Anyone else on here been contacted, checked on??


I'm not quite sure, myself. I have a few incidents in my life where it very well could have happened. I also have experienced one event that I can't even question. 


I was 15 years old, living at home with my folks. I was in my bedroom, asleep in my bedroom. I suddenly woke up, I mean wide awake. I was lying flat in my bed, and could not move at all. My room was completely glowing blue, with no visible source for the light. I was really frightened, and could not move or scream. Then, out of nowhere, there he was at the foot of my bed. He looked like a Grey. Without seeing him move, he was suddenly over me in my bed, his face inches from mine. His head was much bigger than mine, and his eyes were huge and black. I could see my reflection in them. He telepathicly spoke to me, telling me that "They" were real. One second he was there and the next he was gone. I don't know if he meant me any harm, but ever since I've had a circular white mark on my skin where my shoulder meets my neck.


Anyone else had anything like this happen to them? Anyone know what this might mean? Were they dropping me off? Checking on me? I've heard that they check on the volunteer souls, in other words, starseeds. Could that be true??


Just wondering.

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I had an experience when I was young, I can't remember wether it was real or not but I've remembered the experience my whole life. It was dawn, my brother and I were playing rough in the lounge. I looked up and saw three blue glowing dots forming a triangle on the wall. I looked at the other side of the room, the light was coming between a part in the curtains.

I peered through to see standing at the top of our driveway dark thin silhouettes approaching. I went to the door and walked up to meet one that was walking/moving down. It was a man, I think, I asked him to show me what he really looked like. He said "my real body will scare you" I said "I didn't mind"  although I don't remember saying that from my mouth. He started shifting into what I can only discribe as a grey alien shape. Large head, large kind eyes, a smile. My brother came out the house door to check on me.

My brother screamed. It's the last thing I remember.

Why have you not come back to visit me? I'm not affraid.

Hi All, my first post here :) I've had experiences in this area too. The first one that made me realize that something happened that I didn't know anything about, yet alone believe in the stuff, was 3 years ago. My first mistake was looking at MUFON for an explanation after searching the net for a week. I actually wrote a blog about it as an explanation of my screen name for another site that I now help administer. It's kinda long so maybe I should copy it and post it in a blog here ? 

Oh God, as a side not, I just found the links today about the "Brain Buzzing" and my jaw bout hit the ground ! I wrote about it on the other site last year I think, it's exactly what I get in my head every so often, and I swear I just saw the link today ! I was always very very skeptical about any of the implant stuff, but now I'm like W T F !!! lol

Contactee? don´t now but I had some wierd experiencis, When I was 19-20 years old my key ring with 5 keys, nail scissors and a plastic jesus in it disappeared and 4 hours later and 7 km away it materializes in my closed hand. I had my hand stucked in my front pocket. 

Once after work when I came home I opened my apartment door and something was present in there. My hunger stopped and it felt like I was floating. There was some sort of presence, a powerful energy but nothing visible. I sat down in my sofa and asked if this was God? (even if I knew it was not but I couldn´t come up with anything else) Three beings where there and one was always near me the next few months after that. No message said, nothing else happened. In that time I was religous and not thinking much, just learning (I love to learn how things work). But this made me thinking: Who are you, God?  I had pictures before in my head concerning others and after that I heard words, saw images, felt others feelings on occation, recieved information about other people or things to happen, dreamt dreams coming true. I´ve had really high tech dreams and been shown ufos in disquise whithin clouds. Another time I was out for a walk and suddenly my mind expanded and grew in size and I looked down on me 100 meters below me and continued up then everything in life/universe became empty and dark and that scared the hell out of me. My fear drew me back into normal size and suicidal thoughts came up when my belief about reality broke apart. I loved the "gifts" but felt more and more that the "gifts" are not to be loved, they just serve a purpose to those concerned. So because of me being proud to have them, I said (1992) no to the "gifts" and it died away. In that time everything happened outside of me. 1998 things started to move again but this time on the inside and it all started with a cd that was pushed out from the cd shelf behind me while reading a book. I turned around and saw U2s album WAR with that angry kid  looking at me. Responsibility changed from action to words and further to thougths. I learned that my thoughts are powerful and it can affect people and even things. Once when I washed the dishes there was a drinking glass that I didn´t like, (ugly and hard to clean) all over sudden I had enough and I expessed my hate on it and the glass just scattered.

