Wisconsin Mystery Booms & Michigan Crack Are Related

What began as a mysterious ground crack near Birch Creek, Michigan in late 2010 is related to the many mystery booms heard to the south in Wisconsin.


In October 2010,  a massive and unexplained ground crack opened near Birch Creek, Michigan. This year, on March 18th, recurring mysterious booming noises were reported in Clintonville, Wisconsin.  On March 20th, a similar boom was reported just to the south in the town of Montello.  On April 1st, unexplained light flashes and mystery booms were observed in the town of Baraboo.  Note the linear progression of this phenomena.  The Zetas explain:

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/7/2012: "We have described the N American bow as one where the tip of Mexico moves west while the top of the continent at Alaska and Canada remains in place. This pulls the entire continent into a bow shape which can only be relieved by the New Madrid adjustment, tearing the continent at a diagonal so that that the southwest of the US and Mexico move west and down while lands east of the Mississippi are torn away. In the meantime, the stress of the bow is pulling the St. Lawrence Seaway apart where resistance is slight. As we have mentioned, Wisconsin is pulling apart, and the rock strata there allows separation readily.

It is no surprise that a crevasse on the Michigan peninsula has been joined by booming in towns to the south as rock snaps in a diagonal line toward Mexico. Mexico very recently had an adjustment at its tip, driving the tip over the Cocos Plate. The land having moved westward, adjustments moved up along the coast.  The Baja coastline affected literally touches the San Andreas fault line. It is no surprise likewise for these bow adjustments to occur almost simultaneously. On March 18 Clintonville began booming. On March 20 Chiapas at the tip of Mexico adjusted. On March 20 the Clintonville booms moved down diagonally to Montello. On March 28 the Baja beach disappeared. And on April 1 the Clintonville booms moved along diagonally to Baraboo. Most definitely related!"

ZetaTalk Explanation: 3/24/2012:  "Stretch zone incidents - where rock pulls apart or snaps, creating booms and vibrations and hums, dropping bridges that lose their moorings or snapping gas and water mains, or creating sinkholes or crevasses - are not considered earthquake incidents. Quakes occur when rock borders slide along each other or push under one another, creating a jolt or a series of jolts. Stretch zone accidents only happen when major plate movement is occurring, and are usually silent so do not get the attention that jolting earthquakes get. A bridge slips off its mooring and is attributed to heavy trucks or poor construction. A sinkhole appears and is attributed to ground water erosion. A building implodes and is attributed to settling, even though the building may have been there for centuries.

With the increase in incidents in stretch zones, and the moaning and humming and booming coming from the ground, the establishment is left in a dilemma. Scientists are chastised and forbidden from mentioning the Earth wobble and presence of Planet X, so how to explain the incidents? Just as NASA falls silent when Planet X and its Moon Swirls show up on SOHO images, and just as the USGS has recently run from responsibility for earthquake data collection, silence is the only avenue open to them. Wisconsin is in the stretch zone due to the spreading St. Lawrence Seaway. Its landscape gives evidence of this stretch in the past, with numerous lakes along the route from Green Bay to Madison. Clintonville is pulling apart!"

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/26/2008: Looking at a map of Wisconsin, one sees that Green Bay is at the point where the peninsula is pulling away from the mainland of Wisconsin. In other words, at the rip point. Looking further inland along the line of rip, we see Lake Winnebago, a large body of water which formed over an area that had sunk in the past. When we described the St. Lawrence Seaway ripping open during the pole shift, and the ripping process which has already begun since the wobble and tugging at the surface of the Earth occur daily, we described not just the seaway but a Mississippi River bridge failing at Minneapolis and the much earlier rumpling of the Black Hills in S Dakota. Of course the ripping open of the seaway is going to affect Wisconsin as it is in the heavy traffic lane!


