Determine Your Safe Locations - 7 Steps


As presented by the Zetas during the September 11, 2010 chat.

Step 1

is to research your location in the Safe Locations information ( on the ZetaTalk website. In this you should examine not only your country, your state or province, or your city but also any nearby. Your specific town may not be covered but the whole river valley may be predicted to flood and to flood permanently. This would be a clue that your specific town will be likewise affected. We cannot and have not addressed every spot on Earth, due to time and energy constraints, as we expect you to have a brain and take this approach.

Step 2
is to research your location from the standpoint of the climate that will exist after the pole shift. This is quickly ascertained by looking at the New Geology map. This is a free map which can be cut out and taped together and will give a general idea of the latitude to expect. If your chosen location is where one of the new poles will be, this is a clue that you need to rethink or plan a migration route. This is likewise the case if your chosen location will be on land that will sink below the waves entirely, such as India or western Australia.

Large Scale version: Click Me

Step 3
is to research your elevation above sea level. A handy and free tool is Google Earth ( which can be downloaded into a PC and will show the exact elevation of any spot the cursor passes over. HeyWhatsThat is a website that provides you with a color coded map based on a changing elevation. Our advice to be 100 miles from a coastline and 200 feet above sea level to avoid the coastal tidal waves during the pole shift should be applied. You can determine your current elevation and whether your location will be 675 feet above sea level where the water will rise within 2 years after the pole shift. A rough guide in this matter is the map Nancy created.

Step 4
is to determine the effect if you are in one of those regions which will rise or fall. India and western Australia will be below the waves as of the time of the pole shift, and being pushed down before the pole shift. Japan gains 150 feet, New Zealand gains 500 feet and eastern Australia benefits also, Spain loses 50 feet, western UK loses 150 feet, New England gains 450 feet due to the Seaway rip, Florida loses 150 feet, and Vancouver Island gains 100 feet.

Step 5
is to research the effect of swollen rivers which will likely be in a backwash during the pole shift. We have stated that ALL rivers will be over their banks, so the worst possible scenario should be assumed. What will happen if the river cannot drain? Despite having a good sea level elevation, any land that does not have an advantage of being at least 200 feet in elevation over a major river bottom in the vicinity is likely to be flooded. A backwash from the main river in your vicinity should be assumed, so that creeks will not drain, for instance. Water on the move ( tears and bites and scours, and will undercut the soil under buildings so they will tilt and tumble. Being on solid rock that will not melt in this scenario is advised. Tidal bore along cliffs facing the ocean can likewise have water climbing up, or funneled up by ravines which will direct water all the way to Guadalajara from the Pacific, for example. Think this through, for your location, and be on the safe side.

Step 6
is to examine your volcanic or geographic risk due to mountain building. We have advised a 100 mile radius from all volcanoes that have been active within the last 10,000 years, and that Yellowstone will not become a super volcano. You can determine if the new westerly winds will blow volcanic ash in your direction. Consider that what was formerly north will now be west or east. Fire storms, though extremely rare, almost always occur near erupting volcanoes during the hour of the pole shift. We have advised that if in areas subject to mountain building that old rock not shattered is a good guide to what will survive, and newly fractured rock is a clue that more of the same might be expected. Older mountains as the Alps and Appalachians are considered safe, where the Sierras and Andes are building.

Step 7
is to ascertain if you need a migration route. It is possible to survive the pole shift by avoiding tidal waves and staying outside of structures that will crush you, but to be in a position to be flooded within 2 years after the pole shift. Siberia is a case in point. Here the land is so low in elevation that vast swaths of land will be flooded, and survivors must plan to migrate on foot or via boat. Survivors near the new N Pole off the Bulge of Brazil might consider migrating toward the Andes and their familiar tropical warmth. Such migration, and your target location, can be plotted. Migration routes can be expected to be crowded, so should be avoided as a location for survival camps in general.

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Comment by Nancy Lieder on December 25, 2016 at 12:07pm

Here are animated GIF of the 7 Steps done by Kojima.

Original: 7 steps to determine your safe location for the Poleshift


Comment by Nancy Lieder on December 24, 2016 at 3:54pm

This is an animated GIF done by Kojima.

