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Worldwide Travel Alert

Well, terrorism is a threat, understood. But we had bombs etc. in the past, too, and I don't remember we had a global travel alert before? [and from another] The United States…

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Pope Francis Apocalypse statements

I found something interesting that I wondered if the Zetas may want to comment on.  Pope Francis made some recent comments to Christians to prepare for the apocalypse, mentioning "cosmic cataclysms" and "the sun will be darkened", basically encouraging an STO response during this time.  It was not very specific other than that but noteworthy none the less.  Check out the article below or the Pope's quotes which I copied/pasted.  …

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Anonymous ISIS twitter hack

Will anonymous have some role in the eventual announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru? They were used for the hack of Sony in December, 2014, and seem to be almost supernaturally immune to discovery and prosecution. Are they working with the Council of Worlds? [and from another] …

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Putin ISIS posture

I have a question regarding latest confirmation from Russia that plane “Flight 9268 over Sinai Peninsula it was taking down by a Bomb!” Until Tuesday, Russia had played down assertions from Western countries that the Oct. 31 crash was the work of terrorists, saying it was important to let the official investigation run its course. But four days after Islamist gunmen and bombers killed at least 129 people in Paris, Alexander Bortnikov, the head of the FSB,…

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Paris attacks - why was France chosen? New ZetaTalk

Could the Zetas say something about this latest attacks in Paris and the state of emergency that has been declared now in France? It seems to relate with what the Zetas said earlier this year about Charlie Hebdo and the European immigrant crisis,

[and from another]…


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Debunking history

I was wondering if the Zetas could give a percentage of the social media presence that is paid disinfo or debunkers in regard to Nibiru? I feel like I have seen both. I see a lot of false captures keep reappearing. Also, I believe the true extent Nibiru is being discussed on social media is not admitted. Can the Zetas discuss how much this chatter has grown over the last few years?

This is a constantly…


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