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Jan said:
Hi Nancy and the Zs!

In previous chats, the effects of the tsunami on UK and the western parts of Denmark and Norway have been addressed. What about the eastern part of Denmark, i.e. Zealand and Copenhagen, and parts of Sweden and Norway hidden behind Denmark and/or the southern tip of Norway? What will be the tsunami effects, if any, here?

With the bridge between Denmark and Sweden, escape from pancake flat Denmark should be easy. How far and high will they need to go to be protected against the tsunami?
Should they expect to be able to return to Copenhagen?


Clearly if the 200-300 foot high tsunami striking the west coast of the UK washes through the English Channel thence into the North Sea at a height of 100 feet, Denmark is in trouble. The tsunami will wash over, around, and through almost everything in Denmark as well as the lowlands of Germany which jut out to form a barrier for this tsunami. Rebuilding is unlikely to take place at all.

Prior ZT:
France can anticipate a tsunami of 100 feet, Spain perhaps 30-40 feet, the UK 200-300 feet, and Norway 50-75 feet. The full brunt of the tsunami that strikes the UK will also wash through the English Channel, entering the North Sea, and clashing with the any flow coming down from the Norwegian Sea. The lowlands in the North Sea can expect a tsunami an estimated 100 foot high. The coastlines that have been scoured clean of buildings because of the European tsunami will not be resettled, and not just because of insurance issues. There will be repeated tsunamis, though not as large as the initial one we have described, but enough to keep the populace fearful of a repeat.
The country is flat with little elevation; having an average height above sea level of 31 metres (102 ft). The highest natural point is Møllehøj, at 170.86 metres (560.56 ft).
steve havas said:
With regards to the "sloshing Pacific in the straits off Victoria" the Zeta's explained would follow the 8+ magnitude earthquakes in Japan, how much "sloshing" can be expected? I have a friend who lives water front there who I warned about this and he expressed some concern about this. Would it be the likes of a major tsunami or excessive high, rolling tides? Also would the Vancouver area be greatly affected by this as a number of populated areas are at ocean level.

Quakes of a magnitude 9 (which would be downgraded to 8+ by the USGS) in Japan would occur as a result of a compressing Pacific, and thus would surely generate tsunami. Victoria was being warned because it lies on the coastline, directly on the water front, and directly in the path of the anticipated tsunami which will then funnel through the narrows and thus exacerbate the height of the tsunami. This will not be a roiling tide, it will be a tsunami which will rise up suddenly and roll inland with force and speed.
Kris H said:
Why is PX represented in ancient depictions as a winged globe? I know we see it as a winged globe on SOHO, but they obviously did not have SOHO 3600 years ago. Is that also how it will appear to the naked eye when the Earth is pulled closer to it?


_neX_ said:
Can Zetas say what means this new crop circle?


The ancient symbol of a Winged Globe
was assumed by many to be merely a symbol of a traveling planet, Nibiru, but has recently been reveals to be the actual appearance of this approaching monster. Thus, the Avebury crop circle is making this statement. Today, a sighting of Planet X is most often of a Second Sun, which is sunlight glinting off the massive dust cloud. The Second Sun is always reflecting sunlight off a PART of the complex, and is therefore merely a blaze of light from a single source. But increasingly, as Planet X approaches the Earth, squeezing Venus toward Earth and closing the gap so that MORE of the shrouded Planet X complex can be seen, it will take on the appearance of the Winged Globe in the skies. Many crop circles have alluded to this image, taking the shape of a bird in flight with a long trail streaming behind and the like.

