"Stretch zones primarily experience sinking ground, as the support in the rock strata is stretched thin. Thus, buildings implode and gas and water mains break."  ZetaTalk






What happens to rock layers under a diagonal pull, or being pulled apart? As can be seen during recent years, this has resulted in derailing trains, sinkholes suddenly appearing, gas and water main breaks, torn roadways and separating bridges. Despite the effect on man, crawling about on the surface of what they assume to be terra firma, these changes are superficial. When the pulling starts, weak points break and thereafter the plumbing and roadways hold, giving the impression that the pulling has stopped, but this is misleading. The North American continent is giving evidence that its rock layers are separating from each other, and sliding sideways in a diagonal, thus exposing portions of these layers to vent into the air above. If rock is being stressed, then where are the earthquake predictors giving evidence of this, the frantic animals, the static on the radio, the earthquake swarms? Rock in the stretch zone, pulling apart rather than compressing, does not emit the particles flows that animals and radios sense, nor register on instruments are tension and release quakes.




Click on image to zoom in.


Click on image to zoom in.




"We have repeatedly stated that the Earth changes will not diminish, but will increase going into the pole shift.

This is not a lineal matter, as the closer Planet X comes to Earth, an inevitable path, the more the torque effect and the polar wobble where the N Pole of Earth is pushed away violently on a daily basis, occur. The wobble will become more pronounced, more violent. The plates are tugged back West of the Atlantic, pulled forward East of the Atlantic, during the daily rotation of the Earth. The North American continent is allowed to roll East during rotation while the S Pole is pulled West, creating the diagonal pull likely to trigger the New Madrid fault line into an adjustment, and soon. The N Pole is pushed away and allowed to bounce back, daily, as the Earth rotates, a wobble that puts stress on all fault lines when the plates are suddenly in motion, and suddenly stopped!

"As there is no other explanation for the effect on the stretch zone, lacking any earthquakes to blame, and as these stretch zone accidents will continue to emerge, and with ferocity, this is a certain clue to those on the fence, that the influence of Planet X is the cause. Or is it Global Warming?" 

ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 13, 2013

"Sinkholes almost invariably form in areas subject to karst limestone cavern formation. Underground water flows eat away the limestone leaving vast caverns and caves, which often give scant indication above ground that a cavern lies below. Karst limestone rock formations have been mapped and are known, however, but since one never knows just where a cavern might have formed, this provides little help in predicting just where a sinkhole might form. Sinkholes open up when the rock is fractured due to stress from being in the stretch zone, from the bending of a plate, or due to torsion."


Check your safe locations:


7 of 10 Safe Locations

Zeta advice on locations (Safe locations in general)

Determine Your Safe Locations - 7 Steps

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Comment by Howard on February 22, 2014 at 8:13pm

Car Plunges Headfirst Into Sinkhole as Woman Parks in Driveway (Feb 21)

A car plunged headfirst into a 10-foot-wide sinkhole on Long Island New York Friday as a woman was parking in her driveway after returning from an acupuncture appointment.

After pulling into the spot where she's parked every day for years, she found herself and her car suddenly underground after the earth swallowed her Subaru with Gail still in the driver's seat.

The driver, 65-year-old Gayle Sorrentino, said she was in shock but managed to call 911 after the car toppled into the hole.

"It's really hard to describe, it's just all of sudden swish, and stop," said Sorrentino.

"I pulled in I'm looking at the arbor, and then I'm looking at the dirt," Sorrentino said, "The car just went down with no sound, no booms, no rattles no nothing."

There was nothing she could do but call 911.

"I said, 'I'm calling from my car which is in a sinkhole in my driveway.' And there was this pause at the other end. And she said, 'Ma'am?' I said, 'I'm in the car!'" Sorrentino said.

"I was only afraid -- the sand around started to come down a little bit, and I just didn't know if it was going to stay stationary or going to collapse," said Sorrentino.

A friend, Howard Osborne, said he was inside the home and came up the stairs to see the car sticking up in the air.

He rushed outside and Sorrentino told him she had already called 911. Rescuers arrived and were able to pull her out the driver's side window, Osborne said.

"It's just so weird! The circumstances? I mean if you tell this story to somebody? You think they'll really believe this? I don't know!" Sorrentino said.




