"Stretch zones primarily experience sinking ground, as the support in the rock strata is stretched thin. Thus, buildings implode and gas and water mains break."  ZetaTalk






What happens to rock layers under a diagonal pull, or being pulled apart? As can be seen during recent years, this has resulted in derailing trains, sinkholes suddenly appearing, gas and water main breaks, torn roadways and separating bridges. Despite the effect on man, crawling about on the surface of what they assume to be terra firma, these changes are superficial. When the pulling starts, weak points break and thereafter the plumbing and roadways hold, giving the impression that the pulling has stopped, but this is misleading. The North American continent is giving evidence that its rock layers are separating from each other, and sliding sideways in a diagonal, thus exposing portions of these layers to vent into the air above. If rock is being stressed, then where are the earthquake predictors giving evidence of this, the frantic animals, the static on the radio, the earthquake swarms? Rock in the stretch zone, pulling apart rather than compressing, does not emit the particles flows that animals and radios sense, nor register on instruments are tension and release quakes.




Click on image to zoom in.


Click on image to zoom in.




"We have repeatedly stated that the Earth changes will not diminish, but will increase going into the pole shift.

This is not a lineal matter, as the closer Planet X comes to Earth, an inevitable path, the more the torque effect and the polar wobble where the N Pole of Earth is pushed away violently on a daily basis, occur. The wobble will become more pronounced, more violent. The plates are tugged back West of the Atlantic, pulled forward East of the Atlantic, during the daily rotation of the Earth. The North American continent is allowed to roll East during rotation while the S Pole is pulled West, creating the diagonal pull likely to trigger the New Madrid fault line into an adjustment, and soon. The N Pole is pushed away and allowed to bounce back, daily, as the Earth rotates, a wobble that puts stress on all fault lines when the plates are suddenly in motion, and suddenly stopped!

"As there is no other explanation for the effect on the stretch zone, lacking any earthquakes to blame, and as these stretch zone accidents will continue to emerge, and with ferocity, this is a certain clue to those on the fence, that the influence of Planet X is the cause. Or is it Global Warming?" 

ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 13, 2013

"Sinkholes almost invariably form in areas subject to karst limestone cavern formation. Underground water flows eat away the limestone leaving vast caverns and caves, which often give scant indication above ground that a cavern lies below. Karst limestone rock formations have been mapped and are known, however, but since one never knows just where a cavern might have formed, this provides little help in predicting just where a sinkhole might form. Sinkholes open up when the rock is fractured due to stress from being in the stretch zone, from the bending of a plate, or due to torsion."


Check your safe locations:


7 of 10 Safe Locations

Zeta advice on locations (Safe locations in general)

Determine Your Safe Locations - 7 Steps

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Comment by James of Idaho on July 18, 2015 at 11:39pm

This is the google image of Ray Marsh Elementary school in Shawnee Kansas.  Where the school sits and the surrounding home sites all sit at around 1040 feet elevation.  Now where the trees in the middle of these homes and school  are is a depression that at it's center is about 975 feet.  What may be happening here is the beginning of a sinkhole opening up.   In Howards picture to the left of the image is the fence line  where the hill goes down towards the tree in my picture for reference purposes.   The larger view from Goggle  Earth shows many lakes and ponds that resemble sinkholes from the past.

Comment by Howard on July 18, 2015 at 10:13pm

Large 'Land Shift' at Kansas Playground (Jul 17)

The Shawnee Mission School District is trying to figure out what to do about what they call a land shift outside Ray Marsh Elementary School.

The school has closed off the playground to visitors because it’s too dangerous for kids to go near it. The land has shifted, forming a giant hole where some kids play. What’s left is crumbling asphalt, a giant puddle and caution tape everywhere.

It’s not the playground Joe Anderson remembers his kids playing on nearly every day at school.

“We often after school just go walking around and stuff, so it’s kind of surprising that something like that would be around,” Anderson said.

The school district won’t say what’s to blame for the ground suddenly sinking along the fence and are only calling it a land shift.

Charlie McComb worries about taking his 2-year-old son to visit the playground.

“We like to go up there, he likes it quite a bit. It’d be nice if they get it fixed,” he said.

The massive rains we’ve seen this summer could be to blame. The playground is built along a retaining wall.

“You wouldn’t think a lot of rain would be enough for a whole hillside to fall off on a place where there’s children at,” McComb said.

Right now school officials don’t know whether they will have to delay the start of school because of the damage.



Comment by Mark on July 16, 2015 at 5:43pm

Sinkhole swallows car in Hastings


A driver in Hastings had some scary moments on Tuesday when her minivan was swallowed by a sinkhole.
The driver of a minivan says she was parking when the ground gave way on Broadway at the River Glen Apartment Complex.
Officials say the sinkhole may have been caused by an underground drainage problem.
Firefighters say the hole exposed a gas line but that it posed no danger

Comment by Howard on July 16, 2015 at 3:47am

Terrifying Road Collapse in Eastern China (Jul 13)

A cement truck, telephone pole and police kiosk were swallowed into the ground during a terrifying road collapse in Anhui province. 3 people were injured when the busy road opened up.

