What life in survivor/refugee camps might be like.

Just trying to document what current refugee camps look like to help us anticipate the challenges future survivor camps might face. (In any case we'll probably get an idea of what this will be like before the poleshift).

#1) Here is a Syrian refugee camp showing the challenges they face attempting to work together. The need to equally share resources (water, shelter, electricity, etc), educating kids, etc.

#2) Here is a Jordanian refugee camp showing the disruption something like war (or the poleshift) brings about. People's dreams for the future & their present lives all brought to an abrupt end. Simple things such as playing sports bring back a sense of normalcy. (And bringing back a sense of normalcy is so important). For those that have lost all hope, seeing survivors work together gives them a new purpose & the resolve to keep on keeping on.

#3) Here is a 14 year old kid who's volunteered to be a nurse. Giving up his childhood to cater to more important things at hand. (I believe its said somewhere in zetatalk, that kids will be resourceful in helping out)

#4) And another refugee camp in Turkey. People have lost everything & control over their lives. So naturally everyone's on edge, not knowing where or to whom to channel this anger at. (They're not in control. Can't grow crops there. Not near any sources of fishing. They are completely dependent on food aid & dont have any idea on how to better their situation for themselves.)

Here is some zetatalk that might be helpful with this topic:

The correct adjustment when the infrastructure is devastated, or when supplies get tight, is to cut back on selfish expectations and share what is available with others. Since all homes cannot be heated, moving in together so that one heated house can supply several families should be mandated. This will bring screams from everyone who has been told they should expect their own home, their own apartment, that this is their right. In decades past extended families lived together, the oldsters helping young mothers with their babies, and since this type of living will be the norm in the Aftertime, get used to it early.

If despite Obama’s encouragement windmill and solar panel use within the US is still being neglected...this is a matter that can be remedied relatively quickly. Constructing and erecting windmill farms would be faster than attempting to transport refined gasoline or heating oil by boat to the East Coast. Follow the lead of countries like Sweden, which have utilized wind power for decades. The US of course will not recover from the New Madrid and what is to follow along the West Coast. - ZetaTalk

Please feel free to add to this discussion. (All the examples here are in the context of the Syrian rebellion, so it may be providing only a narrow perspective)

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The first thing that came to mind after reading this post was another example from WWII. When the bombing in London started children and pregnant women were taken to the countryside and hosteled at farms and manor estates. They were essentially refugees from the city. It was very difficult for the landowners and farmers being forced to take in so many people, but everybody pulled together admirably.  There is a YouTube series called War Time Farm that goes into detail on what the people did to manage, and I think the series adds to this discussion. Worth a watch.

I just watched 2 episodes from the series Joyce mentioned, on youtube. Its very illuminating. Whats interesting is to see how ppl organized to work together during those desperate times (not to mention the solutions they employed). The series itself was made in 2012 by BBC. (So no doubt why it was really made.) thank you.

This post is somewhat tangential to the whole "survivor camp" thing & has more to do with happens between now & then....

Another part of the zetatalk material quoted above says "When the New Madrid adjustments tear bridges and pipelines along the Mississippi, and the great San Andreas shifts shortly thereafter, the oil and gas production and distribution within the US will be permanently damaged. The US government knows this, and under the quiet but determined direction of Obama has been scouting solutions to this crisis." --Zetatalk

30% of electricity generated in the U.S. is from natural gas. (While coal produces about 37% of electricity.)

But this is the entire country's average. Some parts are more dependent on natural gas than others. There is also the fact that a majority of nuclear power plants are located to the east of New Madrid. And hydroelectric dams are located on rivers (which are likely to be weak points). And, here is a map of the natural gas pipelines. As you can see, they are centered right on top of New Madrid. Also, 61% of homes in the U.S. use natural gas.

And about 50% of the homes use it for space heating & water heating. 35% use it for cooking. (And we're not even including the homes that use electricity thats genereated by natural gas).

So think of winter without heating even before the poleshift. http://www.eia.gov/consumption/residential/data/2009/index.cfm

Picture: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_in_the_United_States

Now how much ever natural gas is used to generate electricity, an equal amount is used by industries as well (Link 1) (Link 2). So industies will be equally affected.

But now here is a video of Fox News blatantly lying about why solar power can't be used in America.

So of course moving to renewable energy sources hurts the wallets of powerful energy industries & that's very well the reason why Fox lies in the video about solar power. But I wonder if there is a more nefarious reason as to why elites might not want us to move towards renewable energy sources.

If the U.S. went green, that would mean people would be self-reliable & be able to remove the shackles of control elites impose on people today. On the other hand if no infrastructure of independent survivor camps exists to help people during the 7/8 of 10 changes, then the elite may think that they can swoop in.

Like vultures they will prey on the helpless to establish their control. "I can keep you warm" they will say, "provided you work in my labor camp". And desperate people with no other choice could fall for this. (If you think the elite dont think this way, look at the way democracies across the world have been hijacked so that the elite could remain on top of the pyramid).

So if you hear Fox News & the like saying solar is impossible, dont believe that nonsense. (Even though the dark clouds will diminish solar efficiency in the aftertime, solar will still work for before the poleshift & provide something in the aftertime as well). And there is the potential for wind  & micro hydro as well.

Also, when things get tough during the 8 of 10, here's something the talking heads on TV might say on behalf of the elite, to the homeless survivors.
"Stop complaining & get a job! Warren Buffet is offering you a job, along with wonderful entertainment at one of his camps. Bill Gates is offering you a job in one of the "charitable" camps set up by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (remember their foundation has a good name because of all the work its done in Africa & elsewhere). So there's no reason to be lazy. The one-percenters are job creators. They're actually trying to help you!" (Meanwhile you will be walking into a trap & perhaps eating Soylent green). The last part's an exaggeration, but you get the point..
Previous zetatalk on elite labor camps

12 videos from a commune showing elements of permaculture, organic gardening & community living:


Aftertime makeshift camps, perhaps? (What caught my eyes were the makeshift convenience stores, etc)

Nepal earthquake: Tent cities spring up in Kathmandu

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