Why are the Zeta's giving specific dates of the pole shift now? We know from all the past Zeta advice that the date is not to be known by mankind, yet we've had several confirmations lately.  The Tibet Monk who was correct in predicting 2026 at the time of writing.  Kojima seemed to give diagrams that confirm it would actually be 2024 after that original newsletter.  Now in this week's newsletter, Zeta's again confirming in 2026 the last weeks will commence and Kojima's new depiction confirming that. Are you trying to prompt more of mankind to wake up or is it something else? [and from another] poleshift.ning.com/profiles/blogs/zetatalk-newsletter-as-of-may-9-2... Ultimately, in 2026, the Last Weeks will commence. Nibiru (X10) has been drawn closer to the Sun. Earth follows and is thus drawn closer to the Sun by 30 million miles. It is within 14 million miles of Nibiru. But per the Zetas, the two dozen major moons of Nibiru, those equivalent to our Earth Moon, stay within 5 million miles of Nibiru. Trash and debris, and the minor moons of Nibiru, continue to sling toward the Earth. The hour of the Pole Shift is upon the hapless Earth. In the meantime, there will be an increasingly violent wobble, a looming Venus and Dark Twin, and a deluge of Petrol.

During the public life of ZetaTalk, which began in 1995, we have stated that the date of the Pole Shift was not to be known. This was because knowledge of the date would allow those in the Service-to-Self to take advantage of others. Debt slavery was already in process, and would increase. False promises would be made to provide safe locations, to promulgate slave or work camps. Withholding the date of the Pole Shift aligned in with the intent of the elite to deny that Nibiru existed in any case, because they wanted the status quo to continue as long as possible.

What has changed that we at ZetaTalk are now confirming the Buddha’s warning? The End-Times battle between Good and Evil is being won! Where this battle is being waged behind the scenes, the clash of swords can be heard. The Pointy Heads in Antarctica who facilitated the Moloch child sacrifice ritual have left the Earth. The US Junta and the White Hat Alliance in many countries are wiping out this practice, with political and royalty leadership replaced by Doubles where necessary.

There is no longer a reason to withhold the date. The primary concern now is to fight the grip of the elite on the media. The public is not being told the truth. The wealthy are in control of the media, and they do not want to replace their wealth with bankruptcy when the public rebels against debt slavery and the status quo. This is all of course in the hands of man, so these last battles can move in many directions. Opportunity to help one’s fellow man abounds, and can only grow your soul to be more wise and massive.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 31, 2021

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Comment by Ann Eller on May 6, 2021 at 11:13pm

Thank You Zetas for the 2026 confirmation.  I for one am relieved to know that we have 5 more years to win the battles being fought against the evil on this Planet.  We must save every last child that we possibly can from the torture and misery of the elite. We must see that all involved in bringing this Covid virus and bioweapon vaccine to mankind pay for their horrendous deeds. We must see President Donald Trump restored to authority and America must clean up her act and become the shining light on the hill that she was destined to be.  May God Bless All of Us during these next 5 years !

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