I would like to dedicate this space to Nancy, a place where those who want to give thanks to her for what she has done all these years as Zeta messenger. A space to express your heartfelt appreciation for all work, a life dedicate to the service to others.

I would also say that we must be aware that the work Nancy does requires character, attitude, determination, among others, because the list of qualities needed is long to mention.

Nancy definitely had to fight for and against many things, established powers, institutions, media, interests, her own health problems, etc.

I try to imagine all time the energy and effort she has invested in the endeavor, and simply put it is invaluable, it is priceless. Thanks Nancy for your perseverance and determination!

To the Zetas, my admiration and gratitude for letting us know so much information that by other means or persons, it would have been impossible to obtain.  Thank you Zetas for choosing Nancy to deliver your message!

This space is also meant to avoid saturating Nancy's profile with your appreciation emails and notes, if you share your thank you messages here, you will be clearing the forum space that has been reserved for asking questions to the Zetas.

Very importantly, remember not ask personal questions here, only your words of appreciation and encouragement for this tireless woman will suffice.

Thanks Everyone!

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Thanks, Nancy !!
Thank you Nancy---in my book you are right up there with the likes of Ghandi and Mandela in terms of your steadfastness and resultant contribution to humanity!!
15 years of hard labor and enduring some of the unendurable...your reward awaits you. Truth always wins out. This universe is set up for that outcome. Thank you for your forbearance and keeping the Truth alive.

I followed Zeta Talk for several years and I have no idea how I came across it, probably searching for info on Niburu. Thanks Nancy for your dedication to spreading awareness, warnings, zeta blunt-ness, and hope for survival.
Excellent opportunity to thank, Nancy, the zetas and Gerrard for a means to communicate about the earth changes leading up to the polar shift! I am thankful for all the efforts that have been put into informing folks to prepare themselves for major earth changes. Also would like to thank the members of the polar shift blog for their efforts to keep people up to date on what is happening in different parts of the globe. Caution those folks that are reading the blogs to use common sense and discernment when preparing for the after time... as there is some input that may not be applicable to your preparations.
Once again, THANK YOU!
A BIG thank-you, Nancy and the Zetas, for helping me confirm what has been in my mind for a long time and to ALL of the members of the ning for their contributions to help others see the truth
I thank you Nancy for your true dedication and enduring commitment to assisting others, through being a provider of such important information. I hope the strong support base developed through this network enables you to be strengthened enough to continue further good work.
Thanks Nancy your works is such a inspiration !!!!
i HATE TO BE THE PARTY POOPER BUT GET READY FOR THE WEB'S SATELLITES TO GO DOWN. Try and keep in touch. But Walkie Talkies and CB.Snd RC vehicles w/IR cameras w/WIFIII. Straight back to your PC Screen or HD imaging system. (especially bigger ones.) MikeAust.
The visons I have had (my DNA is Celtic and Viking?!) are of great Western Europe hit by a mega-tsunami, that sends giant tidal bore that kill 10,000 people in 18 minutes. Europe floods even as it burns.
Thank you for the whole time Nancy-it's been a goddamn honour-and that's fair bloody dinkum.

Thanks Nancy your works is such a inspiration !!!!
It's been one hell of a subconscious ride ZT

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