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John Moore leak re military dependents

The John Moore show, 11 July 2012. A soldier in the military gave John Moore a call 10 July (according to the show) telling him that the last week the military have been conducting briefings for soldier families living on the East, West and Gulf Coast of the US. The soldiers where told about a planet that have entered the solar system called Nibiru and are to be causing very severe problems, much worse than what the world now is experiencing.…


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Cover-up Break

I completely understand the lack of timeline discussion,  and my question has more to do with what rather than when.   The 7/10 is progressing along slowly, and yet the devastation due to plate movements is becoming quite clear.  The wobble as well, with some of the worst weather on record on a global scale, and the pot of sociological and political dramas only beginning to heat up.  The magnetosphere trick was neat, and the visualization of…


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Cover-up Contactee Rebellion

With the existence of the mainstream information funnels upheld by the 1% PTB, is it even possible for the common man to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and start their own promotional campaign about the PS and the ZT message?  How long will the common man have to wait while they watch the common man suffer such as the Rohingya boat people in Bangladesh recently? To see their faces suffering is very revealing of the cover-up, given that…


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