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Kris H replied to Nancy Lieder's discussion ZetaTalk Chat for November 14, 2015
"Hi Nancy, I was wondering if the Zetas could give a percentage of the social media presence that is paid disinfo or debunkers in regard to Nibiru? I feel like I have seen both. I see a lot of false captures keep reappearing. Also, I believe the…"
Nov 9
Kris H replied to Nancy Lieder's discussion ZetaTalk Chat for November 7, 2015
"Hi Nancy, I'd like to ask the Zetas if this is manmade debris, or something else? Thanks."
Nov 1
Kris H commented on Nancy Lieder's blog post Council of Worlds at WAR re Announcement Delays (LATEST ZetaTalk)
"Mysterious power outage during World Series."
Oct 28
Kris H commented on Ann Eller's blog post Strange Sounds, Earthquake lights
"A city in the clouds captured on video over China. Similar mirages have occurred in the past…"
Oct 17
Kris H commented on Nancy Lieder's blog post Council of Worlds at WAR re Announcement Delays (LATEST ZetaTalk)
Oct 15
Kris H commented on John Smith's blog post Pre-Announcement Media Coverage
"I agree Nancy. I thought it was suspicious. In looking through some of the comments on the article today, seems like most people saw nothing. More egg on their faces."
Oct 8
Kris H commented on John Smith's blog post Pre-Announcement Media Coverage
Oct 7
Kris H commented on Robyn Appleton's blog post Landslides
" Landslide in southern Guatemala. 600 missing."
Oct 3
Kris H commented on Kojima's blog post Explosions on the rise
Oct 2
Kris H commented on Nancy Lieder's blog post Draft ZetaTalk Newsletter as of September 3, 2015
"Also, Hillary Clinton got the DNC to reduce the number of Democrat debates down to 6, and the first debate not scheduled until October."
Sep 3
Kris H commented on Moderating Staff's blog post Please Place Evidence of the 7 of 10 Plate Movements Here
"I did a search on USGS site for EQs with 2.5+ magnitude since 7/15/15 (start of Jade Helm). There have been over 600 of them, just along the plate border north of Puerto Rico."
Aug 23
Kris H commented on Planet Twelve's blog post Zetas RIGHT Again! An Ever-Expanding Archive of ZetaTalk Accuracy.
"Russia may start giving away land in Far East for free to Russian citizens. Proof of trying to get their population to the safer lands of the Far East."
Jul 28
Kris H replied to Nancy Lieder's discussion ZetaTalk Chat for July 26, 2015
"Hi Nancy, I have been listening to your appearances on the USA EBN shows. I noticed that you do not discuss Zeta contact, or the worst consequences of the pole shift. I assume this is part of some agreement for you being on there. But that is not…"
Jul 21
Kris H commented on Nancy Lieder's blog post Council of Worlds at WAR re Announcement Delays (LATEST ZetaTalk)
"NYSE shut down due to internal system issue. All trading stopped."
Jul 8
Kris H commented on Howard's blog post Elite Exodus
"Saudi billionaire to donate everything to charity:"
Jul 4
Kris H commented on Sevan Makaracı's blog post Wild Weather, the Wobble Effect
"@Derrick, I wonder if your post below of drought in Puerto Rico is actually just a result of the Caribbean Plate tipping. I think Puerto Rico is on edge of plate that's rising. Maybe that's why those waters have receded. Drought might be…"
Jun 26

Profile Information

The Second Sun

The red dragon returns to Earth,
Fleeing his eternal hunter.
He finds refuge in the light,
Stopping all in shock and wonder.

His face is familiar, yet few remember;
The people oblivious and deceived.
The dragon reminds them, casting shadow for three days,
With proof darker than conceived.

Day breaks backwards with a flick of his tail,
And that’s all it took.
He writhes himself closer,
Wanting a better look.

He sees the perversions of man,
And his vices.
The enslaved Mother rebels,
And the dragon’s fire entices.

The Earth groans and howls in thrall of the dragon,
She erupts and shakes.
The dragon takes his leave,
The Earth reborn in his wake.

The red dragon refreshed, turns on the hunter,
“Now we will see who will run!”
Man begins anew and does not forget,
The coming of the Second Sun.

This not written by me, taken as an excerpt from an episode of "Bleach", translated to English:

"If you were to turn into a snake tomorrow, and begin devouring humans, and with that same mouth said 'I love you', would I be able to say 'I love you' the same way I do today?"

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Singaporeans not buying "Experts'" blaming persistent flooding on rain

Refuting PUB Expert Panel that increase in rainfall intensity contributes to flooding

April 4th, 2012 | Author: Ng Kok Lim

Dear expert panel, I refer to the 12 Jan 2012 Straits Times report “Annual rainfall is increasing here: Experts” [1]. It was reported that rainfall increased by 15mm a year on average between 1968 and 2008. The table below was constructed using government rainfall data [2]. It shows that by shifting the years by one or two, a completely different…


Posted on June 19, 2012 at 4:30am — 1 Comment

Las Vegas soon to be ghost town?

The Zetas discussed an impressive UFO display from late March on the Strip:

Los Vegas is the glitter capitol of the US, where gambling and live entertainment make this a favorite tourist destination. Even if one loses the funds they came with, they can leave with a smile as they have been entertained, or so the management hopes. Certainly, even during this the second Great Depression, they have not been at a loss for traffic, and…


Posted on April 6, 2012 at 11:00pm — 14 Comments

Kiribati: Island Nation Explores Moving Entire Population to Fiji


Fearing that climate change could wipe out their entire Pacific archipelago, the leaders of Kiribati are considering an unusual backup plan: moving the populace to Fiji.

Kiribati President Anote Tong told The Associated Press on Friday that his Cabinet this week endorsed a plan to buy nearly 6,000 acres on Fiji's main island, Viti Levu. He said the fertile land, being sold by a church group for about $9.6 million, could provide an insurance policy for…


Posted on March 9, 2012 at 1:00pm — 8 Comments

Japanese Lawmakers Propose Ghost City

It sounds like a story ripped from the parody-filled pages of The Onion, but some Japanese lawmakers really do want to build a "backup city" that would take over the functions of Tokyo, including tourism, in the event of a catastrophe.

The idea was floated last month at a Tokyo luncheon, with a follow-up in The Telegraph last week. "The idea of being able to have a backup, a spare battery for the functions of the nation ... isn't this really a good idea?" Hajime Ishii, a…


Posted on November 4, 2011 at 5:30am — 2 Comments

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At 4:16pm on February 16, 2012, Ryan Giorgis gave Kris H a gift
thanks for the comment kris!! not feeling alone is a huge help as well. we've been waiting for 15 years or so, whats a little more? :) uhg!! in love and light!!
At 4:54am on August 17, 2010, Shuichi Inoue gave Kris H a gift
Very thanks!

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