The last years I really want to do something important but have nothing important to do, so recently during a sleepless nigth I wondered why aliens wont give me something important to do? the answer came immediatly: You are not a good trustee. No blame, just a statement and my eyes opened to where I am, (depressing). Now I´m learning to be a good trustee!

Years ago when I was in high school I had a missing time experience. After coming home I vividly remember a huge multi-colored sphere with the colors rolling across it's surface. This was about 2 pm in the afternoon. I remember coming aware and it was 8 pm later that evening. I have never had a fear of aliens or alien encounters. In the years since I have had mutiple encounters with alien craft but have no memory of ever entering one.

Just remembered another time I woke up at night in the early 1990 and I could not move a limb, only my eyes were moveable. There was a compact presence just watching me. The presence was invisible and I thought it was an evil entity because of me unabled to move and it was hard to breath. At first I was scared but after a minute(?) my inside started to bubble of joy, thinking: You have power over my body but you can´t touch my soul!

Now I realise someone was probably just checking me out! This I posted a while back kind of similar. Also I have had regular visits all my life but I have no conscious memories of them, just implants every time I have a visit which are easily identifiable. Also missing time and other strange things occur.

I can think of two events which leave the distinct impression of being screen memories (just going by my gut on this).  The actual memories themselves probably wouldn't add much substance to this discussion however what is interesting is that both events took place shortly before my wife at that time conceived our 1st and 2nd daughters.  I would have to say that I was extremely disappointed in my reaction to both events.  In both cases my overweening emotion was fear, which struck me as very unusual considering the fact that I had determined many years prior that alien contact was not only probable but virtually certain.  I suppose that fear is a reasonable reaction to an extremely unusual situation when one is in that vulnerable/groggy ether between conscious and unconscious and suddenly faced with accepting what had made perfect sense hypothetically as reality.  Still I had hoped to comport myself better.  I hope that I was not too troublesome a guest to my hosts and apologize if that was not the case.

Hi all, first post on the ning site. Here goes!

I came across the zetatalk site earlier this year. About a week after a visit. I've learned a lot and had many questions that I've had answered.

I'd like to share what I can remember from that visit. I've had others throughout my life but don't remember much and only bits pop in at times. I have been working on remembering more as I get the needed quiet time.

From what I remember from one of my visits earlier this year that I remember more from: I remember waking up from being a sleep. I was sleeping on my one side so when I opened my eyes I saw the classic "gray alien" face looking at me and really close to my face. Now that I know the Zeta's cover North America it probably was a Zeta but not sure. I remember part of the face being lite up by the ambient light in the room. I was apprehensive but wanted the visit to continue. The next part I've been able to remember. I remember being asked what planet I would like to see. I picked Saturn. I then remember looking at it through a window. The window had rounded edges to it and it was a big window but the room wasn't very big. I also recall the inside being a silver/gray color. The temp was slightly warm. It must have been a smaller ship. I'm not sure how long I was allowed to look at it but it was so amazing! I was astonished that it was their and just on the other side of the window. What I remember next must have been on the return trip. I remember some kind of flat bed/couch/seat that I remember laying on. The room was a bit cramped for space and the ceiling for that room wasn't very high. The room had either a slant roof or the floor had an incline to it. That room also had a silver/gray color to it as well. I remember getting up a few times and pacing. Then laying back down and getting up a few more times. I believe I was a bit confused at the time and for some reason not too sure what exactly was going on. I was then returned in the paralyzed state, now that I know what it is and feels like. After a few minutes I got up and went to the bathroom and went back to bed. I thought about it a little bit but didn't think much of it before going back to sleep. I thought about it more over the next few days and came to the conclusion that it was not a dream. About a week or so later I came across the zetatalk site.

Since then I've read nearly all the zetatalk site and have reflected about a lot of things. I know the why for me now. I know now when my first visit happened. I'd like to toss a note in here, the Zeta's stated that animals (pets) can see them. If you are in touch with your telepathic side and can feel them when they are near you watch your pets eyes as well.

