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Change of Jolt Appearance: Plate movement in progress

On 2014-03-25, a pattern of jolt appearance in a series at seven stations changed after continuing six times every one week since 2014-02-11. In the 7th series, a jolt appearance changed at two stations of LBTB and PLCA while there was no change at the other five stations.  

I found a jolt in a heliplot of GSN Stations on 2014-02-11.

A jolt…


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Earthquakes Worldwide in Five Areas: 2014-02-08 to 2014-03-21

Based on worldwide earthquake data of IRIS



showing earthquakes of more than magnitude 4, I classified each earthquake in five areas by its location and made the…


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Marshall Islands/Kiribati: King Tides - Mar 2014

At first, please be careful about "global warming" or "climate change", which is one of Main Establishment Lies.



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Caught a Wave Undulation West to East Round the World

Monitoring a Jolt in a heliplot, I noticed a wave undulation sometimes appeared at some GSN stations. So I collected a heliplot image where it appeared, and arranged the date and time and the observation station, and plotted them on a map with numbering in chronological order. Here is the data for four days, from 2014-02-25 to 2014-02-28. 

I also noticed that…


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