Here are some really good ideas for refrigeration and easy to set up for use without power.

I was especially interested in the charcoal evaporative refrigerator used by early settlers

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my grandparent used to use a evaporation type system here in southern africa, I remember my Grandfather telling me about it when I was young he used to brag about how cheap it was and how well it worked, in temps up to 40 oc


Hi Joy,

The link appears to be broken.  Is anyone else having a problem with it?


The working link:


Can't wait to read this as I keep thinking a cold water source. river, stream, branch, creek,  is ideal for refrigeration and learning other ways is so important.  Thanks Joy :)
Thank you Lothar.

Just found this one...may be useful.   Coolgardi Safe used to chill food in outback Australia for eons.



Sorry about the link and thank you Lothar!

A friend of ours was telling us about how his father used to use a fridge made of sheet metal with the outer  shell of mesh and packed with charcoal, they used to pour water over the charcoal which would then evaporate and keep the contents of the fridge cool. 

Very interesting, practical and useful. Thank you for the information.


The icy ball is a way to create cold from heat, such as a fire. However it must be built properly, there are risks if it exploded. Please only build one with a trained professional. It could come in very handy though.


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