Spain Experiences its Worst Train Accident in 40 Years

An increase in train derailments was one of the first symptoms of the approach of Planet X to become noticeable, being expressed even before Planet X entered the inner solar system in 2003.

Planet X was described as affecting the Earth from afar, like tugging on the edge of a spider web where the effects are felt elsewhere on the web; in this way there has been an increase in earthquakes and unpredictable weather going back years, even before Planet X entered the solar system, due to the increased swirling of the Earth’s core.

It is therefore logical that an increase in train derailments would accompany any increase in seismic activity – train tracks need to be straight and even the slightest shift to the side of a section of track would cause a train to derail.

The area most affected by train derailments is the stretch zone.  Stretch zone quakes are silent, and people are generally unaware anything is happening, although signs such as booms and trumpet sounds can occur.

This zone stretches from Western Europe across the Eurasian Plate, and also includes the South-East United States, the St. Lawrence Seaway, the Red Sea and the African Rift.

In other parts of the world, shifting ground is more associated with earthquakes that people are aware of, such as the Pacific which is compressing, so authorities inspect railway tracks after any seismic activity, reducing the likelihood of accidents.



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Comment by KM yesterday

Trains collide in Algeria, multiple casualties reported (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

At least one person has reportedly been killed and up to 60 have been injured after two trains collided in Boudouaou, Algeria, according to local media.

According to reports, the trains were travelling in the same direction when they collided.

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"It's not a crash but a clash,” Yacine Bendjaballah, director of the National Society Algerian railway (SNTF) said. ”The two passenger trains were rolling in the same direction.”

Local TV channel Ennahar said one of the two conductors is dead, quoting the Civil Defense, and reported the trains were running between Algiers and Thenia.

Injured passengers are being transported to hospital in Boumerdes. 

Photos and footage from the scene show passengers and first responders trying to free trapped passengers from the wreckage.

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Algeria’s transport minister Boujema Talai said the crash occurred when an express train and a normal speed train collided on the same track, Elbilad reports.

Boudouaou is located on the Mediterranean coast in the province of Boumedes.

Comment by M. Difato on Thursday

A BNSF freight train derailed Thursday morning on a washed-out bridge near Ferryville, leaking alcohol and diesel fuel as a second night of heavy rains triggered flooding and mudslides.

Two locomotives and five rail cars left the tracks, according to the railroad.

One of the locomotives spilled about 2,500 gallons of fuel, with some making its way into the Mississippi River, said BNSF spokeswoman Amy McBeth.

McBeth said two of the derailed cars were empty tankers; one last carried ethanol and the other vegetable oil. The others were carrying wall board.

The crew was not injured but were transported to a local hospital as a precaution.

Officials from the DNR and the federal Environmental Protection Agency are responding, but access to the site is difficult because of damage from two days of heavy rains.

McBeth said high water levels in the Mississippi are preventing crews from deploying booms to contain the spill.

Mike Dagnon lives about a mile from the derailment on Rush Creek Road near Ferryville, which he said was covered with two feet of water, mud and a jumble of downed tress.

“I saw a fish swimming down the road,” Dagnon said. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Source : BNSF train derails at Ferryville amid flooding, landslides

Comment by Tracie Crespo on Wednesday

Calgary Transit driver injured in CTrain derailment at Tuscany LRT station

 The driver of a Calgary Transit driver is recovering in hospital and crews are working to clean up after a CTrain went off the tracks Tuesday. Global’s Mia Sosiak reports.

The driver of a Calgary Transit CTrain was taken to hospital in serious condition after the train derailed at the Tuscany LRT station in the city’s northwest. The light-rail train crashed through the end of the track at more than 60 kilometres an hour.

A power pole and heavy weights that anchored the car pierced the windshield—just missing the operator—and leaving the front car totalled.

Dan Duplessis was one of those passengers. He said he first thought the train was just moving further up the platform, but then it “accelerated as if going to the next station” despite having arrived at the end of the line.

“The train rapidly came to a halt with a crashing sound, throwing me across the row of seats,” Duplessis told Global News. “Several of the round interlocking pieces were ripped up from the impact.”

