February 23, 2011. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/ahmadinejad-predicts-mideast-unrest-coming-to-america/ Iran's president said Wednesday he is certain the wave of unrest in the Middle East will spread to Europe and North America, bringing an end to governments he accused of oppressing and humiliating people. "The world is on the verge of big developments. Changes will be forthcoming and will engulf the whole world from Asia to Africa and from Europe to North America," Ahmadinejad told a news conference. Ahmadinejad said the world was in need of a just system of rule that "puts an end to oppression, occupation and humiliation of people." [and from another] This correlates with what the Zetas said about the 8 of 10, "These sociological and political dramas are part of the 8 of 10 scenarios, as well as geological and astronomical features. This is the next chapter." http://poleshift.ning.com/profiles/blogs/zetatalk-fame The Zetas did say that Ahmadinejad is STO . Did he got his information from reading ZT or is there more too it?


Ahmadinejad is speaking as a leader of a Muslim country, viewing the Arab Spring as an uprising against colonialism, imperialism, and western corporate influence. This stance is expected of him because of his political role in Iran. The article makes much of Ahmadinejad's criticism of Gaddafi and his brutal treatment of his people. This is to differentiate between an Arab leader who was considered a puppet, as was Mubarak, and Gaddafi who was considered a leader who resisted western influence and control and thus should be a brother to his people. Does Ahmadinejad read ZetaTalk and have an inside track on the Transformation, the pending 8 of 10 scenarios? Yes on both fronts, as despite disbelief that Ahmadinejad is a Service-to-Other individual, he is a sleeper like Obama, awaiting his opportunities to make a difference in the world. He gives a hint as to the sequence of revolt and discontent - from the Arab Spring to Asia, then Africa, then Europe and thence to N America.

Source: ZetaTalk for June 18, 2011


Note: This blog is about his prediction. Keep in mind that political debates are not allowed on the poleshift ning.

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Comment by SongStar101 on December 3, 2013 at 3:50am

Police in Egypt clash with protesters in Cairo


Friday Nov 29, 2013

CAIRO (AP) — A top Egyptian government official strongly denounced a new protest law Saturday as police fired tear gas and used batons to beat back stone-throwing demonstrators in Cairo.

The violence came as a 50-member panel amending the country's 2012 Islamist-drafted constitution is scheduled to begin voting on its final recommendations Saturday. An expected referendum on the changes is widely seen as a key milestone in Egypt's transition to democratic rule after a popularly-backed military coup toppled Islamist President Mohammed Morsi in July.

Speaking about the new protest law, Deputy Prime Minister Ziad Bahaa-Eldin said he opposed it because it restricts the right to demonstrate and was not adopted by an elected parliament. The liberal politician called on authorities to review the law to show that the state was ready to listen to the country's secular activists, who have been staging several protests in defiance of the law.

"It is not a shame and it does not detract from the prestige of the state to reconsider a law that will only widen the gap between the state and the youth," Bahaa-Eldin said on his official Facebook page.

The law enacted Sunday allows security agencies to bar protests not previously reported to the country's Interior Ministry, while also setting prison terms and high fines for violators. It appears aimed at breaking the back of the near-daily protests by Islamists supporting Morsi and others who oppose the country's military-backed interim government. However, it has angered secular allies of the current government who have been largely mute since Morsi's ouster.

Since the law's adoption, security forces forcefully dispersed several rallies and detained protesters. A student was killed Thursday when police put down a march by Islamists from Cairo University. Saturday, some 130 professors and administrative staff of the university's engineering department called for a strike over the student's death.

In this tense atmosphere, Egypt's constitutional panel is expected to start voting Saturday on a final draft of the document. The voting session will be aired live on state television, unlike previous sessions held behind closed doors.

Hours before voting began, panel leader Amr Moussa told reporters he hoped everyone supported the constitution.

"It is the transition from disturbances to stability and from economic stagnation to development," Moussa said.

The panel has a Tuesday deadline to send the draft to the presidency. Interim President Adly Mansour then has one month to put the constitution to a public vote. Authorities plan to hold parliamentary and presidential elections early next year.

A few kilometers (miles) from the constitutional committee headquarters, brief clashes broke out when riot police with shields, batons and helmets chased protesters amid a thick cloud of gas. The demonstration was held near a Cairo court to condemn the detention of 24 activists arrested Tuesday while taking part in a protest that was not authorized by authorities.

Among protesters Saturday was Ahmed Maher, leader of the April 6 youth group that had a leading role in the 2011 uprising against longtime president Hosni Mubarak. He later turned himself into prosecutors over an arrest warrant for him on charges of inciting demonstrations against the new protest law. State television said prosecutors ordered Maher held until Sunday as investigators examine his case.

Meanwhile, in the restive southern province of Minya, unknown gunmen shot dead a Christian, days after three people died in sectarian clashes, authorities said.

