6 Days of Sunrise West: How Well Can YOU Explain It?

The Sun will rise slightly West of what used to be North during 6 Days of Sunrise West because Earth is nearly upside down during this time.

"Consider that Planet X has not stopped its motion. It is at the Ecliptic at this point, and its own drama requires that it now stand upright! As it swings its N Pole up, it snags the S Pole of Earth which is pointing towards it during the evasive maneuvers that Earth has made to protect its N Pole from the hosing coming from the N Pole of Planet X. As Planet X snags the S Pole of Earth, it drags it slightly upward with it, and thus the Earth finds itself tending to stand almost upside down at this time."

"Still turning toward what used to be the east during its rotation, those on Earth at this angle find the Sun rising just slightly west of what used to be the north. This point where the Sun is rising is the midsection, where one looks toward the Ecliptic, toward the Sun. Just as both those on the southern and northern hemisphere normally look toward the Equator to find the Sun, as the Sun is located above the Equator."  ZetaTalk

I recently tried explaining how this phenomena will occur and was shocked to discover it is NOT a simple matter.  Here's how I proceeded:


1.  I took an upright globe and simulated the Earth's rotation (west to east) by slowly turning it in a left-to-right motion.


2. I also positioned a flashlight facing the globe along the equator in a dimly lit room to simulate light coming from the Sun.


3.  I then held the globe at a 90 degree tilt away from the flashlight while maintaining rotation such that only the South Pole was illuminated by the flashlight, simulating the 3 Days of Darkness.


4.  To simulate 6 Days of Sunrise West, I tipped the globe further such that it was completely upside down while continuing to maintain the same direction of rotation.


5.  What I found was the Sun CONTINUED to rise in the East, NOT the west!  By noting which coast of the continents were illuminated first by the flashlight during the simulated rotation, the eastern coasts were STILL illuminated first, even though the globe was positioned upside down.


Bottom Line: When the time comes, I think it will be important to be able to explain the mechanics of 6 Days of Sunrise West CLEARLY in order to reduce panic and dispel claims that the Earth has somehow reversed her direction of rotation.


I invite explanations for this enigmatic event in clear terms and also ways to demonstrate the mechanics using a globe and flashlight or any other visual aids.  This issue was covered at least once before during a GLP Live chat.

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My grandma had a small pamphlet entitled Three Days of Darkness which she got from the church. I believe the information within was derived from the Prophecy at Fatima, which the Catholic Church both altered and covered-up at the same time. Within the pamphlet it discussed staying indoors and praying, the typical church response. Though they did not discuss any of the other last week scenarios since only ZetaTalk has talked about it. They may try to use this piece of information to their advantage as they try to establish leadership, but only a fool would follow them after seeing the sheer accuracy of ZetaTalk.

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