro, DOT spokesman.

Schapiro said DOT engineers are designing a repair, but the historic designation of the bridge will likely slow progress on a solution.

"The historic nature of the bridge requires the work must be done using similar construction methods," Schapiro said.

The bridge was first built in 1792, the same year the U.S. Mint and the U.S. Post Office were established and Kentucky was admitted as the 15th state.

The span was widened in 1916, but has not had major repair since then, Schapiro said.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on February 23, 2016 at 5:26pm

Damaged Baramulla old town Bridge collapses

Despite several assurances, authorities fail to repair it: Locals

Publish Date: Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Baramulla, Feb 23 (KNS): The old town bridge in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district which was closed for the vehicular movement by the authorities after 2014 deluge collapsed on Tuesday.
According to KNS correspondent, the wooden and oldest bridge in Baramulla located near fish market namely SRTC Bridge which connects old town Baramulla with rest of the district collapsed at around 2 pm on Tuesday afternoon.
He said that the bridge was closed by the authorities for the vehicular movement after it got damaged in 2014 deluge. “Since the day of devastating floods, the authorities didn’t repaired the bridge thereby resulted in the fall down,” he said.
The locals according to the KNS correspondent said that they approached several times to the higher ups for the restoration of the bridge but no to avail. “We have been assured by the officials several times that the bridge will be repaired soon but nothing has been done in this regard,” he said.
Nonetheless, no loss of life was reported due to the collapse of the bridge, which was constructed in early 40’s. (KNS)

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on February 23, 2016 at 2:07pm

Road Bridge Collapses in Russia's Far East


A bridge on the road between the cities of Vladivostok and Nakhodka in the Far East's Primorye region collapsed Tuesday, the regional branch of the Emergency Situations Ministry said in a statement.

The collapse of two of the five spans of the bridge over the Litovka river happened at 12.20 p.m. local time.

No one was injured as a result of the incident, the Emergency Situations Ministry reported. The bridge has been closed to traffic.

According to the the administration of the Primorye region, the collapse of the bridge was caused by heavy trucks.

The bridge was not designed for heavy vehicles, the administration's statement said.

Prosecutors have launched an investigation into the collapse.

And another:

Bridge collapse in Alexandria kills three

Published February 23rd, 2016 - 11:30 GMT

Three died and five were injured in the early hours of Tuesday when a small bridge collapsed in the Mediterranean coastal governorate of Alexandria, Ahram Arabic website reported.

The crossing traverses a stream of irrigation water in Borg Al-Arab district.

Rescue teams arrived at the scene of the accident and removed the bodies from the water. The injured have been transferred to Borg Al-Arab Hospital.

An investigation into the incident is underway.

Egypt suffers from poor infrastructure maintenance, which often leads to accidents and casualties.

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