Comment by Howard on February 22, 2014 at 5:16am

Graves Sinking in Southeast England (Feb 21) 

The soil has begun to sink at a cemetary in Kent.

Huge chasms have begun to appear in a cemetery in Gravesend exposing unmarked graves and leaving families fearing for the loved ones they have lost.

Cemetery bosses spoke of their shock at seeing the huge number of graves being engulfed by the sodden ground following weeks of wet weather.

A council spokesman told Kent Online: "It is quite common for graves to sink - especially after a period of heavy rain. But none of the staff has seen anything of this scale."

A sign outside the graveyard warns family members to keep away from certain areas where the ground is sinking.

It read: "The ground staff are backfilling them as soon as they can, but due to the scale of the problem, have had to tape off some areas where the situation is particularly bad.

"Please be careful when walking on the grass as sometimes the soil has compacted but the grass remains like a carpet over the hole."



Comment by KM on February 22, 2014 at 2:09am


Ottawa Sinkhole Closes Intersection At Laurier Avenue East And Waller Street

Huffington Post Canada  |  Posted: 02/21/2014 10:30 am EST  |  Updated: 02/21/2014 10:59 am EST

View image on Twitter

A large sinkhole swallowed up part of an Ottawa street overnight, forcing road closures and the shutdown of a nearby transit station.

It happened around 1 a.m., just south of Laurier Avenue East, the Ottawa Citizen reports. Luckily, no one was injured.

The Waller Street collapse also prompted a shutdown of tunneling work on the city's light-rail transit project this morning. Crews just started tunnelling around the clock in the area on Wednesday.

The city told The Citizen that crews were filling the sinkhole with concrete to stabilize it. At 25 feet wide and 40 feet deep, we're guessing they're going to need a lot of concrete.

Comment by lonne de vries on February 21, 2014 at 10:46am

Woman is critically ill after ground apparently collapsed from under her car in Swansea - February 19

WOMAN is critically ill in hospital after being injured when the ground apparently collapsed from under her car.

Emergency were called to a house on Caemawr Road in Morriston yesterday morning, and the woman — who is in her 50s — was taken to hospital.

Police have launched an investigating into what happened, and are still waiting to interview her.

It is believed the car at the centre of the probe was parked at the rear of the property when a section of the garden collapsed under it, causing the vehicle to partially fall into a hole injuring her.

Comment by Tracie Crespo on February 19, 2014 at 8:06pm


Oregon woman, dog rescued from sinkhole - February 18, 2014

This image provided by the Portland Oregon Fire & Rescue shows the sinkhole where a woman was rescued unharmed after falling into the 20-foot-deep sinkhole that opened up in her backyard Tuesday night Feb. 18. The Portland woman and her dog were both unhurt after falling into a 20-foot-deep sinkhole on Tuesday night.

PORTLAND, Ore. — A Portland fire official says a woman and her dog have been rescued unharmed after falling into a 20-foot-deep sinkhole that opened up in her backyard.

Portland Fire & Rescue Lt. Rich Chatman says the woman in her 30s was trying to find her small poodle mix Tuesday night in her dark Portland backyard when she fell into a sinkhole about 3½ feet in diameter. A neighbor who heard her calls for help called 911.

Fire crews used rope and ground ladders to rescue them. Chatman says fire officials at the scene were amazed that both escaped unhurt.

The spokesman says a neighbor who shares a property line said both homeowners had been required to do some recent work on their sewage system.

Crews were covering up the hole temporarily late Tuesday.

Comment by lonne de vries on February 18, 2014 at 2:15pm

Sinkhole causes three houses to be evacuated in North Yorkshire - February 17, 2014

Police clear properties and cordon off area after 7-metres-wide sinkhole appears in street in Ripon
Sinkhole in High Wycombe
Three houses have been evacuated amid fears they could collapse after a 7-metres-wide (25ft) sinkhole opened up in a street.  It is the ninth sinkhole to appear in England over the past month, and the first in the recent spate outside the south-east.

The homeowner Peter Cunningham said he could not open the backdoor when he and his wife, Susan, returned home last night. “I looked up at the wall and there’s a big crack at the side of the back door. I thought that’s not right,” he told Sky News.