I get nudged nearly daily to do this, watch or listen to that, meet that person, and so on. I know why it goes on now. I just have to trust them and enjoy the adventure I'm going through. They also pop in very frequently for a few minutes. I can't see them but can feel them at times.

I'd like to post about another visit. I'm not sure exactly when it was but only feel it was one of the somewhat recent visits. It's as follows.

The first part that I remember being in a long hallway and seeing a tall and thin body alien. Since I'm in north america I assume it was a Zeta but I'm not sure. The face looked similar to the one Nancy has posted. The skin color was very light gray to maybe a silver color. It also had some kind of dark colored robe that draped down from over the head to down over the body and to the ground. The approximate height was about 7 feet tall. The eyes were all black and shaped just like the Zeta eyes posted but they seemed to be a bit narrower top to bottom and not as round. The mouth and cheek area was small and narrower than the eye area of the face.

I then remember following that one down the hallway some. Walking along side it with it to my left. The hallway was well lit. The color of the light was white. I don't remember seeing anything on the walls. I was brought to a room that was connected to the hallway. It was just as well lit as the hallway. I sat in some kind of chair. At this point I remember seeing two or three more and they looked very similar to the first one. I looked over and saw them looking at each other. No words between them that I could hear but got the impression they were communicating. One then came over to me and looked at me and a few parts of my body. I looked at the one looking me over wondering what it was doing. I still don't remember or even if I knew what it was doing. After about what felt like a very short amount of time, a few minutes. That one went over to the others and communicated again with the others. Again no verbal words just the feeling they were communicating. I don't know what they said to each other. I then remember getting up and being shown into another room. It was a very short walk to that room.

The next room I was in amazing things happened. It was black in color but at the same time it was lit. The floor was black and I also want to say it had some kind of grid to it. I was walked over to the middle of the room to a small platform. The platform had a white/silver color to it. The one that took me into the room stood on the platform and I did as well. This is where my memory of things is still a bit jumbled but at the same time it feels like they all happened at that point. The order of them is what I've had problems with.

At this point I was shown a number of things. It was either done holographicly, telepathically, or both. They were things in the future, still as of this post/date yet to pass. I wasn't told exactly when they would come to pass either. One of the things I remember a 3D view of land and water with a birds eye view that moved around. I only remember tiny bits of that. My only guess was I was shown about the coming pole shift changes similar to the holographic presentation described by Nancy.

Another thing I remember that I was shown and that stands out the most to me. It was a few minutes of my future yet to pass seen from my eyes or point of view. I was inside a building and people around me were very scared and some were running around frantically. For some reason I was looking for someone. I then went outside and when I did I looked up to the sky. I saw Nibiru in the sky. It was very big in the sky. It must have been sometime during the last weeks. The sky was bright and clear but also had a redish-orange color to it all over throughout the sky.

I'd like to put a quote here from

"During the last weeks, motion in the sky over a period of time, to the careful observer, can be noticed. Motion in the tail, the moon swirls, can also be noticed. During the week of rotation stoppage, this motion, due to the closeness of the complex, will appear to writhe. The fire dragon of ancient prophecy!"

Writhe it did indeed, what a dragon!!! It's difficult to describe how big it looked. It didn't cover the complete sky but it was about two maybe three times the size of the biggest full moon I've seen. It was dark in color and had dark red/orange color to it. The individual moon swirls could be seen but looked more like large clouds around Nibiru. They were clearly seen and had motion to them that could be seen as well. I then went back to finding the person I was looking for and found that person. I then went back to helping calm people down.

Another fragment part. I was fighting or arguing with someone over who owns or had the right to live in the building that I was in. The building was partly destroyed and looked to be falling apart. Someone then came in at that point and helped to resolve the issue.

Another fragment part. I was at some big party and remember it being held in a large house. It was night out or dark out like night. It was a very big party. Lots of people. Another part from that was seeing a number of fireballs fall from the sky at some point during that party.

After I was shown all this I remember being asked "do you understand" before leaving that room. I don't remember my answer if any at the time but I do understand now!

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