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Note the Zeta's words on wasting the opportunity to pose question to themselves, and get a response via Nancy. They do not suffer fools gladly, and this will increasingly be the case.

This is an opportunity to discuss the public's expectations of Nancy, who is a single person, 78 years old, with health concerns, who works every day for as many hours as her health allows on getting the message out to the world. She was asked, in the early days of ZetaTalk, to be as educated on astronomy as astronomers, and did so to a degree that allowed her to support the imaging of the inbound Planet X. She supported our debates on sci.astro on the absurdity of human math when faced with reality, on the matter of why the Moon is in the skies and not crashing to Earth, even though she does not speak math any more than she speaks Greek. To properly translate our concepts, Nancy, as she has so often mentioned, must be on the same page as ourselves, versed sufficiently in the subject to understand our response. Thus she has been asked to be educated to the level of a biologist or geneticist on the matter of the hybrids, to be a geologist on plate movements, to be a vulcanologist, to be a hydrologist on water movement, to be an archeologist re ancient civilizations, to be an electrician when discussing survival equipment, and to be a sociologist and political scientist on the matter of human behavior. Where images do not exist on the web, she draws them sufficiently to explain our words. We do not, on every answer, require Nancy to spend hours positioning herself such that she goes beyond what is needed to relay our message.

Bear in mind, during these chats, what you are asking of ourselves and Nancy. You have a resource here which you are regularly wasting and exhausting with idiotic questions! Nancy has warned that the time is quickly coming when you will get no response from her at all, just a statement as to which questions will be accepted. You have complained when she told you, in no uncertain terms, what was wrong with your demands or your questions. But those who do not learn are destined to be ignored, which is what is coming next.

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Via email: 

Are these real?
[and from another]
These Terrifying Mermaid Mummies are the Stuff of Nightmares
September 6, 2019
The mummified creature was obtained by Jan Cock Blomhoff while serving as director of Dejima, the Dutch trading colony at Nagasaki harbor. Another old mermaid mummy exhibited at a museum in Tokyo and shown below appears to belong to the founder of the Harano Agricultural Museum. The next mummified mermaid can be found at Zuiryuji Temple in Osaka. It was bestowed to the temple as an offering from a Sakai-area trader in 1682. Another terrifying mermaid body is preserved at Myouchi Temple in the city of Kashiwazaki in Niigata prefecture. The mermaid is about 30 cm long and is holding its hands up near its cheeks. A mermaid mummy at Karukayado Temple outside the city of Hashimoto in Wakayama prefecture has fangs that protrude from its wide open mouth, and both of its hands are raised to its cheeks.

These mummies are the result of a favorite hoax in Japan. It is notable that DNA testing has not been done on any of the mummy halves, as it would show the bottom is a fish and the top is a deformed human. A common feature is the small brain cavity and adult teeth. Genetically retarded babies with Microcephaly will live into adulthood if the parents are kind and attend to feeding them. This allows adult teeth to form. But if the care givers tire of this routine and abandon the Microcephalic, then the face would be frozen in the frantic, grasping stare seen in the mummies.

The hoaxes involved attaching both the fish and human body halves and then drying them in a slow oven to dehydrate completely. This is a common way of preparing food stuffs for long term storage, and certainly is known and used in Japan. Such mermaid hoaxes are not uncommon, appearing in 2011 when a CGI enhanced video
was published. The Ningen whale,
which can walk atop the ice of Antarctica, is an example of the confusion that can exist . But the Japan mummies clearly have human hands, eyes, ears, and rib cages.

Prior ZT:
Numerous frauds abound showing creatures reportedly dredged from the deep that look like the mythological mermaids. These are often debunked as manufactured, though most of these claims merely drift into obscurity without an analysis. The fascination of course is due to mythology. Do such creatures exist? Hardly, as should be clear from the differing biology of the halves. Humans are not designed to breath under water, nor would a land creature have use of such a tail.

Prior ZT:
The evolution of life on Earth, as on other life bearing planets, followed a path that looks like a tree, species branching off from a common genetic background. Both fish and humans have legs and arms, though on fish these are called fins. In seals, flippers. And in snakes and eels these genes do not express at all. The human infant goes through stages in which it has gills for breathing, and a long tail. As can be seen in the skeletons of sea cows, the flippers not only look like arms, the hands even have fingers. The Ningen is merely a rare whale where the flippers or fins remained or became distended for agility on the ice. Whales are land creatures that returned to the water, and thus originally had agility on the land.