“Then I could hear it coming away above my head. It’s like being in a nightmare. I could see the house opening up,” he said.

Police cleared the properties on Magdalen's Close in Ripon, North Yorkshire, at 5.40pm after receiving reports the huge sinkhole had appeared.

A North Yorkshire police spokesman said: "The affected property and two houses nearby have been evacuated and a cordon has been put in place to protect members of the public. At this stage no injuries have been reported."

Eight other sinkholes to open up so far this month:

• On 2 February, a 30ft sinkhole opened up in a driveway in Walter’s Ash, near High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, and swallowed a Volkwagon Lupo. Phil Conran, said his teenage daughter, Zoe, had a narrow escape: “The car is on its side, its full of soil and she certainly, we don’t think, would have got out of it had she been in it, had she driven in and it had happened.”

• Last week, a 17ft-deep hole appeared next to a child’s trampoline in a back garden in Barnehurst, south-east London. Gretel Davidson, told This is Local London, that her 12-year-old daughter Mia discovered the hole. She said: “Mia rang me to say, ‘Mum there is a massive hole in the garden.’ It is just unbelievable to think a hole that size could appear overnight and out of nowhere.”

• 11 February: a 10-mile stretch of the M2, near Sittingbourne, in north Kent was closed after a 15ft hole appeared in the central reservation, near Sittingbourne. The AA’s president, Edmund King, blamed the wet weather. Two more sinkholes have since appeared within a mile of the central reservation crater, according to ITV.

• 12 February: a family car was left hovering over a gas pipe when a sinkhole opened up in a driveway in Upper Basildon, west of Reading. The home is near the site of a former brick yard.

• 14 February: a sinkhole appeared near the sports hall of Rainham Mark Grammar School, in Gillingham, Kent. Initial indications suggest it was triggered by drainage.

• 14 February: A second hole appeared in nearby Darland Avenue, Gillingham on a pitch used by the Anchorians Rugby Club.

• 15 February: 17 homes were evacuated when a 35ft-wide hole opened up in a cul-de-sac in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. Amateur video captured the extent of the damage.

Amateur footage shows a large sinkhole in Hemel Hempstead on Saturday. Seventeen homes were later evacuated.
• On 16 February, a 20ft-deep chasm appeared in the back garden of a suburban home in Croxley Green, near Watford. A house and three flats were evacuated, the Watford Observer reported.
Comment by Andrey Eroshin on February 16, 2014 at 3:27pm

05.02.14. Residents of Alcinópolis city, located on 387 km from Campo Grande, are concerned about giant six feet deep crater (fissure), that appeared next to the highway BR-359, connecting the city with Minas Gerais.

Comment by KM on February 15, 2014 at 4:41pm


Seventeen houses evacuated after home was left teetering on the brink of massive sinkhole 35ft wide and 20ft deep which opened up in suburban cul-de-sac

  • Gigantic crater in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, opened at 7.30am today
  • 17 homeowners have been evacuated and one house is on its brink
  • Police: We are working with council, engineers and utilities companies
  • One woman who was evacuated claimed ground had been sinking for weeks
  • It comes after several sinkholes opened thanks to heavy rain battering UK
  • Craters are caused when water ebbs away at soil creating unstable caverns
  • Hertfordshire has a long history of chalk mining which could be a factor

By Dan Bloom


A huge sinkhole has opened up in a suburban cul-de-sac, forcing 17 houses to be evacuated and leaving one home teetering on the brink of a 20ft drop.

Police officers cordoned off the road in Hemel Hertforshire, Hertfordshire, after the 35ft-wide crater appeared at 7.30am following weeks of rain.

One woman who was evacuated told local radio station Heart the ground had been sinking for weeks, reporter Amy Woodfield said on Twitter.