Planet X itself has two primary Moon Swirls that flare out on either side, like shoulder pads. This is the source of the Winged Globe shape, and the double helix shape on some photos of Planet X. These Moon Swirls keep apart from each other, though compete to be the closest Moon Swirl to the body of Planet X itself. Fairly equal in mass, they both cling close to the body of Planet X and both refuse to be displaced, thus the wings.
nathanial x vance said:
Dear Group / Sister Nancy,
In September of 1994, it was alleged by some 62 beautiful Ruwa, Zimbabwe school children, that they had direct contact with several strange looking extraterrestrial beings near the alien UFO spacecraft, and they all said that they received by telepathy dire messages concerning the Endtime of this world. This extremely rare incident were vigorously investigated by the late renown John Mackey and several other noted UFO/ET people, and by all accounts, they all ended up believing what the 62 children had told them about having this very rare African ET/UFO visitation experience.
My question is this; do you believe in what these 62 schoolchildren said happened in Ruwa, Zimbabwe in 1994 about them meeting space aliens, or is it just another well makeup hoax?
I would love to hear what the beloved space Zetas has to say about this incident as well.
62 school Children see UFO/ETs lands at in Ruwa, Zimbabwe in 1994
A major 1994 UFO/ET sighting in Ruwa, Zimbabwe Africa
video 1 :
video 2 :

video 3 :


Africa until recently was a continent at war among the visitors. Those in the Service-to-Self were trying to win the balance, so that they would be granted the right to operate Africa as a prison colony for the Service-to-Self. We have explained
that for a globe to be divided in this manner, it must be on a continent wide basis, as clear borders must be established. Africa, as a whole, thus, was the battleground. A similar battle had taken place within this past decade for S America, and those in the Service-to-Self even had hopes for N America in the past, when the Bush family held sway. Africa is now solidly included as is the rest of the Earth’s land masses as Service-to-Other territory, but in 1994 this had not yet been decided. In such situations, ambassadors from both the Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other engage each other, and the Service-to-Self of course try to take every advantage. Thus, in situations where the balance presented to your souls in Africa had been tipped, so that their view of their options, their choices, was skewed, the Council of Worlds allows a countering influence. This happened for mankind when the Annunaki were quarantined from Earth, as mankind had been unduly influenced toward the Service-to-Self by being enslaved by the giant Annunaki. The Zimbabwe visitation thus was allowed to be in the conscious of these children, who were so genuine that the true message was relayed in the media and across the continent. The message was not meant to intimidate or create a sense of power over others in the children, but rather was a message of caring for each other and the Earth, and a warning of the times to come. This was intuitively understood by the children and all who heard the story to be a message of caring.

Prior ZT”
Africa has a unique experience with regard to UFO sightings, as this continent is targeted by aliens in the Service-to-Self orientation who hope to get a foothold on the Earth during the Transformation, where they would otherwise lose out entirely on a world scheduled to become a home for the Service-to-Other. Sightings in Africa, therefore, are not as elsewhere where they are a gentle nudge toward the Awakening. Sightings in Africa are not meant to intrigue, to set the curious to asking questions or the casual observer to pondering. They are, rather, within the bounds of the restraints imposed on ambassadors from the Service-to-Self by the Council of Worlds, meant to intimidate. Thus, where sightings elsewhere are most often observed by adults, recent sightings in Africa have been experienced by impressionable children.