Via email: 

It looks like plate movements cause. Is this observatory Boknis Eck crashed by walking plates?
[and from another]
Without a trace: Scientists bewildered as underwater lab disappears in the Baltic Sea
September 6, 2019
On August 21 at roughly 8:15pm local time, transmissions from the station stopped dead. Divers dispatched to investigate discovered that the entire structure had simply vanished leaving only a shredded transmission cable behind. Both racks, located between the Danish and German borders, were “removed with great force from their position,” according to the GEOMAR statement.
[and from another]
Underwater Observatory Mysteriously Disappears Off German Coast
September 6, 2019
A massive underwater observatory for environmental research located in a restricted area off German coast has disappeared. The GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research is a marine research institute located in the German port city Kiel. The observatory included power and instruments weighing a total of 770 kilogrammes (1,700 pounds), which means that it could hardly have been dragged away by storms, currents or marine animals. No boats, including fishing ones, were allowed into the area where the observatory is located.
[and from another]
Large Underwater Observatory Disappears Without a Trace, Baffling Scientists
September 5, 2019

The Boknis Eck Observatory is—or at least was—located at the outlet of Eckernförde Bay, which is north of Kiel, Germany and south of the Danish border. It was 1.8 kilometers (1.1 miles) off shore, planted at a depth of 22 meters (72 feet), reported the BBC.

The Boknis Eck disappeared at the “outlet of Eckernförde Bay” and thus was under a broad enough expanse of water that any temporary heaving of rock below the waves would not be noticed by those on land. The Boknis Eck was not located on a fault line but was located at the border of different rock types. Such rock strata borders are WEAK, allowing rock on one side to rise or fall, or slip-slide over or under another. Such movement is often temporary, with the rock returning to its prior arrangement.

The entire Eurasian Plate is under a stretch, tearing apart in places, and during a stretch surface strata borders may accept the stress until other areas, in deeper rock, halt the process. Had this happened on land, the result would have been a sinkhole or collapsed bridge. But equipment such as the Boknis Eck, if caught in this drama, might be scraped off by rock strata passing overhead. The Boknis Eck was ground up during this temporary motion. Parts of it will be found over time in the bay.

Accepted via email: 

This looks very strange, a flower so tiny and fragile which flowers so rarely. Is it one among many heralding Pole shift? Does it have any connection with changes in the atmosphere? In a way, it looks like nano boot or insect eggs. Does it has any special meaning in this Last Times?
[and from another]
In the Mahayana Buddhism’s scripture, The Lotus Sutra: “A mythical flower, blooming once every 3,000 years, heralding the advent of the King of the Golden Wheel.” Found in Buddhist scriptures derived from Buddha’s teaching, the umdumbara flower is believed to herald the return to the human world of an enlightened being, or Buddha. One of the first udumbara flowers seen was on a golden brass Tathagata statue in the year 1997 at the Cheonggye-sa Temple in Seoul, South Korea. Udumbara flowers were then found all throughout China and in many countries around the world. The Chinese Communist Party claimed the flowers were lacewing eggs.
[and from another]
[and from another]

The delicate Udumbara flowers are indeed the egg stalks of the lacewing fly, as photos of the larva crawling from the egg pods prove. Hatching opens what are called the flower pedals. The egg husk remains, to fascinate humans who are aware of the Buddhist legend. The 3,000 year interval is of course the periodic return of Nibiru, bringing magnetic flux and emanations from the roiling core if the Earth. The White Buffalo and increasing albinism in the animal world is not the only reaction to these emanations, and thus the Udumbara are indeed an End Times herald.

