As we prepare our way into the shift; plotting, planting, and just plain preparing, I thought I would present a worse case scenario. This type of scenario is not far from being a reality for some, even possible for those who prepare immensely:

Let's assume you and a team have prepared for the pole shift. This includes your close family, relatives, and other friends. You find what you assume to be a relatively safe location, stock up on the essentials that can last you for months, and everything else possible for a halfway descent post-pole shift survival lifestyle. You've prepared yourself mentally, as best as you can.

Now, let's assume you are headed to your location, for you had to be away for some reason. You are by yourself.

Certain circumstances thwart your plans to make it back to your camp. You do not make it in time and you're a long way away from your camp. The shift hits, yet you happen to miraculously find a spot that protects you somewhat from the chaos. You watch as comets, fire, and other projectiles fiercely dance across the sky. After coming out with a broken arm and finding that the hurricane winds have torn off your clothes, you begin to panic. You possess virtually no supplies, no water, and no food. No clothes, no weapons, no family, NOTHING. You have only your body and mind. Imagine that you are angry that you cannot be there for your family. What will motivate you?

What will you do?
 How will you apply your common sense?

Be creative. You could be in a city, suburbs, a forest, a desert, a swamp...What would you do if you found yourself in any location?

Different views would be tremendously beneficial to all. This could very well happen to anybody.

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I like the comments so far but this one is my favorite. I was thinking that I wouldn't be very far from my safe place (I am lucky enough to live on it already).
I don't plan to be much more than a hop and a skip away from it. I like all the comments on having a positive attitude. If by chance I am your worst case with my pants down...then protection from the elements is a must. When I get back to my safe place I would like to have my skin intact.
I would also be looking for the basics of food, water, sling, meds, etc. And I would look for good people that maybe would help my situation and hopefully I theirs. That last one is probably the hardest and most dangerous.
I know that I am not prepared for everything...however I am ready for anything and will make do with what I have available. I haven't fought this hard to stay alive just to be taken out by something that I knew was coming.

Tony said:
We have plenty of warning, a 4 month trimester of evident changes!!!So we don't need be risking long distance trips, or being caught in such bad shape! You can carry an emergency pack? If your left alive, some strong pain killers, a blanket, some protein bars, and a 2 way radio, should help get you by for a few days. With trees torn, cars, equipment , stores tossed around everywhere, I'm sure you can make some kind of weapon? Start looking for food, and keep walking! hopefully your not that far from your safe location, and recognize your way back!
It all boils down to how badly you want to keep going, and soak up all those experiences the physical realm has to offer! Not everybody has survival skills, or are excellent hunters, but nature will point you in the right direction, Or your stomach will, same thing.

Duane Richtsmeier said:
Thats when all those survival skills and military training kicks in I hope!
Basically, you're screwed.
... if one really thinks about it, Alex has made a very simple perception as to; "Worst Case Scenario." "Worst Case Scenario" is a distinct possibility. Nothing about this is planned, though planning is wise. Nothing about this is unequal to the greatest to the smallest of us. Bringing up these possibilities is a kind and viable detection by Alex. Our paths are going to be challenging to say the least! Staying calm and focusing on all that is at hand is an automatic sense I hope we all have the opportunity the acknowledge and recognize. Namaste all,
Mike and Maka
I'm with you Mike...:-). Most of us are too old and or too soft to survive such a scenario. We are not all ex SAS.

I don't consider having your clothes blown off at all realistic. That close to the PS you should probably never be without your pocket safety kit, your shoulder bag kit, and a weapon. And you should have a buddy.

No need to make what will be a BAD situation... impossible..
I ordered it the other day and didn't get a chance to watch it, but my Girlfriend saw it and didn't like at all?

Duane Richtsmeier said:
I think the movie "The Road" pretty much portrays that tony!
How long will one be willing and/or able to go on also!
Not if you have a screwdriver.

Mike Otway said:
Basically, you're screwed.
Duane, I think dark is an understatement! The only uplifting part of the movie is at the end when the STO family takes the boy into their fold!

Duane Richtsmeier said:
Thats probably because its one of the darkest movies Ive ever seen.

Tony said:
I ordered it the other day and didn't get a chance to watch it, but my Girlfriend saw it and didn't like at all?

Duane Richtsmeier said:
I think the movie "The Road" pretty much portrays that tony!
How long will one be willing and/or able to go on also!
Any case scenario can only be a bad case scenario especially if you have your clothes stripped off you by gale winds of a force of 200-300 mph. I must say, survival is nil to none. What Steve, Mariaelisa Torres, szlh, and John Owen said are very true indeed. STO will keep us focused now and being mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared as well. Being prepared mentally will be more essential to being completely focused when the shift begins, whether pre-, during or post. What will happen is...
Do we really know? Can a man express the actual experience of giving birth? Can one explain the confrontational sensation of being mugged or stabbed, in the onslaught of a Tornado, Hurricane, Tsunami, Flood or Earth quake? Maybe a stubbed toe? This question of worst case scenarios is truly a question to ponder and consider. It made think a lot of what will I do and how will I react.

If we are incarnated spirits, with the purpose of experiencing a reality called earth, and the transformation of the planet is to move the planet to 4th density only, or SERVICE to OTHER only planet, the answer is easy.

I do not expect rescue, and the scenario of solitude you paint, is in my mind, my heart, and my soul unlikely, as I expect to be always close to others, serving them in any capacity that can allow me to make this earth a service to other planet.