Prior ZT:
For the Earth, which has had an abnormal influence toward the Service-to-Self in her past, the final battles had focused on continents to be won, with the hopes that the Service-to-Self could reside there as a form of prison planet in part. Since strict separation of the orientations is done after 3rd density, the regions assigned would have to be continents, not even subcontinents. It would not do for a Service-to-Other community to gaze across a mountain pass and see a Service-to-Self prison colony in operation. So both S America and Africa were targeted. The Chupacabra were unleashed in S America, but prior to that ruthless government repression such as occurred under Pinochet occurred. When the battle for S America was lost to the Service-to-Self, they concentrated their efforts on Africa, which had a long history of colonization and brutal repression. This battle likewise has been won for the Service-to-Other, with the result that the Service-to-Self have concentrated their efforts on individuals in government or in charge of tribal warfare efforts. As more democracies spring up, many headed by compassionate women, the battle increasingly becomes a wasted effort for those in the Service-to-Self, and their troops are being pulled for work elsewhere.
bedlamite said:
I'm closing in on a question about the difference between looting and salvage. maybe others can help define the question. It seems that most people will be thrown back into a pre-stone age Hunter/Gatherer lifestyle.
Way to many people these days are helpless without electricity. They will only be skilled enough to scavenge. Some of us know a little about making stone tools, so we would be considered living in the Stone-Age. There are maybe a few blacksmiths left who can process ore, but more likely if we can find a deposit of copper and tin we could maybe figure out how to get it hot enough to enter the Bronze-Age. The strongest desire will be to get electricity. I can live without it, but it is nice to have. When the big waves hit most everything along the coast will wash away. Away where? Further along, the waves will lose power and all the stuff that washed away is going to be dropped on the ground. Heavy stuff won't go as far in the current as light weight stuff. OK Cement and Steel Skyscrapers won't go anywhere, but flat to the bottom as fast as they can. Canned goods that come out of peoples destroyed homes or destroyed grocery stores are very bouyant and will wash away a long long distance. I can picture a little inlet type cove along the new shoreline with thousands of cans of beans and soup and everything else just bobbing in the slack water. And then there are all those cars. something will have to be done with them.
Besides, eventually, we will have to get around to cleaning up the messes. Is it just intent? that makes the difference. I mean anyone could find a good supply of something, say a semi-trailer washes up nearby and they open it up to find something yummy. Would we use that to barter everything else we need or just give it to everybody who wants it. we will have to start bartering sometime. So where is the line to be drawn? between looting and salvage. The only Stainless Steel that we will ever have for many years is going to be what we scavenge. New production of the more complex things that we have now won't happen, anytime soon. Perhaps the difference comes at the point of group membership. maybe we give to our tribe and barter with yours. Is our clan just the people we end up being near or the ones we love no matter where they are.
I dunno
there's a question around here someplace

After the pole shift, ownership of goods and even land will devolve quickly into squatter’s rights and all unguarded property will be considered for the taking. The reasons for this are simple enough. Travel will be virtually impossible, the courts not in operation, police and military will not be functional, and thus the laws of ownership will not be enforced. Imagine the situation. Structures have collapsed, roadways heaved, and electronic communications nill. After the injured either die or recover, the existing food stocks have been eaten, and survivors have grow weary of sitting out in the rain a realization dawns on the survivors - no one in the government has arrived to deliver rice and beans or establish the rule of law. This has already been tested by starving survivors who have looted every food store in the vicinity. Unless someone with a gun is standing guard, it is the rule of snatch-and-run that has been applied.

At first, someone without shelter moves into a vacant building that has partially remained standing. Once this process starts, there is no stopping the rule of squatter’s rights or the rule of the strong. This may be discussed among the survivors, but even without consensus, this tread will occur. It is ultimately the realization that the rule of law, established governments and enforcement of laws, has evaporated that establishes full scale salvage operations. Metal will be taken and smelted down to be molded into tools. Car parts will be taken to build windmills and battery banks. Anything combustible will be used as fuel. This should be seen less as a lawless effort and viewed instead in the light of intent. If salvage is being done for the good of the community, to help those in need, then this is NOT lawless but the Golden Rule applied. If salvage is being done to empower a warlord, then salvage is not the right term to be used. Theft, applies, and the thief should be dealt with by the community accordingly.
Free Store said:
Hi Nancy, I'm really enjoying posting here. My question is:

The Azores last week showed signs of moderate earthquake activity as reported by the USGS
The Azores are in the middle of three continental plates, and are adjacent to N.Y. and below the Saint Lawrence seaway. I have a hunch that part of the Azores are connected to the N.Y. manhole blowouts and the stink that was reported by the media, if the connection is true.

Are the Azores, like the San Andreas fault and the New Meridian fault that play a major role in the North American plate, have anything to do with the ripping of N.America or have any effect at all on the east coast of the US or Canada? What role do the Azores play in this?