Original: The Zeta REPORT with Nancy Lieder; Safe Locations - Is any spot on Earth safe when a pole shift, uploaded on 2008/06/10


Comment by Believer on November 28, 2012 at 4:13am

This post provides help in searching for possible  volcanic activity in order to evaluate SAFE LOCATIONS as the public is kept either uninformed or misinformed about Earth Changes, the biggest being the very presence of Planet X! find Planet X.  There may be paid watchers who will close down the site I am about to recommend, so act swiftly to copy/screen dump any information you require. Global Volcanism Program will provide you with information on both the names of volcanoes and the last eruption date. For my purposes, I was able to find an elusive volcano,  Mount Gambier, Victoria, Australia [which erupted nearly 5,000 years ago] by looking first at the site's Volcanoes of the World/Volcanoes by Region.  This is the resultant world map; you can zoom into your region of interest as per usual google map methods:

Mt Gambier is now within a region re-named in the 1990s the NEWER VOLCANICS PROV.

Below is the result of searching for "new": some interesting results!

Volcano Name

Volcano Type Volcano Status Volcanic Subregion

NEW AMSTERDAM Synonym of ST. PAUL Indian Ocean (southern)
NEW BOGOSLOF [FIRE ISLAND] Former dome of BOGOSLOF Aleutian Islands
NEW CONE Cone of ANIAKCHAK Alaska Peninsula
NEWBERRY Shield volcano Radiocarbon USA (Oregon)
NEWER VOLCANICS PROV Shield volcanoes Radiocarbon Australia
Comment by astrogal50 on June 9, 2012 at 4:55pm

@EET:  Your comment moves me because it is a perfect example of what the PS Ning is all about!

"Very informative advice. I was compelled 3 years ago to leave Jax, FL and move to the foothills of the Appalachians. Since then my son has come up but convincing the rest of my family has been hopeless. That's the frustrating part. Im in paradise here and God has provided all that I need with the clean water and abundant wildlife. My garden grows well and I feel at peace.   Thank you Nancy for helping me to see."

The Pole Shift Ning is not about fear mongering; we strive to inform the common man about the truth of Planet X and the pending pole shift because the Establishment will not.  The PS Ning is trying to assist others in getting around the cover-up blockade in time for them to make free will spiritual decisions and prepare, if and as they choose.  ZetaTalk and the PS Ning provide viable alternatives to the elites' plans for us, the common man, not disinformation and Establishment Lies designed to keep us from the truth.

The future is bright for the solidly and highly STO souls who survive until the Aftertimes and isolate themselves from the STS.  Trust me on this.

Comment by EET on June 9, 2012 at 4:38pm

Very informative advice. I was compelled 3 years ago to leave Jax, FL and move to the foothills of the Appalachians. Since then my son has come up but convincing the rest of my family has been hopeless. That's the frustrating part. Im in paradise here and God has provided all that I need with the clean water and abundant wildlife. My garden grows well and I feel at peace. 

Thank you Nancy for helping me to see.

Comment by Anthony John Perry Jr. on May 10, 2012 at 7:14pm

Thank you for the Info! In the case of Bartlett, TN, we can expect quakes, but will that be all? Bartlett is really close to Memphis, if not, part of Memphis and the Mississippi River is fairly close. So should we expect flooding as well? 

Comment by Karyssa Greenan on April 23, 2012 at 3:59am

thank u! i'm a new member very helpful:)


Comment by Carrie Stevenson on April 8, 2012 at 1:12am

This is why I moved from Western Australia to Eastern Australia quite a few years ago.  I love it when I am able to share this information with friends.  I tell everyone I am interested in earth changes, and when the time is right, friends come to me for assistance.  This is what it's all about, and all the invaluable information on this web site makes it easy to do.  Thank you so much for all your hard work Nancy.

Comment by Constantine on April 4, 2012 at 11:59pm

Mrs Nancy, thank you very much for this work, for your invaluable help humanity and for his tireless work daily.
This Post is very important for everyone. You is saving human lives and that is worthy of praise.
The maps are very well illustrated. And the explanations are very well understood.
I know his work from the ' 90s and since then I am ready for any contingency. Each Member of my family has its own emergency backpack and everyone knows the safe places which must be addressed, both in this country and in other countries.
We plan to make an evacuation general towards the end of the summer and we'll go as "tourists". But all this depends on how the events are developed...
Mrs Nancy, you are an Angel incarnated on Earth.
Thank you very much for everything. Thanks to the moderators for their tireless work day and night.
Thank you with the heart in the hand.

Comment by Arto on April 4, 2012 at 9:14pm


Thanks! You are the best :)

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