The Wisconsin Booms are the result of an increasing Earth wobble due to the approaching Planet X.  The Zetas have explained:

"The most violent push of the wobble occurs when the Sun is high over the Pacific and Europe is in the dead of night. The globe is pushed violently north as the magnetic N Pole of Earth comes up over the horizon." ZetaTalk

This corresponds to the late evening and early morning hours when the Wisconsin Booms are usually heard.

A review of the bedrock geology confirms that Clintonville is situated directly over a boundary between two different types of rock, thus is more subject to tearing.

March 24

Booms, Shaking Ground Continues in Clintonville

"Police say there were 10 reports of booming and shaking from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Friday. Authorities also say they got two reports after midnight."

March 23

Clintonville's Booming Continues

"Residents complained of loud booms and shaking houses for the fifth consecutive day, a police dispatcher said Friday morning.

Between 10 p.m. Thursday and 6:10 a.m. Friday, police received nine reports of bangs and vibrations, police said. More than 600 complaints have come in since early Monday."

March 22

Mystery of Loud Booms Has Town Asking Questions

"After four days of unexplained loud booms that have roused area residents from their beds with no answers in sight, local officials have hired an engineering firm to try to locate the source of the strange sounds.

The mysterious booms have captured the attention of national media, including reporters from CNN, NBC and a New York Times who swarmed a public hearing Wednesday when city administrator Lisa Kuss announced the city will spend $7,000 to hire Waukesha, Wis.-based engineering firm Ruekert & Mielke, which will place four seismometers around the city.

If the firm finds the epicenter, the next step will be to pinpoint the depth and what is causing it. The cause is likely only a couple hundred feet under the earth's surface, Kuss said.

"It's possible we'll never have a definitive answer," Kuss told about 400 residents at the Clintonville High School auditorium.

The sounds began Sunday and reports to police since then have come in from across the city of 4,600 residents.

Kuss displayed maps showing where calls have come in from residents reporting vibrations and booms -- which they describe as sounding like thunder, underground fireworks or someone slamming a heavy door.

The city set up audio and video recorders overnight Tuesday but didn't capture anything. There was at least one loud boom at 5 a.m. As of 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, no other noises were reported.

Some residents say their house have been particularly hard-hit.

For Holly Beringer, the vibrations have shaken her home, rattling pictures and dishes. She was in the crowd Wednesday with several of her neighbors, who said they didn't have questions for city officials but were curious to hear if they had any answers.

While city officials haven't pinpointed what is happening, they've ruled out many theories, Kuss said, including issues with the sanitary and storm water systems, changes in methane or propane gas levels, blasting from mines, military activity, criminal activity or construction.

They have consulted several geologists, including researchers at the universities in Milwaukee and Madison without any conclusions, Kuss said. She has received emails from across the nation and world, with people offering suggestions and reporting similar occurrences elsewhere.

A similar incident was reported in Marion, near Clintonville, about two decades ago and in Georgia more recently.

"But it didn't last three days and three nights," Kuss said.

Several scared residents asked whether -- and how -- they should prepare for a serious emergency.

The city can't predict if something bigger will happen, but Kuss told people there is no reason to consider evacuating the city and that there are fewer reported booms and vibrations each day.

Some residents joked they should capitalize on the odd phenomenon by selling free shakes with hamburgers and making T-shirts claiming "things are booming in Clintonville."

March 21

Mysterious Booms Continue for Third Night in Clintonville, WI - Residents Leaving Town

"Police, residents and experts are baffled by the source of mysterious booms and shaking that have been plaguing the town of Clintonville, Wis., for the past three days, and have caused some residents to flee.

The Clintonville Police Department said they have received over 250 calls about noises from underground shaking homes in the northeast corner of the town near Green Bay, Wis. with approximately 5000 residents.

The mystery is even stumping some of the brightest minds at the University of Wisconsin, who were consulted about whether or not these booms could be related to seismic activity.