Comment by Chris on November 29, 2013 at 1:03am
Comment by Joseph on November 26, 2013 at 9:46am


Philippines President Benigno Aquino will restrict construction on some of the country’s coastline after Typhoon Haiyan destroyed half a million homes and killed thousands, a move that could dramatically improve the country’s resilience to the next major storm. “Part of the President’s orders is to establish a ‘no-build zone’ along coastlines to ensure the safety of those living in resettlement areas,”  Herminio B. Coloma, the President’s communications operations secretary, said in a radio interview on Sunday.

Comment by Chris on November 25, 2013 at 8:05pm

Thai PM declares emergency law to help quell largest protests in years
Thailand Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has declared a special emergency law for Bangkok after riot police and anti-government protesters scuffled in the capital city.

Shinawatra's government invoked special security law in and around Bangkok after protesters seized the compounds of two ministries.

Police and anti-government protesters have scuffled in the capital Bangkok, after demonstrators tried to break up a police barricade near the Government House.

The demonstrators stormed the Foreign Ministry and Finance Ministry compounds as part of their protest.

“Go up to every floor, go into every room, but do not destroy anything,” Suthep Thaugsuban, a former deputy prime minister and opposition lawmaker, told the crowd before he entered the ministries, adding, “Make them see this is people’s power!”

This is the second day of rallies seen as the biggest in years.

Comment by Gerard Zwaan on November 25, 2013 at 11:16am
Comment by SongStar101 on November 1, 2013 at 8:50am

Clashes between police and activists in Rome


Clashes between police and activists broke out in Rome on Thursday during a demonstration by protesters demanding rights to have a home. Violence broke out once police prevented the marchers from reaching a location where a meeting between representatives from the government was taking place to discuss housing policies. (AP)


Comment by SongStar101 on October 20, 2013 at 5:48am

Thousands protest against austerity in Italy, Portugal

Image Source  October 19, 2013


Tens of thousands of people protested against austerity in Italy and Portugal on Saturday, with clashes between riot police and dozens of activists outside the finance ministry in Rome.

"We are laying siege to the city!" a group of students chanted as they marched through Rome, while others waved rainbow peace flags and held up banners from a variety of leftist movements.

"We are protesting a one-way austerity that is bringing the country to its knees," said Piero Bernocchi from Italy's Cobas trade union group.

"And it hasn't achieved what it was meant to by bringing down debt," he said, adding: "Meanwhile politicians continue with their privileges."

Italy is struggling to shake off a two-year recession that has pushed unemployment to record levels, shut down thousands of businesses and forced many young Italians to leave the country.

Several people were seen being detained during the protest in Rome after around 100 militants threw rocks at police guarding the finance ministry, who charged and chased them into side streets.

The window of a branch of UniCredit bank, Italy's biggest lender, was also smashed in by protesters and the hacker group Anonymous took down several institutional websites to coincide with the rally.

Organisers said 70,000 people were taking part, while police put the number at around 50,000.

Police had seized potential weapons including chains, helmets, clubs and cobblestones and detained 14 people ahead of the protest.

Between 3,000 and 4,000 police officers have been deployed for security, local media reports said.

Meanwhile in Lisbon thousands of protesters boarded around 400 buses rented especially to get around an interior ministry ban on marching on foot across the city's famous April 25 bridge.

"Government out!" and "Liars, liars, we want new elections!" they shouted, voicing exasperation over an austerity programme in place in Portugal for over two years as part of its bailout deal.

In Porto, the capital of the northern part of the country, organisers said "between 50,000 and 60,000 people" were taking part in a protest there, but police put the number at 25,000.

"This is a great day of struggle," said Armenio Carlos, secretary general of the CGTP, a trade union confederation close to the Communist party.

This was the first major street mobilization seen in Portugal since the government unveiled its budget plans on Tuesday, which will hit public servants and pensioners in their pocketbooks.

One of the most contested measures is a plan to cut civil service salaries by between 2.5 percent and 12.0 percent, as well as reducing pensions for former civil servants by 10 percent.

The cuts would not apply for salaries or pension payments below 600 euros ($820) gross a month.

The demonstration in Rome brought together various groups including migrant rights advocates, campaigners for affordable housing and protesters against a new high-speed rail link in the Alps.

Some of the protesters had camped out overnight on Piazza San Giovanni square following a trade union demonstration and transport strike on Friday.

They were planning another unsanctioned protest camp on Saturday night close to the infrastructure and transport ministry which they blame for failing to build affordable housing and wasting money on large-scale construction projects.

Many shops in that area of the Italian capital have remained shuttered for the protest in a bid to minimize potential damage to property.

Comment by Gerard Zwaan on October 18, 2013 at 6:18pm
Comment by Gerard Zwaan on October 18, 2013 at 3:31pm
Comment by Ryan Giorgis on October 3, 2013 at 2:02am

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