We are seeing so many remarkable pre-announcement pieces showing up, this is a place to post and discuss them. This one for example, is making discoveries sound 'ho hum' which a few months/years ago were heralded as amazing breakthroughs. Today for example: 

"Nearly Every Star Hosts at Least One Alien Planet"


When a month or so ago they were making a BIG deal about finding one planet in the sweet zone which could possibly support life, son they they say 25% of them could support life! Including mention of red dwarfs, etc. The Zeta predicted evidence continues to build up!

Here is another blog that relates, describing a wobble:

NASA Scientists "Discover" a Wobbly Planet!?


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Comment by Ovidiu Pricopi on July 13, 2017 at 4:34am

New article regarding Planet 9 appeared in Popular Mechanics on Jul 12, 2017 , also been feature on Yahoo Science News .

Astronomers Find New Evidence for Existence of Planet Nine, A planet the size of Neptune, orbiting more than 20 times farther out than Pluto.

Two astronomers believe they have new evidence to support the existence of the elusive Planet Nine, a hypothetical planet in the far reaches of the solar system beyond Pluto. If it exists, Planet Nine would be about the size of Neptune or Uranus, and its orbit would place the planet at a distance of about 700 AU, or 700 times the average distance from Earth to the sun.

Debates over a possible Planet Nine focus on the peculiar distribution of orbits found for trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs) in the Kuiper Belt. TNOs are minor planetary bodies beyond the eighth major planet, Neptune—Pluto is currently designated as a TNO. The Kuiper Belt is a disk-shaped region beyond Neptune filled with thousands of planetary bodies.

Some TNOs never cross Neptune's orbit at all and are particularly far from the sun. These are known as extreme TNOs, ETNOs. By studying the distribution of ETNO nodes—the points in orbit where the ETNOs cross the plane of the solar system—astronomers from the Complutense University of Madrid believe there must be a planet beyond Pluto affecting the orbits of the ETNOs. http://www.popularmechanics.com/space/solar-system/a27280/new-evide...

Comment by Kris H on June 22, 2017 at 2:15pm
Article discussing Planet 10:

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on June 19, 2017 at 7:38pm


GPS failure could lose UK £1bn PER DAY

A government report has found that the UK could lose £1 billion per day if the Global Positioning System (GPS) experienced major disruption.

With society now reliant on this technology for everyday navigation on mobile phones, for tracking, and even gaming, the impact of an event such as this would be dangerous beyond the financial haemorrhage.

Emergency services would be unable to handle the demand, emergency calls would be longer, congestion would be severe, and navigation systems would be not be operational.

GPS would not only impact navigation, it would affect multiple industries that rely on the technology for mapping, tracking, and timing.

The report outlines a day in the UK of using services that operate using GPS, some you might not have thought of include social media and online news, which are synchronised using GNSS time.

Shops, scientists and merchant vessels would also be included, with other examples spreading right across the industrial spectrum to fisherman and farmers.

GPS failure could lose UK £1bn PER DAY

The report is titled ‘Economic impact to the UK of a disruption to GNSS’, it was commissioned by Innovate UK, a non-departmental public body operating with connection to the Government. London Economics, a specialist policy and economics consultancy worked on the report.

The report summarises the capabilities and uses of the system: “The Global Positioning System (GPS) is one – albeit the original and most utilised – of four Global Navigation   Satellite   Systems   (GNSS) that provide   positioning,   navigation   and   timing   (PNT) information via satellites orbiting in space. This information allows users with a compatible receiver (e.g. smartphone) to determine their position, velocity and precise universal and local time.”

Impact has been felt before in the UK from disruption of this kind, as British industries were affected when a US satellite was decommissioned; it is thought that other satellites were also impacted.

With the potential for such all-round chaos, there is now a conversation rising surrounding government intervention, and possibly the implementation of a commercial GPS backup in the event of disruption.

Comment by Kris H on June 15, 2017 at 11:45pm
Comment by casey a on May 30, 2017 at 11:04pm

Here's the Hancock/Rogan podcast about ancient cataclysms w/o a skeptic...

Comment by casey a on May 30, 2017 at 7:37am

I didnt get time to watch the whole thing. But i think this provides some insight to the kinds of debate that will ensue in the future,, There are two environments under which Graham Hancock is welcomed to the show - with the presence of a "skeptic" and without. Also keep in mind Graham Hancock's positions do no align perfectly with zetatalk. But he has done some serious investigtive work that should help getting the message of Zetatalk out.

Comment by Juan F Martinez on May 29, 2017 at 6:06pm

May 25, 2017 Brazilian Senator WARNS at National Congress that #Nibiru, aka #PlanetX, is going to destroy the Earth.May 25, 2017 Brazilian Senator WARNS at National Congress that #Nib...

Senator Telmário Mota (PTB-RR) drew the attention of parliamentarians during the session on Thursday, 25, announcing in a speech in the Senate Plenary the collision of an X7 planet, known as "Nibirú", with Earth.

"I have received the information from an elect who said NASA [NASA] states that the planet Nibiru is coming towards Earth and the current cycle will be over soon," said the senator.

According to Telmário, the NASA report says that the planet changes the gravitational field of the earth and, with that, two thirds of humanity will perish. "Two-thirds will die of hunger and disease. I passed this to my advisers to do a study to see if this planet Nibiru is really approaching Earth, "he announced.

The video of the senator's speech quickly turned into social networks and was shared by thousands of Internet users, who criticized the senator's position, saying that the senator should bring more relevant issues to the Plenary. Check out the video:

PLANET X-7- In 2016 was published the book Planet X - The 2017 Arrival (Planet X - The arrival in 2017). Its author, David Meade, claims to have studied astronomy and claims that a series of stars, propelled by "a twin twin of our Sun", approaches the Earth dangerously and will collide with it in October 2017.

He states that he has scientific evidence and, to explain the absence of detection of such a star, mentions the "oblique angle" of his approach and his next impact against our South Pole. 

Comment by Ecosikh on May 22, 2017 at 4:38pm

From the Daily Mail....

  • A dossier of 18 MoD papers was due to be released in March this year
  • A German site has claimed that Brexit is to blame for the delay in publication
  • The files are expected to be made public after the UK general election in June
  • Details of a UFO sighting by military personnel in 1980 may be among them

A dossier of files kept secret by the UK government for almost 50 years could be released after June's general election.

The documents will be published by the National Archives and are believed to contain details of sightings of UFOs over almost five decades.

And alien hunters are hoping they will reveal evidence of a cover-up of a number of high profile incidents they believe are related to extra-terrestrials, including in Rendlesham Forest in 1980, dubbed 'Britain's Roswell.' 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4530122/Secret-gover... 

Comment by Chris Harris on May 21, 2017 at 1:44am
I found this link to be quite a good analysis of the cover page:
Comment by Juan F Martinez on May 21, 2017 at 12:47am

Pre-Announcement Media Coverage
The World in 2017 predictions according to the #Economist
Magazine showing Illuminati Cards to be played.

Note the LAST card, THE STAR : #PlanetX Announcement?

The World in 2017 contains The Economist’s annual collection of detailed, numerate and opinionated predictions for the year ahead. The World in 2017 features leading figures from politics, business, finance, science, technology and the arts alongside prominent journalists from The Economist and other leading news publications.

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