late tonight 10/05/12.  friday night here in missouri, usa. there was a round  shadow on the bottom of the moon that appeared to be reddish. Was curious if anybody else noticed.

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Yeah my wife and son noticed the same thing in NW pennsylvania around 10:30 pm. Said the moon was there with a reddish color and an odd shape then few mins later it disappeared.

OMy mom noticed the same thing in Pittsburgh. She said the moon was extremely low and reddish. At one point it was low and tiny then within a few seconds got about half as big extremely tiny then in half a second become much larger again and appeared to be a full moon with a cloud under neath it. the moon jumps around alot bit this day it was way too low that my mom almost an inbetweener had too tell me about this incident.. tell everyone to watch the sky!!!!

If you may have noticed, the sunrises and sunsets are more rusty and pink, more red. 

This is related to inbound Planet X. The biblical Wormwood will cover the earth with red iron oxide....rust.

I expect the red to increase more and more until the sky is totally red from the light reflection off of Planet X´s tail.

Please load pictures. Folks are in denial big time, signs and symptoms are everywhere. The huge whirlpool

below South Africa has been the biggest eye opener so far.

I guess people cannot accept the good life is almost over, and there is a good chance death will become a topic.

So I like coming here, because it means folks who pursue this, understand what this means, and have accepted this.

the entire moon was not red. what i saw was a shadow of a round celestial body being cast on the moon.  the shadow had a distinct reddish color, and was only visible at the very bottom of the moon.  the rest of the moon was of normal expected color.its like another planet was between  it(the moon) and the sun.

09/14/2013, 12a.m. location Kansas city Missouri observed the lit and shaded areas to be way off from historical norms.

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