There are increasing meteor reports recently all over the world. More debris from the Px tail...

ZetaTalk: Live Chat, written November 21, 2009

"When the debris from the tail of Planet X first started arriving in ernest, in 2004, the establishment chose to call this space junk. When the public became alarmed at the amount of space junk falling to Earth they tried to enhance the story by claiming that two satellites had crashed into each other, but this just made a bad story worse. Since fireballs have not gone away, but continued apace and if anything gotten worse, a new term has been used - asteroids. This is debris in the tail of Planet X, which is increasingly turning toward the Earth, hosed out from the N Pole of Planet X. This is why the wobble has gotten more violent, why electromagnetic disruption of dams and airplanes has occurred, and why blackouts will become more frequent. There will also be displays in the sky, some of which has already been noticed, from the electromagnetic tides assaulting the Earth's atmosphere. Stay tuned, more to come!"

March 3, 2012

Reports of a "bright light" and an "orange glow" were received by police across Scotland and the north of England around 9.40pm.

The Met Office tweeted: "Hi All, for anyone seeing something in the night sky, we believe it was a meteorite."

A spokesman for Strathclyde Police said the force had been "inundated" with calls about a bright object in the sky across the west of Scotland. A Durham Police spokeswoman said a number of calls came in around 9.45pm from concerned members of public who had seen a "bright light or a fire in the sky" and believed it may have been incidents involving an aircraft. "

It has been confirmed with air traffic control that there are no incidents of aircraftin difficult and nothing registered on radar," she said. "

The sightings are believed to be either an asteroid burning out or similar which has been restricted to the upper atmosphere only." Grampian Police said reports of people seeing a "flare or a bright object with a tail" were received from across the region. And Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary said numerous calls were made about a "large ball of fire in the sky" across Annandale and Eskdale.

One user wrote on the force's Facebook page: "It was awesome to see! Really big and bright!" Hundreds of people took to Twitter to report similar sightings across Scotland and the north of England. People described seeing a bright fireball moving across the sky with a large tail.

The Kielder Observatory also reported the sighting of a "huge fireball" travelling from north to south over Northumberland at 9.41pm. The Observatory posted on Twitter: "Of 30 years observing the sky #fireball best thing I have ever seen period."



What a Meteor Looks Like


What a Large Daytime Fireball Looks Like

Chelyabinsk Fireball (2013)

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Comment by Scott on July 17, 2017 at 6:51am

Residents of Sumaré and Hortolândia in Brazil were alarmed by a noise followed by a tremor after a meteor fireball exploded over Campinas, Brazil at around 11 pm on July 13, 2017.

A resident reported feeling the walls of his home and the window shaking as if it were a plane was flying close to the house, or some machine passing in the street. It wasn’t like the same rocking sensation like during an earthquake, but walls and windows vibrated.

Shortly after 10pm on the same day, a fireball was seen in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia and Kentucky and Tennessee. (

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on July 17, 2017 at 2:40am

Events in 2017   2249-2017

AMS received 32 reports about a fireball seen over New York, MD, PA, NY, VA, Ontario, IN, NJ, OH, CT and KY on Sunday, July 16th 2017 around 01:51 UT.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on July 16, 2017 at 2:47am

Residents report bizarre ball of fire in the sky, earth shaking

July 14, 2017

Residents across the island are puzzled tonight, trying to figure out what exactly it is they saw shooting across the sky, which was followed by a loud explosion shortly after 8 pm.

Scores took to social media to share information about what they saw and felt, to include speculation that it was a meteoroid; others described seeing a ball of fire; while some said they saw nothing but felt the earth rumbling like there was an earthquake.

One witness shares with our newsroom what he saw.

Coolidge Police Station confirmed receiving reports and said its officers went out to investigate what exactly happened and where.

While, West Indies Oil Company has denied rumours that an explosion occurred at its plant

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on July 15, 2017 at 9:22pm

Dozens report seeing a fireball flying over western NC Thursday night

The American Meteor Society says it received about 50 reports of a fireball flying across the Southeast late Thursday, including sightings in North and South Carolina.

Reports started coming in just before 10 p.m., the AMS said on its web site.

Because there was nothing other than the fireball reported in the area at the time of the boom, speculation is that the boom was likely a meteor breaking up in the atmosphere, reports TV station WLOS.

Calls came in from multiple towns around Charlotte, including Newton, Salisbury and Morganton, says the AMS. Reports also came in about the same time from Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia and Kentucky and Tennessee.

The AMS is a non-profit scientific organization, supported by members and individuals with interest in meteoric astronomy.

Events in 2017    2240-2017 KML

AMS received 82 reports about a fireball seen over SC, AL, TN, GA, NC, VA and KY on Friday, July 14th 2017 around 02:05 UT.

And in TN

Fireball spotted from East Tennessee

WBIR 4:53 PM. EDT July 14, 2017

More than a dozen people in East Tennessee spotted a fireball in the sky Thursday night, according to the American Meteor Society. 

