As we have been preparing to cope with the predicted earth changes - how is everyone adjusting so far?

We are hearing of the snow storms in the northern hemisphere and floods and mudslides etc  Are your plans and preparations helping your situation or have they been constantly modified and made flexible.

It would be good to hear stories of your situation as it might help others cope and adapt better.

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G’day from the “Lucky Country” Australia. Although my fellow Aussie members will agree , the Coverup is absolute down here. Climate Change is the answer to all the weather anomalies!
I can only hope that the spirit and endurance that got a lot of Aussies through  all our natural disasters will kick in during the PS and beyond.
I look at my fellow travellers on the daily commute and wonder how they would deal with disaster and it saddens me thinking how tragic this is all going to be for them. I can see the city people being the most unable to cope and I am so angry that they are not given a chance to prepare. They don’t stand a chance! We are talking back to basics in the After time and I cant imagine city people being able to  undertake a subsistence lifestyle when we are so hypnotised into our way of life!
I’m a long time follower and member and I can truly say that reading the Zetas and Nancy has altered my life path. Being extremely interested in the human and our behaviour, to read the Being Human section opened my mind, eyes and ears. I believe it has been instrumental in my ability to understand and cope with  the coming times. Their insight into us and information about our history is wonderful.
I’ve become a Big Picture thinker, I am calmer and try to approach daily  issues  in a relaxed manner.
I don’t stress over money any more and look at others, hoping they appreciate how easy life is for them right now! It’s not going to last much longer!
My family and friends are clueless at the moment, mainly because everything is pretty good right now, and I would rather they make the most of it and not worry. I am quietly planning and preparing, slowly realising that mental preparation is as important as the physical. If I survive, I hope I can comfort and help people in the face of the horrors and loss they will experience. Then help them to face the future.

Good morning

I have been slowly preparing and gathering for the PS. I have shared all of the information that I have with those I love and care about. Many are listening with open minds and ears and are now too starting to prepare, others are in complete disbelief and say "well it's out of our control, what can we do"? My husband is not completely on board, he believes something is going to happen, but cannot wrap his head around a pending PS. He has not stopped me in my preparations as I know he trusts me and supports me. We have formed a group with our close neighbors who are just as prepared as us. We are situated in Anmore, BC (more rural area) at about 650 ft. elevation. Our plan is to ride it out here and hope we are far enough away from incoming waves/tsnumai's. I truly believe we will be a family of STO and I will continue to get informed, prepare and help others in any way with what I know or at least advise them and hope they educate themselves for the future. I truly thank Nancy and the Zetas!

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