In that sense, if I were to be struck by lightning, a meteor, or other occurrance that may render me unable to keep doing the service to other that I came to do; I will quickly ask for permission if I have to ask for that, to take a body that is willing to quit, because they cannot face the harsh reality, and will continue with the service to other plan that got me here in the first place.

I think most people who have researched any kind of survival basics would quickly think of the following no matter where they found themselves --- If alone and you are breathing and your heart is beating, that is a good start, since you can't do artificial respiration and CPR on yourself. Control bleeding, stabilize/immobilize broken bones, take care of any other urgent life-threatening first aid. If not alone and others are present, triage decisions may need to be made. Avert panic by engaging the mind, taking stock, evaluating risks, establishing priorities. Remember rule of 3's: 3 minutes without air, 3 hours of exposure without shelter, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food. Shelter and protection from the elements will be a top priority followed closely by water supply. Decisions on whether to stay or move to a safer/better location will need to be made. Once initial survival has been accomplished, the next big hurdle will be the "will to live" decision. Those deciding in the affirmative will naturally start teaming up with like-minded and the scrounging and sharing starts.......or not.

I have thought about worse case scenarios many times because I have always been told to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Intuition or listening to promptings is the best way to avoid real problems. Most of us were led to Zetatalk because we were listening for answers.
Did we not see being beaten and stripped by the shift so it could be avoided? We all need to be tuned in to our future self.
If these worst case events befall us, then the first thing to do is to take an inventory of the situation and surroundings. Can I move? If so find shelter. Am I bleeding? If so try to stop it then find water. If naked find feet coverings first to make it easier to travel. Find basic tools (rocks) to make weapons for hunting and protection.
When reduced to the basic needs of shelter, food, water and warmth, make do or make peace with your soul guide and move on. Enjoy the adventure of living in the body or out of it, because life goes on no matter what path we take.

Alex, I think that this is a wonderful post, albeit depressing! LOL One thing that I have been frustrated with on the ning is people suggesting ideas such as a post shift bidet! Yes it's on here and I laughed out loud when I read it. Chances are that all of our preparations will be destroyed. I mean, we all hope that they won't be destroyed but honestly, how does the average man or woman prepare for a disaster of such enormous scope. There are so many unknowns to contend with. I have done preparations but I am not naive enough to think that they will all survive that is why I am now concentrating on a mini survival backpack, which would be gone as well, in your scenario! I think the best defense in this situation is to be prepared mentally. Breathing exercises have been mentioned to help center one's self. I think that would be a great place to start. We need to be prepared to scavenge and scrounge for things. Study how to build temporary shelters from junk now! Surely there will be bits and pieces of the previous world laying about. Destroyed cars, trucks, etc. They might not be drivable but surely one might find one to take temporary shelter in whilst getting their wits about them! I could go on and on but I think that mental preparedness is our greatest tool!
movie worth watching.

although only STS would go into cannibalism. others would probably chose to die of hunger rather than kill people.

re what happened in the movie. its hints - constatnly hinting in different movies, always walking in circles around the truth, never telling it straight.

one could suggest a pole shift was implied - continuing earthquakes (aftershocks), and yes fire.

Duane Richtsmeier said:
Yes, I WAS being kind!
Its the downest movie ever until the end.
But that glimmer of hope at the end, that was good and Yes, I loved the STO ending!
Someone was telling us something there.
But I also do believe that it could end up being a LOT like the movie portrayed.
Unless we use it as a possiblility and try to prepare for that kind of scenario.
They never do really say what happened though!
what do you think?
Fire from the sky, no sun for 7 years.
Constant earthquakes.
I was thinking maybe Nibirus debris tail and a pole shift!

Steve said:
Duane, I think dark is an understatement! The only uplifting part of the movie is at the end when the STO family takes the boy into their fold!

Duane Richtsmeier said:
Thats probably because its one of the darkest movies Ive ever seen.

Tony said:
I ordered it the other day and didn't get a chance to watch it, but my Girlfriend saw it and didn't like at all?

Duane Richtsmeier said:
I think the movie "The Road" pretty much portrays that tony!
How long will one be willing and/or able to go on also!
Very true, we can continue to survive and the only valuable we have that might be lost will be our will to live...only if we let it.

szlh said:
I just reread the following this morning and highly recommend them both for anyone following this thread, just to get a snapshot of the big picture again:

Survivors, A Matter of Mindset

Aftertime - The Hours, Months and Years After The Poleshift

I don't think there is any situation so dire that it can't be improved by connecting with another human being, and offering small constructive actions and emotional support, if nothing else. Even if you're both dying.
Elizabeth, this was one of my favorite responses. I liked your knowledge on the sugar, specifically. :)

elizabeth allweiss said:
elizabeth allweiss said:
After initial shock and crying, depression, etc, first I try to find somebody to scavenge with, to find medical help or supplies at a drugstore (break in) to make a splint or cast of some kind, to maybe snap my arm back into place and immobilize the arm. Then I need a week of antibiotics to prevent infection of that arm or I will pack it full of sugar if I can find enough because sugar kills bacteria, prevents gangrene. Then I wrap the arm and try to find water and any kind of food and a can opener or two or three! With no electricity, you must have hand-held can openers and toilet paper (a must for me).
To survive, I must not think about the chaos too much. I must hold onto hope and think clearly. The toilet paper helps me hold onto the old world and feel civilized in the face of total ruin.
I would look for an abandoned car with keys, of someone who's dead, or bike, or horse (for awhile) and if I have to, I would make a gas substitute so I dont have to keep changing cars.
How's that? Feedback is welcome!!!

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