Hi I am new to posting here but ivebeen reading the site now for quite a.while with great interest after a.close friend told me he was contacted in september and made life changing decisions.

after looking at alot of info on here and godlike productions and emailing my friend who was contacted i decided to take a more direct aproach to research and note the moons location nighr by nught.

for the past 4 nights the moon has been full or close to full every night.

days 1 and 2 the moon wasnt so different in location in the sky however was lookijg very hazy.

Days 3 and 4 are what interest me. whilst at work on days 1 and 2 i noted that the moon came across the front of the building and dipped behind a tree on the front garden.
Day 3 at the same time, between 8-9pm I went out to observe once more and was surprised to find it was not in sight. after walking further from the building and turning.back i saw the moon now behind the building and rising further up.

two staff agreed it was far from where it should be.

after asking around i learned its not unusual for the moon to differ around a hands eidth each night. However what I have witnessed on days 3 and 4 have been closer to 4 hands width further east than it was.

After also observing the arizona video of blue kachina im starting to take my friends visits and visions very seriously. Especially when the world is being racked by floods, storms abd.earthquakes more and more unusual.

Any help or thoughts would be greatly apreciated. thankyou for your time.

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The moon (traditionally) moves 12.5 degrees in 24 hours (about a handspan).  With Nibiru/Planet X so close to the southern hemisphere, many changes are taking place and being notices.  YouTube has several videos from earlier in the year showing the moon with the face (or Native American) tilted almost 90 degrees from normal.  The "bright star" in the sky to the right of the moon is Jupiter entering the constellation of Aries.

I totally agree Dierk. It is intense bright during the day and its dawn and dusk are red far more often.

im in southern cali and just walked outside and it was bright white, I couldnt even look up. never seen it that bright and yes, sunset is all red and pinks now.

I would like to see some evidence Jupiter is at the "closest to the earth it has been for a very long time," and that alleged fact fully explains the large appearance of Jupiter.

Venus and other astronomical objects already loom due to the nearby presence of Planet X, which is not easily explained by normal earth-planet distances:

ZetaTalk: Venus and Dark Twin Looming  (written September 12, 2011)

...Venus is in the vicinity, though should be following the Sun as it sets, along the slanting line of the Ecliptic. But if slightly outside of its orbit by pressure from the squeeze within the cup, could be found in that position. This object is Venus, squeezed to be closer to the Earth and no longer able to be in the simulated orbit that has been maintained for Venus since both it and the Earth halted in their orbits in front of Planet X. Where normally only seen as the evening or morning star, when pushed closer to the Earth and in the line of sight between the Earth and Sun, reflected sunlight allows a planet sized object with the potential for shadow to be seen. We have warned that this time was coming, when dramas from the planets caught in the cup with the Earth would play out, and this time has arrived!

 The sunset photo taken on September 7, 2011, where a faint purple orb appears to the right of the Sun, and before the Sun had set, is as suspected a capture of the Dark Twin. The Dark Twin shares the Earth's orbit, and this orb is seen along the line of the Ecliptic, close to the horizon at 5:30-6:00 pm along that line when the Sun is still higher in the sky at an angle to the left. The Dark Twin looks purple or violet as the blue light it normally emits is mixing with the red dust in the atmosphere. As those who study color are aware, blue and red mixed together produce a purple color. Is the Dark Twin being pushed closer to the Earth, the cup it shares with the Earth and Venus tightening at this time? It is indeed, and this drama is only starting to play out!  (Emphasis added.)  http://www.zetatalk.com/index/zeta588.htm

ZetaTalk for November 12, 2011:  Mankind is used to their rising and setting Sun being larger than the noon Sun, and the rising and setting Sun and surrounding clouds being orange. We have explained this being due to light in the red spectrum bending readily, so red light is bent first over the horizon by the gravity of Earth where light in the other spectrums is not so bend. Light in this spectrum, leaving the Sun in all directions, is bent by the gravity of Earth so that what would normally pass on either side of the Earth is bent back toward the center of the Earth. Thus it arrives at the viewers eye or camera from the sides as well as directly from a straight line from the Sun, painting a larger picture.

How will this change as the red dust in the tail of Planet X increases in the atmosphere? Clearly any light filtering through the atmosphere will increasingly be in the red light spectrum. The dust appears red because light rays in the red spectrum are what it releases, in the main, absorbing other light spectrum rays. Given that sunlight that reaches Earth, thus, will be increasingly in the red light spectrum, what will be the effect? Certainly red auroras were seen in N America recently, due in part to the gravity dance between Earth and Planet X. Will other distortions occur?

As a keen observer noted, the Sun appeared larger at sunset than usual. If light in the red light spectrum bends back toward Earth after leaving the Sun, what will the increased red dust do to these light rays between the Sun and the Earth an in the Earth's atmosphere? Additional bending toward the Earth's center of gravity can be expected, with more than the Sun appearing extra large at sunrise and sunset. All planetary objects may have their size skewed. The Moon may appear larger, and thus closer, alarming observers at times. For this, the establishment will have no explanation, and as usual fall silent, offering none. More egg on the face of NASA, the expert, and more uneasy humans researching the Internet looking for answers, as red dust is an End Times prophecy and there will be no hiding its appearance.  (Emphasis added.)  http://www.zetatalk.com/ning/12no2011.htm


Yvette said:

Hi Kimberley - I am an avid photographer and the star next to the moon IS Jupiter At present it is the closest to the earth it has been for a very long time This is the photographs I took 3 nights ago - I am is Sydney.

and this is the photo I took of Jupiter and the moon. Take the photo flip it right and blow it up and you will see Jupiter plain as day.

Hope that helps - Yvette
Kimberley said:

I'm in San Diego and I've noticed the moon out of place last few days as well...in addition to that there is a very bright star just to the right of the moon I've never noticed before.  I turned on Google skymap on my phone and pointed it at the moon and it indicates this star is Jupiter!    Any thoughts on that?

Eileen Evans said:

has anyone else noticed how intensely bright the sun is lately. im in california and once it comes up everything is brillant white, you cant even glance up towards it.

Cornell University CANNOT EXPLAIN why the moon is showing an “accelerating phenomenon”

No ... I bet they cant..

Here in Oklahoma last week...11/9/11...my husband and I watched the moon in full phase for over a week. It did not change for seven days, then the moon seemed to take jumps in its pahases to where it is now.

for the past few days the moon has now only been visible in the daytime. But the weather here has made it too dificult to track its movements with accuracy.

A picture I took of the moon recently.


I Adam. I recorded this video in Paignton, South Devon around August this year...

havnt been able to keep a good eye on it for a while now in the uk.
I live in red deer Alberta, and since late summer, the moon has been dancing all over the place, when it does show it's face, moving at strange rates, and not at all in it's natural orbit!! I haven't seen it for a few days, sad thing is I mention it to people I know, and nobody seems to notice/care. Just like the sunrises/sunsets! I have always watched them, and never in all my years have I ever seen so many beautiful brilliant pink, orange, red skies!

yesterday in West Central Saskatchewan, the moon was just above the horizon at 5:00pm, as we were driving East, we were able to see that the moon was setting in the SW where it had risen.  When we drove back later at around 8pm, the moon had already gone below the horizon. 

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