Duplessis said he pushed the emergency help button and was advised by transit security to stay on the train until first responders arrived, which he said took about 10 minutes.

“Medics banged on the door and checked to see if we were in any immediate danger and told us to wait,” Duplessis said. “Firefighters manually opened the door from the outside, which was undamaged, and helped us out of the train.”

Calgary Transit spokesperson Ron Collins said the three-car train left the tracks northwest of the station just before 7 a.m. Tuesday. Its $4.5-million replacement cost will be covered by insurance, officials said.

“The train had continued on beyond Tuscany station – which is the end terminal station – for whatever reason, and then went through the fence just off of the tail-track beyond Tuscany station – and then derailed,” Collins said. The so-called “tail track” at Tuscany station is the longest in the city.

“It’s just a question now of trying to determine what happened here.” 

The driver, a woman in her 60s, was transported to the Foothills Medical Centre in serious but stable condition. Transit officials hadn’t spoken to her as of 2 p.m., as she was medicated due to her injuries.

EMS spokesperson Stuart Brideaux said paramedics arrived at the scene prepared to treat multiple patients. Only three passengers were on board and none were injured.


“I just wonder what happened,” transit rider Franco Frroku said. “Was it a malfunction of the actual train or was the driver at fault for it?”

Emergency crews respond to the Tuscany LRT station on Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016 for a LRT derailment.

Emergency crews respond to the Tuscany LRT station on Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016 for a LRT derailment.

Global News / Paul MacEachern

Calgary Transit is investigating the derailment, scouring CCTV footage from cameras at the station and looking for information related to the brakes in the train’s black box recorder.

“We have to look at a lot of things. We have to look at the condition of the vehicle, the condition of the track, signals, as well as the operator,” Calgary Transit’s acting director Russell Davies said. “We expect to have some findings fairly soon, but there’s nothing pointing a specific way just yet.”

There were delays to CTrain service while crews worked to repair the line. A large crane was on its way to help with the cleanup mid-afternoon.

“Shuttle buses will be used during the afternoon commute between Crowfoot and Tuscany stations.”

The Tuscany CTrain Station is located on Crowchild Trail N.W. near Stoney Trail N.W.

“While traffic is flowing in both directions on Crowchild Trail, there are major delays in the area,” the City of Calgary said in a statement. “Motorists are encouraged to consider alternate options.”

Calgary’s light-rail transit has been running since 1981 and has expanded over the years to connect the northwest, northeast and south sectors of the city to the downtown core. Unlike subway systems in other major cities, nearly all of the 53 kilometres of track are above ground.

Davies said there have been accidents over the years involving pedestrians and vehicles, but this one is out of the ordinary.

“I’ve never seen one of this kind of severity of our own equipment and involving our own staff.”

With files from Erika Tucker and The Canadian Press

Comment by M. Difato on September 16, 2016 at 2:13pm

WATFORD TRAP Watford Junction train passengers rescued after being trapped for hours in the dark when their train hit LANDSLIDE and derailed in tunnel
 Sept, 16, 2016 - Two people were treated for injuries after the 6.19am London Midland train from Milton Keynes to Euston was clipped by another service and came off the tracks.

Source and full story:

Comment by M. Difato on September 15, 2016 at 6:24pm

6 dead, 150 injured as two trains collide in central Pakistan
Local residents gather at the derailed compartments of a passenger train on the outskirts of central Pakistan's Multan on Sept. 15, 2016. At least six people were killed and over 150 others injured when the train collided with a cargo train Thursday morning. (Xinhua/Stringer)

Comment by Mark on September 9, 2016 at 11:43am

‘Several’ people killed when train derails outside a station in Spain

A least two people have died after a train derailed in Galicia, in northern Spain, a spokesman for the local emergency services said today.

The train, made up of four carriages, left the tracks and ploughed into a pylon as it was travelling under a bridge.
Authorities in Galicia said two people were killed, but the national rail company Renfe said 'several' people died in the train, which was carrying about 60 people.

