Could the Zetas please give us an update on the current pace of the Awakening?  Are humans holding back the pace of the Awakening in any way?

The Awakening is absolutely paced to the attitudes and emotions of humans on Earth. The establishment, especially the CIA which in the early days of MJ12 was very much at the helm of MJ12, has tried to use fear and anxiety in the populace to slow the Awakening. They wish for mankind to cling to their human masters, the politically powerful and wealthy, and not get cozy with aliens. Thus so many movies and TV series depicting aliens as evil and intent on eating mankind or colonizing Earth. They have lost the battle, as the number of contactees has risen from approximately 12 thousand in 2008 to a billion just a few months ago and now climbing past the two billion mark.

The Awakening is proceeding where the CIA and other old men who wanted the cover-up over the alien presence to remain are not in control – on space ships, in living rooms, in meetings among contactees wherever convenient. It matters not whether disclosure is accomplished. The public knows the truth, and is proceeding with their lives as though the reluctant establishment had already admitted it. In this the establishment shoots themselves in the foot, once again, as the public also clearly knows that the establishment lies to them. Polls show this.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 18, 2012


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