Teetering: The corner of a house has been left dangling perilously over a 20ft sinkhole in Hemel Hempstead

Teetering: The corner of a house has been left dangling perilously over a 20ft sinkhole in Hemel Hempstead

Dramatic: 17 houses have been evacuated in from the quiet suburban cul-de-sac in Hertfordshire

Dramatic: 17 houses have been evacuated in from the quiet suburban cul-de-sac in Hertfordshire

Authorities are looking into it: The sinkhole is the latest in a string of landslips caused by extreme weather

Authorities are looking into it: The sinkhole is the latest in a string of landslips caused by extreme weather

Comment by Yvonne Lawson on February 12, 2014 at 7:27pm

SECOND giant sinkhole appears in Kent - this time in a mum's back garden

Engineers have told Gretel Davidson the 17ft-deep crater is a "total act of God"

Emma Stoner / Newsquest / Cascade News

 Huge: The crater in Gretel Davidson's back garden could fit a double  decker bus

Emma Stoner / Newsquest / Cascade News

A second giant sinkhole has opened up in Kent - this time in a family's back  garden.

Gretel Davidson said she didn't believe her 12-year-old daughter when she  rang her to say a huge black hole had appeared in their lawn.

But when she got home she discovered the 17ft-deep, 10ft-wide chasm.

The sinkhole is the second to appear in the region after a 15ft-deep hole appeared  in the central reservation of the M2 yesterday.

Experts have suggested they could be a result of the recent wet weather.

Shocked Gretel is now facing a £10,000 bill to have it repaired because her  insurers say it hasn't damaged her home and they won't be paying up.

Gretel, a radiographer from Barnehurst, Bexleyheath, said: "I just feel  totally helpless. Mia rang me to say 'Mum there is a massive hole in the  garden'.

"I didn't really believe her and just thought she was going over the top.

"It is just unbelievable to think a hole that size could appear overnight and  out of nowhere."

Gretel, 55, knocked on her neighbour's doors to try and get some help but  nobody had any idea what to do.

She added: "I got in touch with the council but they said they couldn't help because it's my own property.

"I then got in touch with Halifax, my home insurance, and they said the hole  is too far away from my home so they couldn't help either.

"I am just devastated. I spent the whole weekend crying and have been doing  everything I can to try and sort it out."

Structural engineer Dan Baker, director of DJB Structural Engineers Ltd in  Erith, looked at the hole on Saturday and is drawing up an action plan.

He said: "It is a naturally occurring oblique swallow hole. It could cost  upwards of £10,000 to fix.

"It is just one of those things you cannot predict - a total act of God.

"They are not common but they have been known to happen in this area in the  past.

"Thankfully nobody was in the garden because someone could have died.

"We have got to make it safe as soon as possible."

Read more:


Comment by Yvonne Lawson on February 12, 2014 at 5:09pm

Sinkhole collapses part of Corvette Museum in Kentucky USA - February 12

— Eight Corvettes fell into a sinkhole that opened up beneath a section of the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky on Wednesday.

The sinkhole, about 40 feet wide and about 25 to 30 feet deep, appeared before dawn under the skydome section of the museum, said Executive Director Wendell Strode.

Museum spokeswoman Katie Frassinelli said six of the cars were owned by the museum and two — a 1993 ZR-1 Spyder and a 2009 ZR1 Blue Devil — were on loan from General Motors.

Bowling Green city spokeswoman Kim Lancaster said the hole opened up at about 5:40 a.m. CST Wednesday, setting off an alarm and a call to the fire department. Frassinelli said no one was in the museum at the time.

The hole is in part of the domed section of the museum, and that area will remain closed. That's an original part of the facility for which was completed in 1994.

Frassinelli said the rest of the museum was open Wednesday.

The other cars damaged were a 1962 black Corvette, a 1984 PPG Pace Car, a 1992 White 1 Millionth Corvette, a 1993 Ruby Red 40th Anniversary Corvette, a 2001 Mallett Hammer Z06 Corvette and a 2009 white 1.5 Millionth Corvette.

Lancaster said information was still being gathered about what exactly happened, but it appeared to be the first incident of its kind at the property.

Bowling Green sits in the midst of the state's largest karst region — the Western Pennyroyal area, where many of Kentucky's longest and deepest caves run underground. A karst display distinctive surface features, including sinkholes.

No injuries were reported in the incident.

Frassinelli said a structural engineer has been called to the museum to assess existing damage and the stability of the surrounding area.

The museum is set to host the 2014 Corvette Caravan in September, a celebration marking the 20th anniversary of the museum.

Sources: http://www.kentucky.com/2014/02/12/3083407/collapse-at-national-cor...




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