Accepted via email: 

Trump plans to launch his own Social Media, to bypass Big Tech censorship, and be able to reach his supporters without potential restrictions. Not only for his 2020 election campaign, as is being
reported, but perhaps a possible Nibiru announcement, as well? Could this be part of the reason?
[and from another]
A Trump social network readies for launch
September 8, 2019
Trump’s reelection campaign plans to launch a smartphone app this fall to encourage supporters to donate, volunteer and reel in like-minded voters — all while providing the president more unfiltered access to his followers.  The upcoming launch is the latest sign of how Trump’s team, which ran a ragtag operation in 2016, is using its huge coffers to drive a more professional and data-driven operation. The campaign has already acquired 200 million voter files from the Republican National Committee. Presidential campaigns have been using apps since 2012 as they seek to reach Americans trading land lines for mobile phones. Now they’re so common that candidates in state and local races use them. It will allow the president, who regularly accuses online companies of bias against conservatives, to bypass Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites altogether. 
[and from another]
May 20, 2019
President Donald Trump refers to Gov. Matt Bevin as his "good friend" and urges Kentucky Republicans to support the governor's reelection in a recorded phone message on the eve of the state's primary election.
[and from another]
September 10, 2019
Republican Dan Bishop won a special U.S. congressional election in North Carolina, saving a longtime stronghold for President Donald Trump’s party and turning back a strong Democratic challenge.

The primary reason that Nibiru has not been admitted by officialdom is because of media control by the wealthy. They own the major press and radio and TV stations, and absolutely block any admission of Nibiru before it can reach the eyes and ears of the public. During the 7 of 10 plate movements in 2011, it was obvious that suppression of reporting was done in Indonesia,
with all incursions by seawater into sinking Indonesia claimed to be from rain. Nancy has been banned from Coast2Coast radio because she speaks the truth and the truth is compelling.

The Russian media is not suppressed, and thus the Patriarch Kirill’s
statements on the End Times arriving were published. But any announcement coming from Russia would be denied elsewhere unless the US likewise admitted Nibiru is real and inbound. The cover-up started in the US, with sealed Executive Orders by Reagan, and though these orders have since been retracted no one wants to go first to admit that they existed. Let President Trump do it, is the view. President Trump is demonized, as is Putin and Russia, so President Trump would be called insane or under the influence of Putin if he did so. The media is already reporting false polls and new lies about President Trump.

What to do? There are many routes for an announcement - many parties that could provide images captured by probes or satellites or by infrared sky mapping

of the inbound Nibiru in 2003 or scientific analysis of the dust arriving in the atmosphere from the tail of Nibiru or the true source of EMP assaults. There are many Heads of State that could bolster such revelations by admitting this has been an open secret since 2003. But ultimately all heads will turn to President Trump, who has a massive following on Twitter and absolutely will win the 2020 elections, if they indeed are held. He will use this fan club to counter media suppression.

Hi , I have an question for Zeta ,they can give us an informative input regarding how "big" the Atlantic wave that will hit the Eats Coast of USA after the New Madrid Adjustment/Atlantic Rip event ?

They confirm one month ago that will be an wave that will hit East coast ZT- " of course, as the water rebounding out of the Atlantic void will likewise roll toward the East Coast of the US."  Zeta estimated accurately what West coast of Europe will get from Spain 50 ft to 250 ft in UK is some similar input that they give to the East Coast ?

Some story appear in an info outlet,  they put in people minds that an event like Tsunami in Atlantic can happen " A Mega-Tsunami is Coming" ,also in the article they expect/predict an "100 ft waves to batter the American East Coast." "Boston, New York, Philly, D.C., Miami. All underwater. And you?"

(interesting,the visual map on the article and tectonic "event area-Canary Island"  align with where ZT predict the Rip will happen too )

Thanks ,have a good day

Hi Ovdiu

Here is previous ZetaTalk about the tides along the US east coast as a result of the European tsunami

As we have mentioned, the Denver area will be inundated by troops and equipment well ahead of the pole shift, and it is already known that this 'Western White House" is intended to be the seat of power for the US government should DC need to be evacuated. Certainly, being lowland, Washington DC will become uninhabitable by the time the last weeks approach. The European tsunami will not just assault Europe with huge waves. There will be high tides along the East Coast too, and those areas that are virtually at sea level will get their first taste of what is to come. Between the politician and the generals, life in the Denver area will change drastically. The ability to commandeer private and public facilities in an emergency has always been a government right. The airport will be dedicated to bringing the seat of power to Denver. Hotels will be taken over, all reservations canceled. Martial law will be in place, at least in this arena, whether officially or unoffically. Any citizens in the greater Denver area resisting this reality will be interned or mistreated until they cooperate.

Ovidiu Pricopi said:

Hi , I have an question for Zeta ,they can give us an informative input regarding how "big" the Atlantic wave that will hit the Eats Coast of USA after the New Madrid Adjustment/Atlantic Rip event ?

