Water main break destroys street near Los Angeles, California - July 29, 2014    

"All the land between New England and Mexico is being pulled at a diagonal, and it is not just the fault lines that are feeling stress. All will participate when the New Madrid Fault makes a serious adjustment."  ZetaTalk


Since 2013, a conspicuous number of water main breaks and sinkholes have been reported across the U.S.  While water lines commonly rupture during winter months, especially in regions experiencing subfreezing temperatures, large water mains are fracturing in southern states where ground temperatures remain above freezing.

Notable water main breaks and sinkholes during the first 6 days of 2013:


January 1

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - "Super Sinkhole Walter" and 40 Others

Harrisburg officials expect it will take several weeks to repair damage from a massive sinkhole that forced dozens of residents to evacuate.

The city’s Department of Public Works said it could be another 30 days before water, sewer and gas lines are replaced in the neighborhood where the sinkhole is causing problems.  "Super Sinkhole Walter," as the North Fourth Street collapse has been called, is big enough to have its own Foursquare check-in location.

On Thursday, the massive hole partially swallowed a construction backhoe.

The hole opened Monday morning, and later opened a bigger hole.

A spokesman for Mayor Linda Thompson said the city must replace the entire water and sewer system lines on the block.
The spokesman, Robert Philbin, said new water and sewer lines will not be working for five to six weeks.

These two large sinkholes in the 2100 block of North Fourth Street are among at least 40 sinkholes covered by steel plates citywide, according to Kevin Hagerich, director of the city’s Department of Public Works.

Interactive Map of Known Sinkholes in Harrisburg







January 3

Malibu, California - Recurring Water Main Breaks

Another water main break in Malibu collapsed part of John Tyler Drive as crews worked to repair the leak.

A broken water main and partially collapsed road have narrowed traffic to one lane on Malibu Country Drive near John Tyler Drive.

Between 30 and 35 customers in Malibu Country Estates are without water. Los Angeles County Public Works received a call about a partially collapsed roadway on Malibu Country Drive at 9:30 a.m, according to spokesman Mike Kaspar.

Kaspar said the road is cut down to one lane for approximately 100 yards.

This is the second water main break reported in Malibu in as many days. On Wednesday, the main that supplies water to the Adamson House broke and employees from Public Works worked overnight on a temporary fix and permanent reroute of the underground pipeline. Westbound traffic on Pacific Coast Highway was cut down to one lane between Malibu Inn and Serra Road while crews made the repair.




Grand Rapids, Michigan - Big Hole / Deep Water

A water main break has closed the westbound lanes of 44th Street between Division Avenue and U.S. 131 in Wyoming, Michigan

A broken valve is causing complications in repairing the break in a 16-inch water main and the road may be closed until Saturday, authorities now say.

The valve, which broke in a partially-closed position, must be replaced before the water main can be fixed, Wyoming Director of Public Works William Dooley said in a statement on Friday, Jan. 4.

The water main broke area of 44th Street SW and Clay Avenue on Thursday.

The westbound lanes of 44th Street are closed near Clay Avenue, and Clay is closed from 44th Street north to Louisiana Avenue.

Dooley said the repair is taking much longer than anticipated because of the valve problem. Water is still flowing from the main because the valve cannot be closed.

A private contractor has been called to help city crews and they expect to fix the valve this afternoon.

Dooley said the water main break has not affected drinking water to area residents.

“Once the valve has been replaced, we will start work to repair the water main and hope to have that wrapped up yet today. We recognize and apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused to businesses, area residents and motorists and are working as quickly as we can to return things to normal," Dooley said in the statement.




January 4

New Orleans, Louisiana - Cajun Geyser

A water main break in the middle of Adams Street near Maple poured water into the streets Friday afternoon.

Sewerage and Water Board crews arrived on the scene around 1:30 pm to address the incident.

An hour or so later, the break erupted into a full-blown geyser, showering Adams Street with water.

Water was rising on the sides of the street near several Uptown businesses, creeping up on the tires of some cars.





