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Raising Worms, Grubs and Bugs For Food

Worms and Grubs are meaty and juicy packs of protein, ready to be eaten as part of any meal.  With the right spices and sauces they are del…

Started by SongStar101 in Survival

16 May 13, 2015
Reply by Ecosikh

Hydroponics/ Aquaculture/ Fishing

SUITABLE for green leafies. For plant nutrients, you can use compost tea. Plenty of info on that on youtube as well.

Started by casey a in Survival

9 May 8, 2015
Reply by casey a

What life in survivor/refugee camps might be like.

Just trying to document what current refugee camps look like to help us anticipate the challenges future survivor camps might face. (In any…

Started by casey a in Survival

7 Apr 26, 2015
Reply by casey a

Mental Trauma

This is an aspect of the aftertime that is easy to overlook. Or perhaps we don’t want to examine it, because of the angst it brings. Regard…

Started by casey a in Survival

12 Apr 5, 2015
Reply by casey a

Last Trimester Event Timeline

Below is an event timeline based on ZetaTalk that begins 7 weeks prior to the Pole Shift. This calendar provides specific durations for the…

Started by Howard in Pole Shift

208 Mar 13, 2015
Reply by Dee Nguyen


The Zetas have repeatedly stated that those who cling to religious dogma tend to be "immature souls" (or leaning to STS). Can it really be…

Started by Gerard Zwaan in Spirituality

30 Oct 21, 2014
Reply by Jorge

How to grow Mushrooms

How to grow  mushrooms Growing Oyster Mushroom can be an involved process. So, this is just an overview. More detailed posts on the whole p…

Started by casey a in Survival

16 Oct 5, 2014
Reply by casey a

Nancy Lieder on Freedoms Slips with Starr Ohio Exopolitics Radio    Mark Snider Nancy packaged this interview for her website. On…

Started by Mary E Bailey in General discussion

0 Aug 3, 2014

Service to Others Role Models

Zetas have told us endlessly that we should take advantage of these opportunities for spiritual growth during the transformation and the ti…

Started by bill in Spirituality

1 Jun 17, 2014

NASA Scientists "Discover" a Wobbly Planet!?

Perhaps in the next step to warm up the public to the idea of Earth's wobble - this today: (6 Feb 2014)

Started by K Tonkin in Cover-up

5 Mar 5, 2014
Reply by Joseph


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