Local reports currently have the death toll at three.
The train was travelling from the Galician town of Vigo to Porto in Portugal when the accident happened near the town of O Porrino.
Video footage seen by MailOnline cas captured the horror of the aftermath.
The train's front carriage is on its side up against a grass verge.
As rescue teams work on the train, cars can be seen passing above as worried locals look down at the wreckage.

Comment by M. Difato on September 7, 2016 at 4:42pm

5 Killed in Train Derailment South of the Egyptian Capital
AL-AYAT, Egypt — A train went off the tracks south of Egypt's capital, Cairo, on Wednesday, killing five people, according to the Health Ministry.

Ministry spokesman Khaled Megahed said 27 people were injured in the accident in the al-Ayat area, about 50 kilometers (31 miles) south of Cairo..."

The first three box of the train went out of the track, the train carrying passengers towards the southern city of Aswan. In between, the first three cars slipped out off the track. The Ahmed al-Ansari says 26 people were injured in this accident in the al-Ayat area. The accident led to a halt in train services from Cairo to provinces south of the capital.


Comment by M. Difato on September 6, 2016 at 8:23pm

A maintenance vehicle derailment and several malfunctions on the D.C. Metro caused widespread delays along three lines during the Tuesday morning rush-hour commute.

A high rail excavator used for system repairs derailed outside the Dunn Loring station Tuesday morning at roughly 5:35 a.m., crippling service for orange line riders coming from Virginia. Officials single-tracked trains while they worked to fix the problem. Maintenance personnel re-railed the construction vehicle at roughly 7 a.m., but delays persisted and normal service did not resume until 8:45 a.m, reports NBC Washington.

It is unclear what is responsible for the vehicle derailment. A Metro train derailed in Virginia July 29 due to deteriorating tracks and poor safety oversight.

Source :

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on August 29, 2016 at 7:20pm

Muswellbrook train derailment: north-west rail line closed as investigators inspect track damage

INVESTIGATION: The north-west rail line was closed as investigators inspected track damage. Picture: Denise Bell

INVESTIGATION: The north-west rail line was closed as investigators inspected track damage. Picture: Denise Bell

THE main north-west rail line was closed on Sunday after the derailment of a grain train near Muswellbrook.

Shortly before 11am several of the train’s wagons, which were empty at the time, came off the track at Koolbury – a rail location between Muswellbrook and Aberdeen.

Trains stopped in the area and passenger services were transferred to buses.

The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) had no estimation when the rail line would reopen, as investigators inspected the damage to the track.

There were no reports of injuries.

ARTC staff were attending to level crossings in the area which had been triggered as a result of the derailment.

​“We would like to apologise to our customers for the impact on operations and the community for any inconvenience experienced as a result,” an ARTC spokesman said.

DERAILED: The train's empty wagons came off the tracks at Koolbury - a rail location between Muswellbrook and Aberdeen. Picture: Denise Bell

DERAILED: The train's empty wagons came off the tracks at Koolbury - a rail location between Muswellbrook and Aberdeen. Picture: Denise Bell


Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on August 28, 2016 at 8:47pm

12 Coaches of Express Train Derails in Kerala, None Injured

Passengers of a Mangaluru-bound express train escaped unhurt today when 12 of its bogies derailed amid heavy rains at Karukutty, about 45 km from Kochi, disrupting rail traffic in Kerala.

A possible major collision was also averted as the Chennai-Trivandrum train coming towards Ernakulam was stopped around 300 metres away from the accident site following a timely alert, a railway official said.

Railways ordered a probe into the mishap which occurred at 2.55 AM shortly after the Train 16347 Thiruvananthapuram- Mangaluru Express left Aluva station and was running at a slow speed.

There was no casualty and all passengers were safe and taken to Thrissur for their onward journey, Railways said.

Southern Railways Additional General Manager P K Mishra, who visited the accident site along with senior colleagues, told reporters there was no casualty.

One woman passenger complained of shoulder pain and was taken to a nearby hospital and after first aid she left for home, he said.

According to railway officials in Thiruvananthapuram, the derailed coaches have not detached or toppled, which is one of the reasons for passengers escaping unhurt. Continues........

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