January 5

Atlanta, Georgia

A massive water main break caused headaches for both residents and drivers on Clairmont Road in Chamblee, more than 24 hours after it first happened.

A huge hole opened up in the road between Airport Road and Wingate Road Saturday morning. Residents in the area were without water for much of the weekend after the 30-inch water main break.

DeKalb County spokesman Burke Brennan told Channel 2 Action News that they first had to clear out the water from the hole to determine the cause before they could begin repairing it. Major damage to the road and the sidewalk could still be seen well into Sunday morning.

Brennan says the pipe's age could have been a factor in the break.

Police were on the scene to re-direct traffic away from the area near DeKalb-Peachtree Airport.



Sacramento, California

Water main break floods East Sacramento neighborhood

A 16-inch water main broke Saturday morning, turning two streets into ponds and damaging several homes along 39th and D Streets.



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority says that a 30-inch line broke in the Oakland/Bloomfield area near the South Millvale Bridge at Morewood Street.

Two Port Authority stations and a portion of bus routes were closed after the water main break.

The break happened in North Oakland around 6 a.m. and the Neville Ramp, Herron and Negley Port Authority stations were closed as a result, our news partners at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette report.

The East Liberty station is as far as inbound buses can go and outbound buses will make it to the 26th Street Ramp, the Post-Gazette says.

Officials said the water main break exposed a 24-inch Equitable gas line.

“Public Safety is our No. 1 concern,” Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority Director of Operations Tom Palmosina said in a press release. “PWSA crew responded immediately and began isolating the leak.”

PWSA officials said that all efforts are being focused on the gas line.



January 6

Seattle, Washington

A large water main break on Sunday caused the closure of State Route 20 in Port Townsend near the ferry terminal.

Around 3 a.m., Police and Public Works responded to the 1800 block of Water Street where the break was reported near the Tides Inn and Suites.

Portions of State Route 20 pavement were raised several inches above the original road bed as pressure from the water pushed up to the surface. When crews first arrived on scene they found water running west down the road. At least one business, The Food Co-op, 414 Kearney Street, had flood damage as water rushed into the building.

The closure affects commuters traveling to the Port Townsend-Coupeville ferry route.  Detour routes for ferry traffic have been set up through city streets.

Water to at least a dozen businesses and residents was shut off but was restored by 3:30 p.m.

The Department of Transportation will not have materials available to begin repairing the highway until sometime Monday, according to Claudia Bingham Baker, WSDOT communications manager.

Detours will remain in place until crews determine the road is safe to reopen, which would occur Monday at the earliest.

The cause of the break is under investigation.


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Comment by Derrick Johnson on January 2, 2014 at 7:53am

(can't blame these on the cold)

Water Main Break Closes Lanes of Friars Road


A water main break Tuesday caused problems overnight that trickled into Wednesday on a busy street in Mission Valley.

According to the water department, a 6-inch concrete pipe broke around 10 a.m. Tuesday on Friars Road, near the Cheesecake Factory entrance to Fashion Valley Mall.

Officials issued a Sig Alert for the area as crews worked to repair the break.

Two eastbound lanes in the 6900-7100 blocks of Friars Road were closed, creating a traffic back-up both on the street and in the mall. Police were on scene directing traffic.

Initially, repairs were expected to be completed by 10 p.m., however work in the area extended through overnight and into New Year's Day.

As of 7:40 a.m. Wednesday, officials said the Sig Alert was still in place, with just one lane open in both directions on Friars Road.

Officials said crews expect to have the water main fixed by noon, at which point the Sig Alert will be lifted


Google Maps



Residents told to boil water as water main repairs continue


“MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. (WSVN) -- Crews continue working to repair a water main that left several homes flooded on New Year's Day.

Residents were upset by what they call an hours-long response by officials, Wednesday morning, to shut off the gushing 8-inch water main. Though the water has since receded, by the evening afternoon, crews were still on the scene working to fix a the fractured pipe and restore water pressure to residents.

Asked why it took so long to respond, one worker with Miami-Dade Water and Sewer taking pictures of the scene said, "Well, it's valves that's buried, and we have old valves around the city that we have to dig up."

