Magnetosphere eddy

The past two weeks have been absolutely stunning. Howard’s latest post on his “Mangled Magnetosphere” thread was very good; frightening, in fact. What he didn’t say was that space is quiet, except for one M-Class flare, which has not hit earth yet. This is all Planet X!  There is NO solar wind, as evidenced by the model below.  [and from another] Multiple eddy flows of magnetons behind the Earth over the past 24 hours. A second day with multiple eddy flows forming inside Earth's magnetosphere. 

Since a magnetic eddy flow appeared behind the Earth in 2010, matters have gotten worse for planet Earth. The magnetic N Pole of Planet X, aka Nibiru, has increasingly turned to point directly at the Earth. This is due to Planet X coming closer to the Earth, on its outbound path, and thus tightening the crab-like pincer squeeze it has upon the Earth. It is also positioned more directly in front of the Earth, rather than to the side coming at the Earth in its retrograde orbit. Both these trends will continue unabated until the Last Weeks commence. 

The Earth’s magnetic field normally unfolds around it, uninhibited by all but solar emissions which tend to blow the magnetic field back, away from the Sun. Now it is being distorted on all sides, pressed back tightly around the Earth so there is no room for magnetons to maneuver. This is, as has been noted, not due to the Sun, although NASA et al will try to claim that in some manner. We have from the start of the ZetaTalk saga predicted that blaming the Sun would be a prime cover for the approach of Nibiru. It is the solar minimum, and the Sun is presently asleep. 

What does this eddy flow of magnetons showing up in the Earth’s magnetic models mean for the near future of planet Earth? We have consistently warned that electro-magnetic pulse, the arcing from the electronic screech in compressed rock to the charged tail of Planet X, will be on the increase. This brings down the grid, as surge and brownout destroy electronic infrastructure and electronic grids are designed to protect themselves thus. Blackouts, electronically damaged airplanes such as AF447 and MH370 and now AA8501, and interference with mankind’s satellites will be on the increase.  

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 10, 2015

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  • M. Difato

    Additional eddy flow of magnetons appearing behind the Earth events (Aug 10) following the 2 yesterday evening.

  • M. Difato

    Lengthy eddy flow of magnetons behind the Earth events today (Aug 22).


  • M. Difato

    ISWA Magnetosphere Y-Cut and ACE Magnetic Field cygnets showing a

    magnetic twist and severe compression

    September 12-13, 2019 following strong eddy flow of magnetons behind the Earth.

    Sept. 12, 21:11  -  Sept. 13, 04:56 UTC

    There have been 4 Polarity Increases thus far over the last 14 hours. Likely to be a few more in the 24 hr. window for a total of 6 PI's. A very active period. There are missing frames/time during Polarity Increases as seen in the BATSRUS Y-Cut cygnet (below). They can range from the avg.15-20 minutes to hours.