Accepted. Thank you Derrick for your research, always the best! The Zetas havw addressed the Carnary theory in the past and called it BS as human logic is not correct in this instance. 

Ovidiu Pricopi said:

I have an question for Zeta ,they can give us an informative input regarding how "big" the Atlantic wave that will hit the Eats Coast of USA after the New Madrid Adjustment/Atlantic Rip event? 

They confirm one month ago that will be an wave that will hit East coast ZT. Zeta estimated accurately what West coast of Europe will get from Spain 50 ft to 250 ft in UK is some similar input that they give to the East Coast? Some story appear in an info outlet, they put in people minds that an event like Tsunami in Atlantic can happen. They expect/predict a 100 ft waves to batter the American East Coast, Interesting, the visual map on the article and tectonic event area-Canary Island align with where ZT predict the Rip will happen too.
[and from another]
A Mega-Tsunami Is Coming-Geologists Theorize that a Volcano on La Palma Might Fall into the Ocean and Send a Mega-Tsunami across the Atlantic
September 13, 2019
Unlike most tsunamis that are triggered by tectonic activity, megatsunamis are caused by sudden impact. A huge chunk of debris, possibly a meteor, smashes the water, creating a huge wave, which might reach thousands of meters high.
[and from another]
Megatsunamis have quite different features from other, more usual types of tsunamis. Most tsunamis are caused by underwater tectonic activity (movement of the earth's plates) and therefore occur along plate boundaries and as a result of earthquake and rise or fall in the sea floor, causing water to be displaced. By contrast, megatsunamis occur when a very large amount of material suddenly falls into water. They can have extremely high initial wave heights of hundreds and possibly thousands of metres, far beyond any ordinary tsunami, as the water is "splashed" upwards and outwards by the impact or displacement. 

This absurd Canary Island theory is being revived because the establishment is aware that the bow tension on the N American continent is about to rip along the New Madrid Fault Line, causing our predicted void in the center of the Atlantic with consequent European tsunami
and repercussions along the East Coast
of the US. There is still reluctance to admit the presence of Nibiru, and despite intense monitoring efforts the US government cannot give a date for the pending New Madrid adjustment. How then to warn the public?

Our comment on the absurdity of the Canary Island theory
was that underwater landslides merely create turmoil under the water, as it takes a LIFT of a plate or a SINKING of a plate to create a tsunami that will travel a great distance. One must change the dynamics of the underwater space to force a tsunami, making this space smaller or larger. In the case of the European tsunami, the change in shape of the N American Continent causes a void to open in the Atlantic, so water pours into this void and thus rebounds toward Europe and to some extent toward the US.

The Great Flood, which required Noah to build his Ark, was a true displacement wave,
as we have described. A large piece of polar ice suspended over the water dropped suddenly into the ocean, and due to tidal bore as it struck Persia the resulting wave climbed high. Tidal bore allows water to rise potentially thousands of feet. That said, what can be expected for the East Coast during the European tsunami? Because the Gulf Stream sweeps the waters of the Atlantic toward Europe, only 10% of our predicted rebound can be expected to strike the East Coast.

The issue of flooding in Washington DC, or any other vulnerable East Coast city, is the water remaining after a flood tide has washed inland. Hurricane Sandy poured water down the subway systems in New York City, surrounding the electrical systems with corrosive salt water. This was unexpected. Hurricane storm surges are normal for the US, afflicting beachfront homes and farms. It is the cities that do not anticipate such high tides that will be crippled, and it is these that the Canary Island scare tactics are trying to awaken.

Prior ZT:
Washington DC will become uninhabitable by the time the last weeks approach. The European tsunami will not just assault Europe with huge waves. There will be high tides along the East Coast too, and those areas that are virtually at sea level will get their first taste of what is to come.

Prior ZT:
Of course, as the water rebounding out of the Atlantic void will likewise roll toward the East Coast of the US.

Prior 2010 ZT:
Will La Palma volcano in the Canary Islands, which is already damaged, experience an earthquake and fall into the sea prior to the pole shift and thereby cause a huge tsunami? It has long been postulated that the Canary Islands are fragile, and will collapse into the sea upon another quake, creating a tsunami. This is a human theory, and absurd. First, monstrously high waves are not caused by displacement of water across the ocean, as water moves in all directions, and the pressure reduces steadily during the distance traveled. Do these human theorists presume that pressure only moves in one direction? A land slide, under water, will create not a force of water moving across the ocean, but a void causing water to fill that void. Thus, a swirl of water, moving into the void and then out again, would occur, locally.