I couldn't have found a worse map :)

Free Store said:
Hi again Nancy, Doing Google about the Azores microplate is not yielding much in results. The microplate, looking at the map touches the American plate. Beyond that it does not indicate what it is doing in terms of having any effect on the N. American coastline. I realize now that it is over the mid Atlantic ridge (mar) so it's way out there and may not have any great significance of anything

If the Zetas have an explanation they may want to mention about the Azores, would be appreciated

At the point where 3 great plates collide, the tiny Azores Plate participates in any plate movement of the others. This is a stretch zone, but when one of the plates rides up or down, vs a vs the others, it would experience jolts. All this just confirms that plate movement is occurring, the Atlantic SPREADING, the Africa Plate ROLLING. More to come!
_neX_ said:
Last time I began to notice unusual things with communication on a cellular telephone.
I from Western Siberia, Russia. Here in what business:
Such began to occur to periodicity in two-three days, in one and too time occurs at 23:30 communication breakage, the operator of mobile communication is lost, approximately on half an hour and there and then the wind in the street (it becomes audible its rumble) rises. And there is an impression that companions serving communication leave from the orbit and for some time communication stops. Probably here there is an interrelation?
I began to find out it from the end of July - the beginning of August.
This periodicity became me very strange and consequently I want to ask what is the matter? Probably at this time the Earth leaves from an orbit?


Cell phones are subject to numerous factors. As is known, if the user is in an area where a tower or satellite cannot be in communication, one must walk to higher ground or drive to another area. But when outages occur in areas previously giving good service, something else is happening. When this happens at a particular time, repeated over days for that same time, and is accompanied by an increase in wind, this is in all likelihood caused by the Earth wobble. This does not interrupt communications from nearby towers, but most long-range cell phone communications requires satellite bounce for certain sections of the call, and THIS can be disrupted. The cell phone satellite system adjusts, finding other satellites nearby that can resume the call or provide service, but for the interim, service is disrupted. This is in fact PROOF of sorts of the Earth wobble, for those astute enough to recognize this.
shams said:
My apologies if this question was already asked, but my question for the zetas is: what was the cause of the enbridge oil leak in michigan last month?

In quieter times, pipelines were often laid along riverways, as the ground was soft, not rocky, and flood plains often preclude building structures that man can live in. Parks and pipelines are permitted. But in the current times when river bottoms are the point where a stretch can occur, this has come back to haunt man. Michigan is in the area being shifted as the Seaway stretches, in the stretch zone in this regard. Man can explore such occurrences.
The Enbridge leak was smaller by many orders of magnitude than BP's massive blunder in the Gulf of Mexico, which spewed as much as 697 million litres of oil into the Gulf after a drilling rig exploded in April. It had doubled to 300 the number of employees working on the spill that fouled a Michigan river and will set up twice as many barricades in nearby waterways to contain the leaked crude. Crews are starting to dig up the pipe in order to figure out what caused it to leak.
steve havas said:
Can the Zeta's respond to the degree of devastation and affect on population they expect Japan to experience when the series of 8+magnitude EQ's strike and what regions or cities would be most particularly affected?

Matías Valdivia said:
Hi Nancy.
Displaying seismic activity on line until today's date August 18,

MAP 6.3 2010/08/18 16:28:15 12.218 141.513 10.0 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 5.1 2010/08/15 21:18:42 11.663 142.179 18.7 SOUTH OF THE MARIANA ISLANDS
MAP 4.9 2010/08/15 13:07:44 12.159 141.449 10.0 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 4.9 2010/08/15 12:55:04 12.124 141.421 10.2 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 5.1 2010/08/15 08:46:57 12.214 141.390 10.2 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 5.0 2010/08/15 06:13:30 12.279 141.459 10.2 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 5.0 2010/08/15 04:07:35 12.181 141.506 15.0 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 5.3 2010/08/15 04:00:59 12.125 141.424 15.0 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 5.2 2010/08/14 23:50:44 12.244 141.399 24.9 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 5.1 2010/08/14 23:27:34 12.185 141.367 20.1 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 6.6 2010/08/14 23:01:06 12.211 141.408 22.5 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 5.1 2010/08/14 21:01:28 12.270 141.450 13.5 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 5.0 2010/08/14 18:39:16 12.219 141.343 10.0 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 4.8 2010/08/14 17:44:05 12.233 141.470 29.0 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 5.7 2010/08/14 16:35:44 12.297 141.570 10.0 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 5.0 2010/08/14 16:12:40 12.188 141.500 10.0 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 4.9 2010/08/14 15:24:04 12.224 141.473 10.0 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 5.9 2010/08/14 14:44:37 12.264 141.434 42.0 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 4.7 2010/08/14 10:26:44 12.486 141.767 10.0 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 5.0 2010/08/14 08:20:57 12.357 141.636 10.1 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 5.2 2010/08/14 07:49:00 12.491 141.566 10.0 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 6.3 2010/08/14 07:30:17 12.328 141.473 9.7 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 4.7 2010/08/14 06:19:05 12.298 141.558 10.0 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 4.6 2010/08/14 03:16:44 12.133 141.422 10.0 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 4.8 2010/08/13 22:08:42 12.461 141.758 10.0 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
MAP 7.2 2010/08/13 21:19:32 12.409 141.487 4.7 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION

