Hello Gerard

This morning, my compass had moved 2 degree west of magnetic north. I think that this must be cause by the earthquake in California.

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I put a compass aligned to the north star north to south  about a month ago.   The compass has been pointing northwards mostly from 17 degrees (earth is pushed westward about 6 degrees) to 23 degrees, 23 being normal.  I had one morning where it got to minus 6 degrees, a full 29 degree push from X to the west about 2 weeks ago.  I have also noted that the north star has been pushed off and on 3 or more degrees westward (I align it to the side of my house aligned on a north south line).   The compass shows the earth is definitely being pushed and pulled around a lot lately.  3 degrees to the west  is a 180 mile movement to the west.  The "destroyer of worlds" as it has been called is getting closer and closer to us  to have big earth movements, and as the Zetas say, the resultant plate movement. Our weather here is the Pacific Northwest is setting records the last few months for about 8 degrees cooler than normal, and several more inches a month of rain.  I'm planting my garden for the climate about 200-300 miles north of here allowing for more rain and cooler type crops.   Cheers

Today, as ever, the strong deviation of the left and 10 degrees! Here arephoto-
This morning I saw that the north end of the compass needle deviated to the west still HA1 degree. Total-11 degrees to the left.

Hello Rosemary,

I have noticed that my compass is off about 2 degrees this morning, 6/1/14 10:15am MST

Anyone else tracking the tilt might look for other indicators now if they happen to see this post.

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