Prior 2/15/2002 ZT:
A subsequent shift lurched this honeycombed ice and fractured it, so it dropped into the ocean creating a displacement wave - the Flood. This water roared up toward Arabia and elsewhere north of this splash. Narrowing into the waterways between Africa and Asia/Europe, water does what it does when under pressure, it went into tidal bore. This caused more sea level rise in the area Noah lives in, described in the Bible as the Flood.

Question from Godon G: 

The news is saying the Saudi refinery explosion was done by the Houthi. Was it?
[and from another]
Iran-backed militants admit drone swarm strike on world's largest oil processing plant in Saudi and at second nearby facility sparking huge fires as tensions reach boiling point following tanker attacks
September 14, 2019
The fires at Abqaiq in Buqayq, which contains the world's largest oil processing plant, and Khurais, which contains the country's second largest oilfield, have now been brought under control since the drone attacks. Houthi fighters in Yemen have previously launched attacks over the border, hitting Shaybah oilfield with drones last month and two oil pumping stations in May. Both attacks caused fires but did not disrupt production. The Houthi's were taking responsibility for the attacks. Iran denies supplying the Houthis with weapons. A Saudi-led coalition has been battling Houthi rebels since March 2015. The violence has pushed Yemen to the brink of famine and killed more than 90,000 people since 2015. Since the start of the Saudi-led war, Houthi rebels have been using drones in combat. The first appeared to be off-the-shelf, hobby-kit-style drones. 
Later, versions nearly identical to Iranian models turned up.  
[and from another]
'King Bibi' fights for his political life in Israeli election
September 13, 2019
Twenty years after Benjamin Netanyahu’s first term as Israel’s prime minister ended, the man hailed by supporters as “King Bibi” is again fighting for his political survival in a rerun election. Opinion polls predict a close race when Israel goes to the polls, five months after an inconclusive election in which Netanyahu declared himself the winner but failed to put together a coalition government.
[and from another]
Meeting with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu
September 12, 2019
Vladimir Putin held talks with Prime Minister of the State of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, who arrived in Russia on a working visit.

Is it coincidence that this massive attack on Saudi Arabia, a US ally, occurred just when Bibi is fighting for his political life? It is well known that the public will support a leader when the country appears under attack. The wolf is at the gate! Bibi’s hand has been at the helm for the Fukushima
bomb, the attack on Russia’s Losharik,
the attempt to assassinate Trump
as his plane passed over Whidbey Island, and the Charlie Hebdo attack
in France. It is a small thing for the Mossad to slip drones manufactured in Iran into Houthi hands.

Neither President Trump nor Putin are fooled by Bibi’s overtures. Trump is famous for hob knobbing with the enemy, and did so in the past to bring down the 5 New York City Mafia families.
He also appeared to be having glorious good fun with the Queen just ahead of her execution
by the UK Tribunals. What does Bibi hope to achieve by trying to frame Iran for this refinery attack? A war between the US and Iran would be lovely. He hopes to draw Russia into this war, as they and Iran are members of BRICS. World War III, just what the Satanists need as the End of the World approaches!

Accepted via email:

Nibiru is starting to cause a havoc.
[and from another]
[and from another]
[and from another]
Fire & Explosion reported at Pemex oil refinery in southern Mexico
September 17, 2019
Parts of the Antonio Dovali Jaime refinery in Selina Cruz, Mexico could be seen emitting thick clouds of black smoke in video footage posted online. It is not clear what caused the incident, and so far no injuries have been reported.
[and from another]
[and from another]
Italy: Explosion hits oil refinery
September 17, 2019
A huge explosion occurred in the Italian commune of Sannazzaro de Burgondi in the north-east of the country. Italy's largest oil and gas company Eni is the owner of the plant. Authorities are working to establish the causes of the explosion.
[and from another]
Video footage captures explosion at Philadelphia-area oil refinery
June 21, 2019
A fire broke out at the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery after an explosion. The refinery located outside Philadelphia is the longest continuously operating refinery on the East Coast. 
[and from another]
"I Feel Anxious": Explosion at Texas Oil Refinery Highlights Uneven Impact of Energy Production
July 31, 2019
Dozens of people were hurt after an ExxonMobil oil refinery in Baytown, Texas, exploded and caught fire on July 31. It was the latest in a series of industrial fires this year in the Houston area, known as the energy capital of the world. The same ExxonMobil facility caught fire in March, and blazes broke out in March at a petrochemical terminal in Deer Park and in April at the KMCO chemical plant in Crosby.