The fireball was actually flying over eastern North Carolina. The AMA says it was visible from Earth while it was over the Asheville area. 

More than 65 people from seven southeastern states reported seeing the fireball around 10 p.m. Those reports describe the fireball as multiple colors ranging from green to red. Four people said they could also hear the fireball. 

The AMA says a fireball is basically a "very bright meteor." Several thousand fireballs occur in Earth's atmosphere every day, but most of those happen over the ocean. 

Fireballs can be seen as different colors based on the dominant elements being vaporized and the velocity of the fireball. "For example, sodium produces a bright yellow color, nickel shows as green, and magnesium as blue-white," according to the AMA.

Comment by Scott on July 3, 2017 at 7:46am

Fireball seen in Eyre Peninsula skies

Eyre Peninsula [South Australia] saw the night’s sky light up late Friday night (June 30, 2017) with what appeared to be a meteorite flying across the sky.

A fireball captured over Mt Ives station south of Lake Gairdner by the Desert Fireball Network at 11.56pm on Friday night, which they say is possibly the brightest they've photographed.

Comment by Scott on June 29, 2017 at 6:10am

Thousands Report Shockwave, Fireball in NSW (June 27, 2017)

They felt an earth tremor around 9pm local time on Monday 26th of June 2017. “Reports of a meteor over the Hunter Valley, NSW [New South Wales] at 21:00,” Geoscience Australia said. “Reported tremors and thunder but no seismic activity has been detected by Geoscience Australia,” they said on Twitter.

Another Twitter account, incident alerts, said they had had a “few reports of a rumbling and windows rattling from south of Newcastle to the Central Coast” as well they said.

“I was getting fire wood at the time and looked up at what i thought was fireworks but realise it was coming from the wrong direction. Couldn’t believe it broke into half a dozen pieces,” Ray Deaves said.

“I saw it over Kincumber, it’s was incredible. I hope someone has photos or a video,” Nina Rees wrote

“Me and a mate were driving back from Erina and we’re at the back of Tuggerah and we saw it. Debated a little while as to what it was as we saw in disintegrate as it came down. Was totally amazing, had never seen anything like it!,” Adam Jones wrote on Facebook.

“I was driving along Hawkesbury Rd, Winmalee in the BLue Mountains when I saw it. It was a straight track then broke up into about 10 pieces. Due north from me.” - Warwick Coghlan

Comment by Scott on June 8, 2017 at 6:48am

Fireball spotted across DC sky (June 7, 2017)

Some people around [Washington] D.C., Maryland and Virginia witnessed a fireball light up the sky Tuesday night just before 10 p.m.

Comment by Scott on June 7, 2017 at 7:41am
Watch as a fireball lights up the skies over South Devon (June 3, 2017)
A fireball brighter than the moon lit up the skies over Dawlish [U.K.] on Thursday night.
An amazing video, shot by Dawlish Beach Cam, shows the fireball, otherwise known as a meteor, at 11.38pm.
On the UK Meteor Network's website, they wrote: "We started receiving fireball reports just minutes after midnight. It appears to be very bright meteor/fireball, lasting few seconds and been spotted from Nottingham to Guernsey but as far as French Lorient and Rennes."
Comment by Scott on June 1, 2017 at 2:41am

Canberra photographer snaps 'rare' daytime meteor in Namadgi National Park (May 30, 2017)

Photographer Ari Rex snapped this meteor hurtling past Earth while taking pictures in Namadgi National Park.

It was an uncanny case of right time and right place when photographer Ari Rex snapped this streaking ball of light at the Namadgi National Park [near Canberra, Australia].

"Last Friday, during the new moon, I went to Namadgi National Park to teach an advanced Milky Way photography workshop," he said.

"I was lucky enough to capture this meteor in my frame. This is a rare phenomenon," he said.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on May 30, 2017 at 5:00am

May 29, 2017 2:33pm

Saturday night fireball: Meteor spotted in New Territories

A fireball was seen streaking over Hong Kong skies on Saturday night, with multiple Facebook posts suggesting that the ‘bolide’ meteor was seen by netizens in Yuen Long, Tai Po and Sheung Shui.

Some netizens said they mistook the bright flying object emitting green light for an airplane or a drone. Others said it could have been a UFO (unidentified flying object), Headline Daily reports.

video clip from a dash cam shows the fireball streaking across the sky from left to right at a moderate speed for about five seconds.

The Hong Kong Observatory later confirmed on its Facebook page that the phenomenon was captured by a camera from the Hong Kong Space Museum’s Sai Kung iObservatory at 10:42 p.m.

Initial analysis suggested that the meteor was not part of a meteor stream, forecast to be active between April 19 and May 28, according to Apple Daily.

Yu Wai-chun, former president of the Hong Kong Astronomical Society, said a “bolide” meteor is usually larger burns when it enters the atmosphere.

Thus people often see it as a fireball, he said.

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