"I think we can rule out that standard earthquake activity, [that] some swarm of earthquakes is happening in that region. It also really looks like it's not connected to, say, unusual drilling activity or some other kind of real obvious human induced signal, " Harold Tobin, one of those professors in the Geoscience department at the University of Wisconsin told WKOW.

Tobin headed to Clintonville after he received a call from the Wisconsin Geological Survey office asking for help.

Tobin and a colleague looked at activity on several of the seismometers that sit in the region near Clintonville. He says there is an indication that it is an especially noisy site, but not noisy enough to cause the sounds people there are describing.

Tobin says it does appear the sounds are either coming from the surface of the ground or just underneath the surface. He says that he is just as confused and intrigued as anyone as to what exactly is causing the sounds, and adds that there are other instruments that could be put out in the region where the sounds are to record noise in the air, and also ground vibrations at a higher frequency.

This would help to pinpoint exactly where the sounds and coming from and what their characteristics are.

Residents of the area say that they find the noises and shakes puzzling and troubling.

"They're pretty loud when they vibrate the windows and you can feel the vibration on the floor and on the ground," Verda Schultz told ABC News affiliate WBAY.

The city has so far managed to rule out problems with the water and sewer system, elevated gas levels, area blasting or mining, industrial businesses, and even military operations, WBAY reported.

"I think that right now the greatest possibility is that it is some sort of natural phenomenon. I think that it's a possibility that there is some earth shifting going on underneath the ground that creates those popping sort of exploding popping or vibrating noises that people feel," City Administrator Lisa Kuss said.

The booms and shakes have gotten so bad that they have begun to drive residents from the town.

"Our dog is scared, our neighbors are leaving and stuff, so we decided we are going somewhere else for a while," Dennis Padia said. "It's that loud, and it bothers you. You can't go to sleep."

March 20

Unexplained Booms Continue for a Second Night in Clintonville

"The unexplained booms, rattling, and shaking was felt for a second night in a row in Clintonville. Loud booms shook the city early Tuesday morning, and were reportedly more widespread. Residents say they're still wondering and worrying.

The unexplained noises, like underground explosions, and the tremors began early Monday morning around 1:45 and tapered off nearly 12 hours later.

Although much weaker than what was felt earlier in the day, the trembling began again around 8:30 and 10:00 in the same northeast corner of the city where more than 150 reports of shaking came in earlier. Police say more reports then came in early Tuesday morning, at about 12:20, 1:20, 2:20 and 5:10-- and were no longer limited to the northeast part of town.

Dispatchers say some were quite loud, and were even heard at the police station, southwest of the center of town.

Public service crews and police have been monitoring the area, checking on residents who've been congregating in the streets to talk about what they're experiencing.

People say they're afraid the shaking will get worse.

"I'm not liking this. I'm going to want to leave. Basically, I don't want to stay here because you just don't know. It's scary, very scary," Cindy Miller said.

So far the city has ruled out gas lines, water mains, and an earthquake as possible reasons for the shaking. It's been in contact with geologists and the military.

The city does believe it's something geological.

"I would say it certainly leads us to believe it is some sort of a geological thing. If the earth's temperature changes, does that mean something different? It certainly could be," City Administrator Lisa Kuss opined.

The city continues to monitor the area.
People who live in the area are advised if they feel anything, or notice any changes to the landscape on their property, to call the police non-emergency number to report it."

March 19

"Mysterious explosions. Unexplained shaking. Something's going on in Clintonville, Wisconsin, but nobody seems to know what it is.

The sounds -- variously described as rattling pipes, clanging metal, thunder or firecrackers -- have continued on and off since early Sunday night in just one part of the small town of 4,600, located about 180 miles northeast of Madison.

Accompanying the sounds are vibrations that have shaken homes and household objects in the northeast corner of town, city manager Lisa Kuss said.

The sounds were loud enough Monday morning that a CNN journalist could hear them during a cell phone conversation with Kuss.