Help only arrived at the scene after the county was bombarded by phone calls from the affected homeowners living in the neighborhood off Northwest 191st Street and 38th Avenue. The break happened in the backyard of one of the homes, at around 8:15 a.m. Wednesday, according to residents.

Residents said the water gushed for hours before it was sealed off with valves, at around 11 a.m. However, about a dozen homes would end up affected by this water main break. One resident even showed the damage inside her home.”





Google Maps

Comment by Howard on December 23, 2013 at 8:17pm

Philadelphia Water Main Break Affects Thousands (Dec 22)

Water gushed from a massive water main break that left thousands of Philadelphia residents, businesses and dozens of schools for miles around without water the day before Christmas Eve.

The main, with authorities believed initially to be a 60-inch transmission main, turned out to be a 48-inch main that was connected to the major main. That pipe ruptured around 9 a.m. near Frankford and Torresdale Avenues in the Frankford section of Philadelphia.

"It was a river," said Brian Pham, sales manager at Max's Auto Sales. At one point, water was chest-deep in the dealership's warehouse.

“It looks like you're looking off at the beach with the waves,” said a man who works in the area.

Within minutes, thousands lost water service around the city. The break affected water customers in eight different zip codes.

Philadelphia firefighters rescued people and children from nearby businesses.





Comment by Howard on December 13, 2013 at 8:48pm

6 Water Main Breaks Within 10 Hours Near San Francisco CA (Dec 13)
About 1,000 homes in Millbrae were without water this morning following a bizarre string of water main breaks that occurred overnight.

The first break occurred at 11:20 p.m. Thursday night in the vicinity of Camino Alto and Silva Court. A second water main break occurred at 1:20 a.m. today near the intersection of Loyola Drive and Murchison Avenue.

At 4 a.m., two lines had breaks, one at the intersection of Helen and Geraldine drives and one near the intersection of Larkspur and Ridgewood drives. The fifth break occurred at Millbrae Avenue and Minorca Way at 6 a.m. today, McCarron said. The sixth rupture happened at 8 a.m.

There is no estimate for when the lines will be completely repaired, McCarron said. He said the city is still not certain what caused the water mains to break.




Comment by Howard on November 26, 2013 at 6:07am

Water Main Break Closes U.S. Marine Base Main Entrance (Nov 25)
A massive sinkhole resulting from a water main break has prompted the closurse of the east gate to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar north of San Diego, California.

Water started bubbling up to the surface of the road Saturday morning.

Since then, crews have worked to clear the dirt around the water main break in an attempt to identify the source of the leak and fix it.

On Monday, the Public Affairs Officer for MCAS Miramar said base officials were not sure when the east entrance would open.



Comment by Chris on November 25, 2013 at 4:49pm

Russian water pipe bursts, causing car wreck (video)


Comment by Tracie Crespo on November 21, 2013 at 4:13am

And again...  Water main break AND sinkhole

Peirone Crescent Flooded in Chatham, Ontario - Nov 20

After a noise that some described as a freight train, a northeast Chatham neighbourhood quickly found itself underwater early Wednesday evening.

A watermain break appeared to be the culprit on Peirone Crescent, which is located off of Vanier Drive, with a sizable sinkhole also developing.

Resident Scott Parker, who was trying his best to clear water away with a rake, estimated the sinkhole— which was in his front yard — was about 10 feet deep.

He said he's never seen any flooding like this on his street before.

“I don't need (water) getting in my house,” he said. “They said they'd send somebody on their way.”

Whirlpools could be seen over the sewer grates, while many sections of the street that weren't flooded were still covered with mud.

“I thought there was a train coming through our house,” said Ruth, who didn't want her last name used.

She said that she and other residents still hadn't received help after about an hour.

Ruth's husband, Grant, was curious to see exactly how large the sinkhole was.

“When I came out, it was bubbling out of here, and bubbling out of there,” he said. “You could fill about 50 swimming pools with how much water was coming out.

“You'd think they'd be concerned with all the water they're losing.”

