An aerial view shows a collapsed stage in Toronto's Downsview Park. The collapse killed one man and sent another to hospital with serious injuries Saturday afternoon.  TARA WALTON/TORONTO STAR


What makes this collapse different is the lack of any proffered explanation:  No rain, wind, or foul weather to blame this one on.

In the below and other articles, the cover-up artists can only point to other stage collapses in recent years.  That is a very feeble establishment excuse for yet another unexplained collapse. 

Collapses of stages, bridges, buildings, cranes, etc. used to be extremely rare or well explained, before Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003.

Conclusion:  Otherwise unexplainable stretch zone or wobble related accident due to the near presence of Planet X / Nibiru.


Radiohead Stage Collapse: One Man Dead
in Downsview Park Incident, Concert Cancelled

One man is dead and another is in hospital with non-life threatening injuries after a stage collapsed at Downsview Park Saturday afternoon, forcing the cancellation of a sold-out Radiohead concert.

Police said a man in his 30s was killed by a “heavy, crushing injury” after stage scaffolding fell just before 4 p.m., trapping him underneath metal debris. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Another man, 45, was taken to Sunnybrook hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Paramedics treated two other male victims for minor injuries at the scene and they were later released. All of the victims were stage workers.

Witnesses said the sound of the crumbling stage sounded like fireworks.

Irene Constantin, who was working at a nearby beer tent, said the imploded stage “looked like toothpicks.”

The Radiohead concert, expected to start at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, was intended to be the signature event of Toronto’s North by Northeast Music Festival. Downsview Park issued a statement on Twitter, telling ticket holders the concert had been cancelled and advising them to stay away from the venue….

The incident happened just one hour before the gates were slated to open.

“Everybody was in place; everything was ready to go,” said Alexandra Halbert, who was working in the beer tent. “We were all just standing there waiting. I think sound check was ready to begin just before the stage collapsed.”

Police would not confirm which company constructed the stage, but said it was erected “mainly for (the Radiohead concert).” It remains unclear what caused the stage to collapse.

Toronto police have issued three forensic specialists to investigate the accident. A Ministry of Labour spokesperson confirmed two ministry inspectors and one engineer are assessing the scene.

Yet, witnesses were left miffed by the accident, which occurred on a dry, sunny afternoon.

“It was breezy, but nothing substantial.” Halbert said. “Nothing to cause the stage to collapse, in my opinion.”…

Saturday’s collapse follows a series of stage accidents at Canadian concerts in the last five years….  

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Thank you astrogal50.  Was in a building one time and it started shaking.  There was no explanation as to what it was but it started off small and increased with the whole building shaking for about a minute.  The excuse was a truck was parked nearby, but trucks don't affect the very foundation of a building to shake it in such a manner.  There is bound to be more shaking of the land as it comes under the influence of plate movement and the wobble from Planet X.

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