What is the commonality in the recent refinery explosions? All occurred in stretch zones. All occurred in low lands that are indicative of thin crust easily pulled apart. These explosions did not occur because of any political agendas or battles for supremacy among oil companies. Pemex in Mexico. Exon Mobil in Baytown. Eni in Italy. And Philadelphia Energy Solutions in Pennsylvania. We stated in 2008 during a pipeline explosion in Texas,
and in 2009 during a Puerto Rico explosion,
and in 2009 during a Moscow explosion
that land in a stretch
was the problem. It still is.

Prior 2005 ZT:
Confused investigators look for reasons for disasters that have their etiology in Earth quietly pulled apart, rock flakes pulled away, rather than pressed together, so that no quakes occur. The stretch zone is that sinking feeling, where support weakens, the ground sinks, and silently so. Thus gas and water mains explode, because the ground under them shifts, factories or refineries with gas line joints firmly sealed explode as these joints are pulled apart, and bridges fall as their mooring lose their firm footing.

Accepted via email: 

Will this work?
[and from another]
‘Insurance Policy for Planet Earth’: Space Agencies to Smash Spacecraft into Asteroid at over 14,000 mph
September 19, 2019
The joint asteroid impact and deflection assessment (AIDA) project launched by the ESA and NASA in 2015, and Earth’s champion selected for the mission will be NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft. When the Japanese space agency JAXA bombed the asteroid Ryugu in April, it made a far bigger crater than anticipated. Additionally, the material on the surface behaved like sand, which may impact the effectiveness of deflection.  The DART will ram into Didymos B at 23,760 kilometers per hour (14,760mph). However, all that force will only translate into a change in the asteroid’s velocity of just a centimetre per second or so, which could change the orbital period from almost 12 hours to a mere matter of minutes. The mission is set to launch in July 2021, with the impact expected in September 2022. The ESA’s Hera observation spacecraft will launch in 2023 and take observations starting in 2027 to give the final appraisal of the mission.
[and from another]
In the first week of April, a Japanese spacecraft blasted a small crater into an asteroid more than 180 million miles from Earth.

The debate about deflecting asteroids that threaten Earth
has been under discussion in ZetaTalk since its inception. In 1996 we debated Jonathan Tate
of Space Guard UK
on the sci.astro usenet. We argued that deflection in space simply does not work because the asteroid is attracted to a gravity source, and being deflected merely means it will move to the side and then proceed on its way toward that gravity source. Vaporizing the asteroid is required, but mankind’s solution to try deflection with a nuke will not work either. On Earth, the explosion cannot push the Earth aside, but in space the force of explosion will dissipate in all directions.

We have recommended that mankind follow the Chelyabinsk
example, where a large bolide was captured by Earth’s gravity and was rapidly descending when the missile struck. Deflection was not an option as the gravity pull was too strong. The Russian missile was thus able to create an explosion that vaporized the bolide. Just where, in the atmosphere above Earth, this line is drawn where the gravity pull of Earth is sufficient to allow bolides to be vaporized is a matter for Earth scientists to establish.

Prior 7/15/1996 ZT:
Such a deflection would require a precisely placed explosive device of sufficient strength to vaporize the asteroid. Disintegration would be required because deflection is not possible in space. This statement will meet with vehement objection, especially from the arm of the establishment which seeks only to deflect panic in the populace.

Prior ZT:
The trajectory of large asteroids or tail debris is known before impact, as Chelyabinsk proved. The Chelyabinsk technique proved to be a success. Copy that.