Several motorists unaware of the situation attempted to pass through, with people running up to stop them.

An official with the Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission couldn't be reached for immediate comment on Tuesday night. The Chatham Daily News will have updates as they become available.


Comment by Howard on November 18, 2013 at 4:09am

Long before Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003, water mains routinely failed due to temperature swings, over-pressure conditions and aging infrastructure. Even today, some water main failures occur for reasons other than the presence of Planet X. 

This blog portrays a significant increase of mostly extreme water main ruptures only since January 2013, yet clearly to a degree that is unprecedented.

For additional validation of the increased stress on mankind's infrastructure, review Sinkhole Incidents On the Rise from the beginning (page 52) that has been tracking such incidents since March 2011. 

Comment by Derrick Johnson on November 15, 2013 at 9:25am

Water main break exposes need for water & sewerage system overhaul


Shreveport city workers spent the morning making repairs after a water main break on Hearne Avenue near J.S. Clark Middle School.

All morning, students went without running water.

The director of the water and sewerage department, Barbara Featherston, says rain is to blame. The soil around the pipes expanded, and that put more pressure on the already brittle pipes.

"And what you have is the soils in the dry weather will kind of shrink up and then when you have the wet weather, they expand and it just starts pulling you know those external forces on the pipe in those areas where again, our infrastructure is aging, you will have those types of breaks," says Featherston.

Veronica Brown says she had no idea her fifth-grader was at school without water.

She wants all the pipes in the city inspected, especially near schools and hospitals.

"Things do happen, but I feel like those things should also be checked periodically,” says Brown. “Whether it's every three or four months, or whether it's every year, especially with those water mains there by important facilities such as schools and hospitals."

The good news is on Wednesday, the EPA announced the City of Shreveport will pay $342 million dollars for sewer system upgrades over the next 12 years.

This is to comply with the Clean Water Act.

The city also has to pay a $650,000 penalty for illegal discharges of raw sewage. The city hasn’t decided whether that money will come from the pockets of taxpayers or not.

Beginning in 2015, the system will see a major overhaul, starting in the Cedar Grove area.

"We're starting in the Cedar Grove basin,” says Featherston. “It's our largest basin from a pipe-length standpoint. There's a million feet of pipe in that basin. Different sizes: eight inches to forty-two inches or to forty-eight inches, I believe."

We’re told crews are already inspecting in that area to make sure breaks like the one on Hearne don't happen.



Google Maps


Water main break counts as calamity day for LE

Posted: Thursday, November 14, 2013 6:30 pm | Updated: 10:23 pm, Thu Nov 14, 2013.

By Steven Collins Staff Reporter

CIRCLEVILLE— Logan Elm Local Schools dismissed the high school and middle school early due to a water main break Thursday morning.

The schools were released at 10:30 a.m. because there was no water pressure in the schools, according to Tim Williams, superintendent.

“We have no water at all, and the officials from Earnhart-Hill indicated that we would be without water four to five hours,” Williams said. “At that point in time, we made the decision to go ahead and release the middle school and high school early.”

Due to the early dismissal, students do not get credit for a full day of classes.

“This will count as a missed day for the high school and middle school, and we will have to use one of our calamity days,” Williams said.

The water main break was located on Tarlton Road west of the school. Dennis Williams, general manager of Earnhart-Hill, said the water main line in the area was an old one and was scheduled to be replaced.

“It’s an old main that probably just split there at the road,” he said. “We were about two weeks away from replacement, but we just didn’t make it.”

He said service would return by Thursday afternoon, and there would be adequate water pressure for the school day on Friday.



Google Maps


Water Main Break Floods Movie Theater Parking Lot


Crews were called to Twin Creek movie theater in Bellevue Thursday morning to repair a water main break.

The break flooded the entire parking lot; however, WOWT 6 News has learned the water did not go into the theater itself. The early shows Thursday were canceled. The theater said it planned to be open again in time for the 4 p.m. showings.

So far, it's not clear what caused the break.