The baffling phenomenon does not appear to have caused any significant damage or injuries, according to Kuss.

Workers peered into manhole covers and utility crews tested for leaking natural gas and other problems, but no one has yet to find anything amiss, Kuss said.

Geologists and the military don't seem to have any quick answers, either, she said.

U.S. Geological Survey records show no seismic activity anywhere in Wisconsin Sunday or Monday.

"It's like we're imagining things but it ain't, because we're all out and talking to find out what's going on," Clintonville resident Verda Shultz told CNN affiliate WLUK.

Absent any better explanations for the sounds and sensations that have, well, rattled, the town, residents were left to their own devices to come up with explanations."  Source

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Comment by Howard on March 26, 2012 at 1:59am
Comment by Howard on March 24, 2012 at 6:30pm
Comment by Evelyn on March 24, 2012 at 8:17am

Oh my, the Zetas have said that this was going to happen in 2008. 

It just goes to show it does not matter how much the truth is covered up from public view, all this does is exonerate the Zetas message as the only word to trust.  I will be one of many that are sending the call for the people in the area, to get guidance to this truth.

The world is watching.  To coin a phrase "Zetas right again"

Comment by Alison on March 24, 2012 at 7:07am

Maybe now the establishment is regretting dialing down the numbers on their earthquake readings since a 1.5 is somewhat absurd for the amount of activity that is going on in WI, isn't it Astrogal! Perhaps this is an example of them stepping on their own toes...

Comment by Howard on March 24, 2012 at 12:33am

Like the mysterious midnight drums in Costa Rica, the Wisconsin Booms are the result of an increasing Earth wobble due to the approaching Planet X.  The Zetas have explained:

"The most violent push of the wobble occurs when the Sun is high over the Pacific and Europe is in the dead of night. The globe is pushed violently north as the magnetic N Pole of Earth comes up over the horizon."  ZetaTalk

This corresponds to the early morning hours when the Wisconsin Booms generally commence, as well as when the Costa Rica drums were heard (12:30 am local time).  The bedrock geology (provided by Nancy) confirms that Clintonville is situated directly over a boundary between two different types of rock, thus is more subject to tearing.

Comment by astrogal50 on March 23, 2012 at 10:42pm

The Establishment and the USGS are trying to blame yet more mystery sounds on ONE very small quake?  Don't believe it!  If that were actually true, the sounds should not have repeated, but they did.

You may notice the cover-up artists using other mysterious noises in the past few years as "evidence" that these sounds are not that unusual.  Don't believe that either! The Seneca Guns is the only mystery sound most truthseekers had probably ever heard of before Planet X arrived.

Comment by Kyle Rieth on March 23, 2012 at 10:26pm

Here's the USGS data on the Clintonville earthquake on 3/20/2012.

Comment by Howard on March 23, 2012 at 9:39pm

Clintonville's Mystery Booming Continues for Fifth Consecutive Day -

Residents complained of loud booms and shaking houses for the fifth consecutive day, a police dispatcher said Friday morning.

Between 10 p.m. Thursday and 6:10 a.m. Friday, police received nine reports of bangs and vibrations, police said. More than 600 complaints have come in since early Monday.

Comment by Alison on March 23, 2012 at 5:02pm

There seems to be a more immediate effect over a larger area with regard to the quake in Guerrero, Mexico, then felt in NM, LA, and WI. Thank you to all who have been watching and sharing and helping to shed light on what is going on!

Comment by Pamela Copple on March 23, 2012 at 8:24am

At about 12:15 mountain time In Las Cruces NM on the 20th March I heard and felt a Sonic boom that felt like it emanated from the ground and the ground shook. The next day the military announced they are having military training and that sonic booms would be heard. At 3:30pm the 21st of march there was a "sonic" boom that did shake the windows of the house but was absolutely nothing like the one I heard and felt the day before that happened shortly after the large earthquake in Mexico.

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