Our small flock has been well underway until the last few weeks. We live in a rural setting. We share our home with predators. Clever predators which watch our movements closely and strike when we are not around. It was our belief that we had protected our chicken flock adequately. This recently proved not to be the case. We have lost 10 eggs almost at hatching stage and two 5 week old chicks to a goanna (large monitor lizard). Snakes and wild cats (quolls in Australia) hunt by night, monitor lizards by day. Wild dogs attack at any hour. Our advice to everyone is to have the materials now which will be necessary to ensure your flock's safety. Predators which are hungry now, in a season of plenty, will be more hungry (and therefore more desperate and brazen) in the aftertime. Large lizards and the like are, by nature, lazy creatures. They will not chase bush rats (fast runners) when chickens are a more convenient and effortless food source. Roofing iron (dug into the ground by at least 6 inches) on the bottom course, heavy guage bird wire with small holes securely attached to that and extended as roofing seem to work best. Predators can't dig under it nor get a foothold on the vertically placed roofing iron. We have heavy logs as uprights to which the foregoing is securely attached. Security has been breeched because we had hailnet only on some fences and this was torn and allowed intrusion into the compound. Though we have secure night houses, we were allowing the youngsters to free range within the wider compound during the day. We trust this information will help someone. .

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Our family use a old house for chicken.

It has a concrete floor.

So predators can't dig in.

The sunshine comes from the big windows, so the chickens bask in enough sunshine.

I think this is one method.

First, we pour the soil and hay on the concrete floor.

During the few years, chickens scratch soil with their excreta, then it becomes good soil and has no bad smell.



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