Google Maps


Redwood Elementary School Closed Due to Water Main Break

Cynthia Cumming

Thursday, November 14, 2013 • 10:36am

WEST ORANGE, NJ - An early-morning water main break has closed Redwood Elementary School, located at 75 Redwood Ave., and blocked traffic in the area as New Jersey American Water Company repairs the break. Interim Superintendent James O'Neill was apprised of the situation and made the call to close the school due to dangerous road conditions.

According to the West Orange Police Department, the water main break, which occurred in the area of 54 Woodland Ave., created dangerous road surfaces. Woodland Avenue and surrounding roads in and around the school were "slippery, with icy conditions made worse by leaves."  Two West Orange police officers are on site, as well as New Jersey American Water Company.

Residents have been advised to avoid the area as repairs continue.



Google Maps

Comment by Derrick Johnson on November 15, 2013 at 9:16am

Tempe crews repair water main break


by Jennifer Thomas

TEMPE, Ariz. – Crews worked all day to repair a water main break at Broadway Road and Priest Drive in Tempe.

A 6-foot hole in the roadway was reported.

The eastbound lanes were closed for several hours Thursday morning. One eastbound lane was later open for through traffic. All lanes were opened shortly before 6 p.m.

The westbound lanes remained open



Google Maps


UMSL Cancels Classes After Water Main Break


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - A water main break near the University of Missouri-St. Louis has prompted the cancellation of on-campus classes today and tonight.

University spokesman Bob Samples says most, but not all, buildings are without water after the main break on Natural Bridge Road.

“There are a few buildings that receive water off a different water main and so our activities in the Mark Twain Building will continue tonight and we’re still holding classes at off-campus locations,” he said.

Tonight’s basketball game between UMSL and Upper Iowa in the Mark Twain Building will go on as scheduled.

Samples says they should know about Friday’s classes by Thursday evening.



Google Maps


Santa Ana water-main break closes lanes


“SANTA ANA, Calif. (KABC) -- A water-main break in Santa Ana closed lanes on Dyer Road between Kilson Drive and Tech Center Drive Thursday.

Santa Ana police officers responded to the area of Dyer and Halladay for a report of a sink hole due to the water-main break.

A large amount of water was flowing south on Kilson.

Crews discovered a 10-inch city water main had broken. The water flow had been stopped by 12:30 p.m.”



Google Maps


Crews deal with 2 separate water main breaks in Denver Thursday morning


DENVER - Crews in Denver dealt with two separate water main breaks early Thursday morning.

One break was reported at S. Lowell Blvd. and W. Tennessee Ave. Water could be seen running into the street at 6:30 a.m.

Repairs are expected to take all day and into the evening, according to Stacy Chesney with Denver Water.

Water service is expected to be restored by about 7 p.m., Chesney said.

Lowell will be closed between Mississippi and Tennessee during repairs.

There was another water main break at W. Jewell Ave and S. Raleigh St. Crews had heavy equipment on scene and had dug a large hole by 6:30 a.m.

That hole was filled and water was restored to customers in the area by about 8 a.m., Chesney said.

A paving company has been called in to finish repairing the road.



Google Maps


Comment by Derrick Johnson on November 14, 2013 at 10:01am

(More Than 700 Breaks in Indianapolis this year)

Water main break could cost you

By Daniel Miller

Updated: Wednesday, November 13, 2013, 10:57 PM EST


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - A water main break caused some major headaches Wednesday afternoon for drivers in Indianapolis.

24-Hour News 8 learned that type of break is part of a growing problem that could end up costing you.

Crews repaired that water main break, which was at 21st Street and Lafayette Road. It's one of more than 700 breaks that have happened in the city this year. Citizen's Energy Group said with an aging system underground and not enough money to make repairs, these breaks will continue to happen.

It's not hard to miss the massive hole that took up parts of the road.

"The hole was caused by the water main break," said Sarah Holsapple with Citizens Energy Group.

The break disrupted traffic and closed off two lanes. Citizens Energy Group said it's nothing new. Earlier this summer, a break closed off a portion of West Washington Street. They are just two of nearly 700 breaks in Indianapolis so far this year.