Accepted via email: 

Our PM Justin has made international news with multiple blackface images and a video released all within 12hrs just a month before the Canadian election with the Conservatives and Liberals very close in the polls. He apologized but also said he has no idea if there is more out there. Justin has a history of virtue signaling and vehemently calling people who question his policies as racists or worse. Hence the hypocrisy of these images is notable. And he’s also been a scathing critic of Trump, probably to the detriment of relations with the US. But what is interesting is that The Real Dark Judge forewarned the other week of the MSM turning on Trudeau and that Trudeau was not in control of Canada. He also tweeted that blackface was not the only thing Trudeau was guilty of. So once again TRDJ+ has inside knowledge and is said to operate in a similar circle as the Q team. So can the Zetas comment at all on this incredible development on what is usually very boring Canadian politics with a major election at hand? 
[and from another]
[and from another]
Justin Trudeau: the rise and fall of a political brand
August 22, 2019
Thanks to his clever use of social media, he was dubbed the first prime minister of the Instagram age – but after four years in power, cracks in his image have started to show.
[and from another]
GOLDSTEIN: Why Trudeau should campaign against Trudeau
September 7, 2019
Here are 10 reasons why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the last federal election would have been appalled by Trudeau’s record in this election.
[and from another]
The human symbol of this free association is the Head of the Commonwealth, currently Queen Elizabeth II, and the 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting appointed Charles, Prince of Wales to be her designated successor, although the position is not technically hereditary. The Queen is the head of state of 16 member states, known as the Commonwealth realms, while 32 other members are republics and five others have different monarchs. As membership is purely voluntary, member governments can choose at any time to leave the Commonwealth.
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As regent, Prince Charles would assume the majority of duties Queen Elizabeth II currently carries out but would not be crowned king until the passing of his mother.

As is known in the world of politics, the best time to ruin an opponent’s chances is in the days and weeks before an election, when the opponent does not have time to recover. The timing of Trudeau’s exposure is thus not a surprise, but why would the media be the messengers in this manner? Particularly notable is the British press. The media is almost invariably a lackey to those in power, and as has been shown in recent photos, the Queen is dead
and now replaced with a Double. Who stands in her stead, acting as Head of State and Head of the Commonwealth?

During the secret war
ongoing to bring down the Khazarian banking empire headed by Bibi Netanyahu and Moloch
worship requiring child sacrifice, the public is kept in the dark. This empire is associated with the Illuminati royalty in Europe, the Nazi blood line, and the Bush/Clinton Cabal. This network operated with impunity due to extensive blackmail of politicians and corporate leaders caught in pedophilia.
During the Tribunals
operating in the US and joined by the Royal Marines in the UK, Satanic child sacrifice, money laundering, and theft of funds from the people are being prosecuted.

In all of this the public has been kept in the dark, partly to allow the Tribunals to continue until they are confident those at the top are not criminals, and partly to allow daily life for the common man to continue apace without undue stress. The truth is considered too horrific for the common man to digest. Executions are occurring but some icons must be removed from power first. The Queen’s Double will toddle about but be replaced by Charles as her Regent for public events. Netanyahu will be forced from power by a new coalition in Israel. Former PM May has been forced out in Britain. And Trudeau will likely lose his power during the forthcoming election.

Hello Nancy and Zetas,

Lately the iNtegrated Space Weather Analysis System - iSWA / Nasa Has been down for much of the past week. Beginning September 13, 2019 following the posting of images in the Magnetosphere Eddy blog some of the ISWA web app went down. This image outage was mainly the Magnetosphere Y-Cut, Z-Cut, Magnetopause and a few other Magnetosphere cygnets, all offline and returned sometime September 18 ~ 20:00 UTC. The ISWA site ran for a short while (hours) then the entire site went down at 21:06 UTC. When the Mag. cygnets returned online 9/18 most of the timestamped images were there to see from the 13-18. Of course there were the usual missing frames during Polarity Increases and Mangled Magnetosphere postures. 

In trying to be fairly consistent in viewing the ISWA  Magnetosphere cygnets and readings for the past 2 years. With the ground breaking insights from Howard, and you Nancy and the Zetas, there is plenty to study. I was able to help contribute images for some of the many events, postures and readings of the Magnetosphere of the Earth in response to the Bully Magnet as seen in ISWA. Lately there has been no shortage of events. I would like to add many times this past year I have posted images to ECPS only to see the ISWA Magnetosphere cygnets go down shortly after. Though not surprised it's just solid proof of how much and often they must visit the site daily. 

Could the Zetas give any insight as to what is currently going on with the ISWA Space Weather Analysis System?

To be honest I'm amazed it has lasted this long given how much it has been an asset to counter the "Blaming the Sun" lies put forth for these time. This has been quiet a tool for the common man.



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