Book's to help in the UK after the PS and Survival food Tips

Here is some things I have bought for after the PS for living in the UK.I started of with some useful books, Collins Gems do host of  paper backs and pockets size books.Large paper backs around £10, pocket size around £3 upwards 

This book is about the things you can pick and eat when out walking or to cook or to use in cooking, I do totally agree with ZetaTalk in about getting and planting seeds, this book is to help you until that time comes when you can plant the seeds to sustain your self and family.I do realise  that some plants may not grow after the PS, but knowing what is safe to eat is a must, so please don’t see this book as long term but as a aid if  you are starving and you need to eat of the land. Ps it does not do grass.

SAS Survival Guide

 This is a all round Survival book. It you could take it any were in the world and you will find some thing useful for the area your in, main thing is it cover the basic fire food first aid and such for the UK you can also look up Ray Mears Bush craft books, and he has DVD’s on Wild Food how to find and cook.I strongly suggest you learn how to make a fire stick and how to start a fire with fire stick rod e.g. the thing that makes sparks,while you have time to practise.


If you do need to make long term shelters then learning how to tie rope is a must.

Here is a list of  other Collins Gems that will be useful,  Trees, Mushrooms, Home Remedies, Sea Shore, Stars, and Card games, Disaster Survival Book, Fresh and Sea Water Fish, Herbs.

Here is some other means of requiring food.

Rabbit Snare’s

You can buy these for around £1.25 to £1.50 for the complete set up, you can do the same for foxes.I have bought mine from here,  if you buy the fox set up you also have to buy the  fox snare tealers this holds to trap aloft  and then you need to find a way of fixing the trap  to the ground.You can find the how to use at the top and bottom of the page.

Due to the fact  that foxes  are scavengers  and eat disease meat and they them self may be diseased it is recommended that you boil the meat to kill of any disease and soften the meat, as I have read there meat id tough.It seems it does not matter what you gut weather it rabbit or fish or larger game you need to gut it with out damaging the bowls.

Long Line Fishing

This is a line that lays along the beach and catches fish, from 10 up to 50 if need be, this sounds good till after the PS, then the sea will rise and we will lose our beaches, but there is ways of still using the lines, if you have a boat of some sort you can row out and drop them in deep water and still be able to catch fish.I used to watch the fishermen do this on the sands were I lived many years ago.

Here is a link to a PDF that may give you a idea of what is  when using on the beach with the tide out you can tie your line between two post, if the line is on the sea bed you will catch flat fish if the line is higher up you will catch deep water fish, now days you can buy soft lures like what in the PDF, I have no idea witch ones you will need but ill look into it, you can buy long lines on E.BAY around £24 for a hundred foot one, that is 20 hooks size of the hook matters 4/0 for large fish  1/0  for small sea fish.

Here is the Scottish PDF If you do have a small boat you could buy  crab pots of E.BAY.

Fresh water then you want some form of fishing rod, you could make and use a net but it will clear the river and that’s not good long term.Also your need a gutting knife and some form of sharpening stone.

Some of  the info here has come from my friend who is a fisherman fresh water and sea. 

You can find rabbit skinning and snare setting on You Tube and how to gut fish.Reading a book is one thing seeing how it’s done even better.

Hope some of this helps, last time I eat rabbit was around 48 years ago I was nine at the time and it did not go down will I kept thinking of Bugs Bunny, plus I have a fear of small bones.

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Thank you for the link, I read something similar the other day in the SAS Survival Guide by  John “Lofty” Wiseman.I really need to buy a book   about the different trees, I know some but hazy on others.

I bought some more books for my collection Collins Gem Guide, Herbs for Cooking and Health. Easy Edible Mushroom Guide, really like this book apart from informing you on what to pick and eat  the colour plates are actual pictures.

The next two books I got lucky and bought for £2.50 each from a charity shop The Complete Guide to Fishing, a nice all round book will help me in what I need to buy for river and sea fishing.

The natural guide to Medicinal Herbs and Plants,  as medicine will be non existent after the PS we will be living of the land  this should help with the sick, not everything will be growing in the woods so you may have to plant your own herbs.

When There Is No Doctor this book cover a few things, it’s not a first  aid book but rather telling you what you can do when  doctors are not around.

great book have it all ready in my surival gear

Malou posted a link to the ebook version of the SAS survival guide on anothe blog post. I will see if I can find it. might be worth downloading and keeping on a memory stick or getting parts printed as reference. Can definately recommend the book.

Courtesy of Malou and posted on Surviving the posleshift blog.

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