I find it quite remarkable increase of tremors and earthquakes in the Mariana Islands. ¿Why should so much seismic activity? ¿Is the announcement of a major movement of plates?


Japan is at the juncture of several plate boundaries. The southern islands are situated on the great Eurasian Plate, and fare the best because this plate is massive and stable. The northern islands are on a tongue of the great N American Plate, but this tongue is likewise stable although it comes under extreme stress particularly at its tip, sometimes called the Okhotsk Plate. It is the pressure from the Pacific that is the issue, as the Pacific is compressing. Likewise, the Philippine Plate is at issue, as it loses in the compression game and in essence is pushed under and lost. The Philippine Plate is tipping, rising at the Mariana Islands and diving under the tongue of the Eurasian Plate that holds Indonesia. This tongue is itself being pushed down. Imagine the domino effect of the Mariana Trench folding against the Philippine Plate, tipping this sideways to drive the western edge under the tongue holding Indonesia, which is at the same time breaking and bending to subduct under the curve of the Indo-Australian Plate.

This is a domino pressure, happening almost simultaneously. The scenario guarantees that the islands of southern Japan will be doing mountain buildings, particularly at the point where these plates converge at Mt. Fuji. The pressure from the compressing Pacific is applied directly on the northern islands of Japan, however, where the Pacific Plate is pushing under these islands. Thus when plate movement begins, there will first be a tipping and pushing down and under the south of Japan, and then as resistance here is eased, pressure on the northern part of Japan increases until an adjustment is made there likewise. The great quakes to afflict Japan prior to the pole shift will be thus in the south first, followed by great quakes in the northern islands of Japan with consequent tsunami heading for N America. Just when this will hit, and how much time will pass between the quakes in the south to be followed by quakes in the north, we cannot say.

Prior ZT:
These quakes will rival the large quakes that Japan has historically suffered periodically, but will be characterized by sympathetic adjustments in the Pacific Ring of Fire not normally accompanying large Japan quakes. The whole region will be seen as under pressure from subducting Pacific plates and the reaction to this pressure.
emanuel franco said:
hi Nancy thank you for all the hard work all these years, been a fan since i was 17 n i'm 28 now, my how time flys!.....

by the end of 2010 one or more of the events depicted in the holographic presentation will occur, shocking the world and moving us to a 7. The Zetas have said a few times the poleshift will happen before 2012, so that gives us about a year and 5 month window.

my Q- without giving specific dates for certain events, isn't the timeline basically down? will the shocking event that moves us to a 7 be the point where media and government start being more open? zetas too? if the elite that control media and portions of political power are heading for their bunkers, isn't the threat of them mowing down millions probably gone now?