The 1,000 square-feet sinkhole in Anhui province appeared in front of a department store in the city, which has closed temporarily.

The cause of the collapse is still under investigation.

There have been a series of road collapses across China over recent years



Comment by Khan on July 13, 2015 at 3:38am

Locals troubled by 15 fresh sinkholes in Armala, Nepal.

Armala village, near Pokhara, witnesses numerous sinkholes once again

July 12, 2015

sinkholes of various sizes have appeared in Armala village, near Pokhara, of Kaski district, once again.

Around one and half years ago, dozens of sinkholes had been formed in Armala, terrorising and displacing hundreds of local residents from the village.

Though land had stopped caving in after a few months, it has restarted recently, making the villagers anxious.

A local informed that at least 15 holes have appeared in the village in last three days.

Liladhar Acharya, another local and chairman of Armala Disaster Management Committee, said the villagers are going through sleepless nights amid fear of possible destruction.

The caving-in has put a private school and six individual houses as well as drinking water pipes, electricity and telephone lines and roads of the area at a high risk.

Locals have warned that possible destruction in the village may cause a blockage in supply of drinking water, electricity and telephone lines to the Lake City.

An expert team from the Department of Mines and Geology had recommended not to plant paddy – and any crop requiring irrigation – in the village. However, the villagers apparently overruled the recommendation and planted paddy recently.

They had left around 500 ropani field bare last year, owing to the recommendation. That had incurred a loss of around Rs 90 million, according to Acharya.

The geo-physical survey team had also concluded that excessive use of natural resources including encroachment on water resources was the major cause of the disaster.

A senior expert from the Department, Shree Kamal Dwivedi, said paddy plantation should be prohibited in the area for at least next five years.


Comment by Mark on July 8, 2015 at 2:50pm

Sinkhole on Eglinton Ave. W. partially closes road near Keele St.


Toronto police are warning people to avoid a section of Eglinton Avenue West where a large sinkhole has opened up.

Police said the six-metre long sinkhole — large enough to swallow a car — opened up on Eglinton Avenue West, between Keele Street and Richardson Avenue.

Anne Marie Aikins, a spokeswoman for Metrolinx, said construction on the Eglinton Crosstown LRT line was not responsible for the sinkhole.

"As soon as we heard about the issue this morning we sent our team to the site and they determined it's unrelated to our construction and hasn't impacted their work on the Crosstown," Aikins wrote in an email to CBC News.

Comment by Derrick Johnson on July 7, 2015 at 7:56am

Massive sinkhole near Chene and Medbury on Detroit's east side

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A Detroit roadway gives way, creating a danger for passing drivers. 

The massive sinkhole is at least 25 feet wide and several feet deep. The images are startling. 

"We were driving down Chene, next thing we knew, we just missed the giant sinkhole." Pastor Barry Randolph said. "It's amazing we didn't fall in."

At the time, the sinkhole wasn't marked to alert Randolph and others to the danger. Instead of driving by, the Pastor and his niece turned around. 

With the help of other good Samaritans, they were able to block the road until help could arrive. A cab driver blocked the road and a DTE crew blocked the area with cones and caution tape.

Neighbors say crews patched the roadway last week, then sometime Monday, the road gave way. 

Within an hour of alerting the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, a crew arrived to look at the damage.  A short time after that, several crews arrived to begin repairs.

Source: http://www.wxyz.com/news/region/detroit/massive-sinkhole-near-chene... 

Comment by lonne de vries on July 6, 2015 at 9:28am

Exmouth beach cordoned off as large mystery hole appears (England)


A large mystery hole which spurted "big plumes of water" and sent plants and snails shooting into the air has appeared on a beach.

The coastguard at Exmouth beach cordoned off the 15ft (4.6m) by 15ft hole on Thursday afternoon.

When the coastguard team arrived they said the surrounding sand was soft and fresh holes were appearing.

Kite surf instructor James Dart said: "I looked over and there were big plumes of water coming out of the beach it was all bubbling up much like a geyser, it was probably going about a foot above the beach - it was quite tremendous sight.


Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on July 4, 2015 at 2:43am


Phetkasem Road collapses into itself (PHOTOS)

BANGKOK: -- Several motorists faced a dilemma when they could not go any further or turn back after a sinkhole the width of Phetkasem Road in the Bang Khae just opened out of the blue last night.

Luckily, no accident was reported after the road surface collapsed into a hole about a meter deep at 10pm.

Photos of the hole spread online and being a Thursday night, created a small but feeble meme opportunity.

Comment by Mark on July 1, 2015 at 9:38am

Epic sinkhole shuts down street in the Junction


A sinkhole as large as a SUV opened up today on Runnymede just south of Dundas West in the Junction. Police quickly closed the street to traffic and the TTC has diverted the 79 Scarlett Rd and 71 Runnymede buses indefinitely until the road is sufficiently repaired.

While the sinkhole isn't as large as those seen elsewhere, it was large enough to make the evening news and get some attention on social media.

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