"We know that in Indianapolis we have aging infrastructure and when infrastructure ages and we don't have the money to make repairs these are the kinds of things that happen," Holsapple said.

Holsapple said the system needs upgrades and repairs and in order to do that, their nearly 300,000-plus customers may have to pay up.

"We asked for the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission to consider a water rate increase earlier this year. We still don't have a ruling back on that yet," she said.

Citizens Engery is asking its customers for a $3 increase. Holsapple said an average monthly bill of $31 would go up to $34.

"An increase like that would give us about $114 million to spend on things like repairing water mains and also replacing aging mains so we can prevent this thing from happening all together," she said.

This would not be the first rate increase. In 2011, the utility agreed to fund fixes down the middle - 50 percent from its customers and 50 percent from borrowing. Now they are proposing customers pay 75 percent of the cost to fix the aging system.

"We need the money to be able to fix and we think it's vital," Holsapple said.

Citizens Energy Group says they can't come out and just increase your bill. That has to go through the IURC. 24-Hour News 8 talked with them late Wednesday afternoon regarding this case. A spokeswoman for the IURC said the case is still pending. The IURC said it will be a couple of months before a final decision is made.



Google Maps


Water Main Break in Oshtemo


Updated: Wednesday, November 13 2013, 06:40 AM EST OSHTEMO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Crews have been working to patch up a water main break Wednesday morning. It happened on 9th near Heritage Christian Academy which is between W. KL Avenue and Stadium. Officials on scene tell Newschannel 3 it is all patched up now and all water service should be restored. They are now just waiting on a crew this morning to refill the hole left behind. We're working to learn more about what may have caused the break.




Google Maps


Water main breaks in GH

A water main break occurred at the corner of Orchard and Hillcrest on Wednesday morning. This means water is shut off and a street is closed while repairs are being made.

Tribune Staff


Nov 13, 2013

The City of Grand Haven's Department of Public Works has closed Hillcrest, from Orchard to Arlington, and water will be shut off to the 1600 and 1700 blocks of Hillcrest and the 500 blocks of Orchard and Arlington while repairs are made.

Water service will be restored upon completion of the repairs. Once the water turns back on, there may be a slight discoloration of the water, which should be cleared by running water in the bathtub or utility sink.

The repairs are expected to take until about 4 p.m. Wednesday to complete.

For further information, or to report an emergency related to this event, contact the city at 616-847-3493.



Google Maps


Boiling Springs dealing with another water main break, sinkhole


The Boiling Springs area is once again dealing with a major sinkhole caused by a water main break, leading one South Middleton Township supervisor to fear more could follow.

The latest water main break was reported at about 3 p.m. Tuesday, when a crew collecting leaves spotted water bubbling through the road along Walnut Street between Second and Third street, according to Supervisor Tom Faley.

A short time later, crews discovered the water had eroded the dirt from underneath both lanes of Walnut Street, a portion of sidewalk and part of a nearby front yard.

But the roadway itself remained intact, something Faley said he found troubling.

"What if it collapsed as a school bus full of children drove by?" Faley said.

Tuesday's sinkhole and water main break are near another that occurred along the 200 block of Walnut Street in February. One home was later condemned.

Faley said he will recommend the township authority board look at replacing other water mains in the area so a third break and sinkhole does not occur.

"As a supervisor, I'm concerned that two major leaks have occurred so close together," Faley said.

Walnut Street is expected to remain closed to traffic until this evening, Faley said.



Google Maps


Charlotte Catholic High dismisses early after water main break

Students at Charlotte Catholic High School had a short day Wednesday due to a water main break.

Officials dismissed students at 9 a.m. after they were forced to shut off water at the school.

Cam Coley, a spokesman for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities, said the school was working to deal with the problem. He said that if school officials determined the water main break did not happen on their property, then CMUD would get involved.

The school celebration of Mass was postponed from Wednesday morning until Thursday. Catholic High’s football team, preparing for a first-round playoff game Friday night, practiced immediately after school was dismissed Wednesday.





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