Our prior statements about the pole shift likely happening prior to 2012 must be taken in the context that we are NOT ALLOWED to give you the date, so even this warning must be taken with a grain of salt. We are constantly trying to get humans who linger in their comfortable coastal cities to move inland into rural area and get into gardening. Take our warnings in that context. The pole shift could happen at ANY trimester, and theoretically could happen after 2012. That said, are we at the point now, when a 7 of 10 will surely happen at least within months, when the establishment will no longer consider an informed public a threat? No, because the 7 of 10 has NOT yet occurred, and even when it has, the establishment will STILL want to delay informing the public unless they are firmly ensconced in their bunkers. Bunker living is very restrictive, and those in power and with great wealth like to move about, albeit in safe areas, and enjoy the fresh air and to have the ability to entertain themselves with travel. When the public is informed, it will not be through formal means like the major media.
lovely28 said:
Hello Nancy, can you ask the Zeta's what was going on August 17th, 2010? Fighter aircraft scramble after violation of flight restrictions for Obama visit in Seattle area. This situation was being discussed on one of my other chat groups.
People heard two loud booms sounds through the Seattle area and as far as Lacey about 1:50 p.m.

A spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration said two fighter jets were scrambled to respond to a violation of flight restrictions put in place during President Obama's visit.

Described as a "real world mission," a spokeswoman for 142nd Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard in Portland said the jets were launched at 1:38 p.m. Tuesday while Obama was in Seattle.

Additional details were not immediately available.

Very strange. Apparently these booms shook houses for miles???

What in the world???? Caused a 2.8 Magnitude reading the eartquake detectors ... apparently 85 miles south of Seattle????

Pierce County Sheriff is saying 911 is DOWN via landlines in Pierce County because of sooooo many calls.

Here's a link with the boom in the background ... crazy stuff. Lots of EQs reported around there too ...

It got a small mention here oddly
The EQ's are odd, is that a usual result of Sonic booms? Or are we looking at possible impact here?

Booms have been in the news
for several years now, in the N American continent, as it has been under stress since early 2004 when the Earth wobble began. The Seattle drums
are also not new, so Seattle in particular has had this noise from breaking rock before. What would normally be the cover-up - a mere sonic boom, the usual excuse - resulted in a fluster only because Obama was in town. This is breaking rock, due to the N American continent being under stress, pulled at a diagonal, and will not ease until the New Madrid adjusts.
Lee S said:
Hi Nancy,

I have followed Zetatalk for nearly a decade now and have read most of the information the site has to offer. The information there has resonated with me, particularly how different people prepare for the pole shift based on their life circumstance etc.

The reason I mention this is because I feel that the time is coming close and I should start preparing which is something I couldn't bring myself to do before now. I have spent considerable time thinking about a location to setup after the pole shift. A location that is both suitable for sustaining a community of people that is far enough from the cities and close to valuable resources such as the ocean for fishing etc. I have studied the safelocs document and would like more specific information regarding the new west coast of Australia after the pole shift.

I have done a quick map of Australia based on the safelocs doc (to the best of my interpretation) and have referenced some towns. My question is, how close is my interpretation of the information provided by the Zetas? I understand their information is based on simulations and I accept there would be a margin for error (but the margin would be small I suspect considering the technology at the Zetas disposal). I am from Adelaide and am interested in the south western corner of the map specifically.

Thank you for your time, Nancy.

P.S. If any Australian's, particularly those in SA & VIC, would like to contact me to discuss survival locations, groups or anything else please feel free to contact me.

We have stated that the western 2/3 of Australia will find itself under water as a result of the pole shift, and this is not yet accounting for the 675 foot rise in sea level that will occur within 2 years after the pole shift. We have stated that New Zealand can anticipate a rise in elevation of 500 feet, and this rise assists the eastern coastline of Australia too, but overall the Indo-Australia Plate takes a PLUNGE under the Himalayas, losing elevation overall. If the outback of Australia is going to be under water, where its elevation today rises to 3-4,000 feet in places, then it does not compute that the lowlands in the center of Australia will be exempt. The lowlands in the eastern 1/3 of Australia likewise will not be safe, for this reason. For safety, survival communities should be clustered along the eastern seaboard of Australia, but if not able to make that distance during the last weeks, higher ground on the eastern 1/3 of Australia will provide a staging area until migration by boat can be arranged.


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