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I don't know if anyone else has seen the reports that have started circulating widely just today; but I personally think we're being set up, and that it's a last-minute disinfo campaign about which I expect to see more in mainstream news soon.

Here's how I discovered it.

I noticed in a science blog an "out of the blue" article stating that Earth has multiple moons:

Earth Has More Than One Moon, Astronomers Confirm

Moderators Note: The 1st article says  "At any given time, there should be at least one natural Earth satellite of 1-meter diameter orbiting the Earth," Granvik writes." So this is a ROCK, not a Moon.

Then came the article stating that Australians reported actually SEEING a second moon on December 20th!

Then just today came another mainstream news article out of London pretty much saying, Oh...that's no big deal. Earth has 'always had two moons'..."
Earth Has Always Had Two Moons!

In the new study, astrophysicists at Cornell claim that this little moon was not an anomaly as these asteroids come and go so often it means our planet always has a temporary second moon.


How does a seemingly innocent astrophysics article about tiny asteroids sharing the Moon’s orbit go viral and appear on spoof sites showing TWO Moons in the sky? The astrophysics article states that debris or asteroids, no more than a meter in diameter, have been found sharing the Moon’s orbit on occasion. But the headlines scream TWO MOONS. This is a trend encouraged by those who would confuse the public about the presence of Planet X until the last minute. They hope to confuse the public, for whom they have great distain, assuming that no more than a headline would be read by the poor dumb working brutes the elite consider their slave class.

Not only the Second Sun, caused by sunlight bouncing off the dust cloud closely shrouding Planet X, has appeared in the skies. The Monster persona, where light rays heading away from Planet X or its Moon Swirls or from the Dark Twin are bent back toward Earth by Earth’s gravity, thus giving the appearance that the source of the light is HUGE, a Monster. Yes, as large as the Moon, perhaps. The clue that this is a disinformation campaign lies in the multitude of sources for this disinformation, ALL publishing a confusing headline, ALL claiming TWO MOONS in the headline. This is not a coincidence. This is a deliberate campaign.  

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Comment by Planet Twelve on December 23, 2011 at 5:07pm

If Earth has 2 moons, how come it took them until 2011 to find this out?? Kind of something you would notice...sooner. I know they are saying this is old news but who has ever heard of it?  And since when is a 1 mtr rock classified as a moon? That would mean a lot more than 2, if you classified and counted as a moon every little rock. That would giv Saturn millions. Their attempts to insult the Common Man with this nonsense leaves them looking the disingenuous fools. Though I'm insulted at the inference that we would swallow this claptrap   :/

On further research I have found they are getting away with this as the way an object is defined a moon or not is rather loosely termed, i.e. just about  any piece of orbiting junk can be classified a moon. This from

Definition of a Moon

There is actually no strict definition of what a moon is, but there are some commonalities between those objects considered moons, also called satellites. They all are:

  • Distinct, whole objects
  • Solid objects
  • In orbit around a more massive body (that presumably orbits a star)

[May as well call every piece of junk in orbit around Earth moons. And what of Saturn and elsewhere ?]

[...] This can cause confusion, especially with no lower mass limit, as to what is a moon and what is merely a grain of mass that is gravitationally bound by a planet's gravity. Also, the rings of the outer planets are not solid, but rather are composed of tiny bits of rock and ice. So should these tiny objects be considered moons as well?

[Emphasis added]

Proof  of a Coverup and thus Zetas Right Again.

Comment by Roberto Lupe on December 22, 2011 at 11:27pm

The case of the two-headed baby is true! The baby was born in the state of Pará, North of Brazil!

See site here from Brazil:


It is just a case of genetic anomaly.

I also found an article about Cruithne that is an asteroid which follows the Earth and the Moon:


Comment by Beverly Pennell on December 22, 2011 at 10:01pm

Nancy: Thanks SO much for your input. What I found interesting about the whole thing is that we're being told a "second moon" is normal...which its not; and that it's occasionally visible...which it's never been before now. That's why I think this is a disinfo campaign to begin conditioning people to seeing a planetary body in the skies, but not to worry:  it's just a moon. However, ZT folks will know otherwise! :)

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